University Coordinator Role

The role:
  • As a University Coordinator, you will manage Unconsenting Media's publicity and recruitment at your institution;
  • You will promote volunteering vacancies;
  • You will work to get people in your area and at your university connected with Unconsenting Media on social media;
  • You will contribute to expanding the online reach of the project by contacting people and groups at your university and in your area who you think might be interested in promoting the Unconsenting Media database;
  • You will liaise with relevant societies and social action groups in order to publicise the database as a resource for survivors of rape and sexual assault, as well as for the population as a whole;
  • You will manage the work of content creators and other volunteers at your university/in your area (i.e. for content creators: ensuring that work is submitted on time and to the appropriate standard).
What will you get?
  • Experience in basic social media/marketing practices;
  • Leadership experience in a high-responsibility role, managing a team which you have recruited and curated;
  • You will have a demonstrated history of taking initiative to expand the scope of a project you care about;
  • You will learn about the process of on-boarding potential collaborators in order to secure publicity or make the project more successful.

If you have any questions about this role, please contact us. If you think that this role is right for you, go ahead and apply here and we'll be in touch with you ASAP.

-The Unconsenting Media Team.


Briefly outline why you're interested in this role and why you think you're a good candidate.