0.0MHz (Movie)
A man kisses and touches an unconscious woman in the hospital.
10 000 Timmar (Movie)
10 to 11 (Movie)
10-31 (2017) (Movie)
10-31 Part II (Movie)
This film is about a woman who, after a car crash, is kidnapped by a man in an underground bunker. SPOILERS The man claims that an event has left the surface of Earth uninhabitable, and that he saved her. He acts threateningly throughout the movie, and it is revealed that he caused her car crash, and that he apparently kidnapped and killed a girl in the same bunker years before.
Worthy of mention: a father is being overprotective of his daughters in a patriarchal way as if they are his property. He wont let one of his daughters date and another one move across the country for college.
The 100 (TV Show)
An adult character has numerous sexual relationships with teenage girls. S1E6: sexual harassment (15:37-16:36). S1E9: it is revealed that a man who seems in his early to mid-twenties is in a relationship with a teenage girl. They remain in a relationship until season 3. In season 3, the main character is kidnapped and imprisoned. After that, she chooses to stay and has sex with her captor. S3E10 ('Fallen'): a man is chained by the neck and verbally threatened by a woman. He is subsequently forced to have sex with her in order to avoid death.
There is a scene where a man corners a woman in a public bathroom and they kiss each other. When she tells him she would like to leave, he gets angry and forces her into a stall but an earthquake starts and both leave before anything further happens. A similar instance happens later in the movie with a different girl.
100 Humans (TV Show)
Worthy of note: a man acts threateningly towards his ex-girlfriend. She does not seem distressed.
10,000 BC (Movie)
Worthy of note: the antagonist spends much of the film developing a quasi-romantic patron-and-muse/artist-and-devotee relationship with an aspiring artist. After they have a dramatic falling-out, she ties him up, gags him, and threatens him with knives. His predicament is not exactly treated lightly, but is also not treated as seriously as it might have been.
Chapter 48-51: photos (arranged by the perpetrator) are taken of the incident.
The 10Th Kingdom (TV Show)
11.22.63 (Movie)
The shows contains a love story between a woman from the 1960s and a man pretending to be someone else since he is coming from the future: he reveals his true identity in S1E5. S1E4: the female protagonist explains that her ex-husband abused and raped her on their wedding night. It is hinted that the abusive husband was himself abused as a child. S1E5: the aforementioned husband kidnaps, ties up and disfigures his ex-wife with a knife. When her lover comes to her rescue, the abuser is mocked for having being molested by his grandmother as a child. Throughout the series, scenes take place in strip clubs and brothels, and there are multiple scenes of domestic violence from various male characters.
The main character is approached by a girl implied to be an underage sex worker. When meeting the female lead, she trips and the main character catches her, accidentally fondling her breast in the process. She does not appear to notice. When the main character purchases condoms, the store clerk winks at him and tells him "not to do anything against the law". The main character tries to recruit the help of an impoverished mother, offering her money in exchange. At first, she assumes he intends to ask for something sexual and appears uncomfortable at the idea. When the female lead is recounting her experience with her abusive ex-husband, she mentions a "broom" he used for something during their relationship. The main character ponders whether or not this broom was used in a sexual manner, but it is later revealed not to be the case. Later on, the same ex-husband is revealed to have been stalking the female lead. He attacks her and takes her hostage, disfiguring her with a knife and calling her and the male lead derogatory terms for being sexually active. No sexual assault takes place, however.
The 11Th Hour (Video Game)
It is revealed near the later part of the game (through backstory) that two women characters are raped supernaturally and both become pregnant, one of them having an abortion and the other having the child (02:25:20-02:39:18).
12 Angry Men (Movie)
12 Hour Shift (Movie)
12 Monkeys (Movie)
A homeless man tries to rape a woman but is stopped before starting.
122 (Movie)
13 Assassins (Movie)
13 Cameras (Movie)
While there are no explicit sexual themes, the main lead is mentally and emotionally only thirteen-years-old when sexual/physically romantic scenes occur between her and the male characters. Those moments include waking up with a naked man and being flashed, receiving a strip-tease and being flashed, and kissing and flirting with the thirty-year-old male lead. Some viewers might find the situation of someone with the mental/emotional age of a child in these moments uncomfortable, given minors cannot consent properly.
13 Hours (Movie)
13 Reasons Why (TV Show)
S1E1: it is revealed that a teenage boy lied about having slept with a teenage girl, publicly sharing a suggestive (although not overly revealing) photograph of her. From this point onwards, the girl is subjected to harassment and bullying with a sexual overtone throughout the series. From S1E2 onwards, there is a narrative which centres around a teenage boy having lied about sleeping with a teenage girl in order to punish his girlfriend for not wanting to sleep with him. S1E3: a teenage boy gropes a teenage girl in a store without her consent (42:50-43:15). Following the incident, she is seen crying and describes the emotional fallout. S1E9: a key character is raped on screen. The scene lasts approximately two minutes. S1E9-S1E13: following an on-screen rape in episode 9 the incident is discussed and analysed at length for the rest of the season. S2E13: a teenage boy is attacked and sexually assaulted; the scene is extremely graphic. In season 3, there is a storyline where a teenage girl has conflicts with two other sexual assault survivors. One of the other survivors is a teenage boy who has not told anyone about his assault but is a member of a school group for sexual assault survivors, as an "ally". The teenage girl disagrees with him on something and accuses him of talking over "the only actual sexual assault survivors in the room" and being a bad ally. She later learns the truth and apologizes to him but the initial conflict could be quite upsetting to watch. S3E12: a main teenage character describes both his childhood sexual abuse and more recent sexual assaults. The childhood sexual abuse is far more detailed than what he says about the assaults.
A drunk man jokes about sexual harassment before hitting on the female bartender.
There is passing mention of the childhood sexual assault that Oprah Winfrey experienced.
13Th (2016) (Movie)
A clip from '12 Years a Slave' is shown (~33:50-34:00). There is a discussion of rape cases (27:00).
14 Cameras (Movie)
The antagonist routinely spies on, steals personal items from, and abducts women.
1408 (Movie)
On a few occasions, rape is briefly mentioned in the context of the European colonisation of the Americas.
15 Cameras (Movie)
A man watches women undress and shower through cameras without their knowledge or consent. He also sends a photo of his penis through text to one of them without consent.
1670 (TV Show)
S1E8: a character talks of what he would do to a woman if she was his wife in a deliberate effort to upset a third character.
17 Again (Movie)
An adult male character romantically pursues an adult female character relentlessly, despite a lack of interest from her. It is played off as comedy but comes across as harassment. The main character wakes up at a party after being knocked out. He finds himself on a bed with a girl touching him, only to realize it is his daughter. However, because he is in the body of a 17 year old, she doe not understand what she is doing and he has to resist her advances. She only stops when he says he is in love with someone else.
The author discusses reports of troops on both sides raping American colonists during the war, including a contemporary account of British and Hessian soldiers forcing male family members to watch the acts.
1883 (TV Show)
This show depicts sexual assault in a realistic way in order to show the struggles of women in the Old West. S1E1: a drunk man breaks into a young girl's room and falls into her bed. Upon noticing her, he removes the sheet from her and tries to unto her nightgowns buttons. She tries to scream but he covers her mouth. After hurting him, she begins to scream and run away, grabbing her younger brother on the way out of the room. The man pulls her back into the room, punches her, and sits ontop of her. The girl's father then shoots the man from the doorway. S1E2: a middle aged woman is distraught when several strange men cross their camp to let their horses drink from the river. The woman throws stones at them and one approaches her roughly: he sits on top of her and punches her repeatedly before verbally implying he wants to rape her. He is stopped before any sexual assault can happen. S1E9: a group of travelers find a Native American camp that has been attacked. One of the victim's bodies is naked and one of the travelers remark that she was raped, and that the attack was done for sport. S1E10: bandits attack a group of pioneers. A woman tries to flee and is attacked and then raped, she is then killed when she tries to flee again.
1899 (TV Show)
S1E3: a woman asks another woman to visit her cabin. She then prompts her to undress fully and then touches her private area which then prompts the victim to begin crying (about 11 minutes into the episode). Further scenes/situations suggest that this could happen again. S1E6: one character (who may be underage) has a flashback where she wakes up and relives her rape (by an older, adult man). She starts fighting him off but the man becomes violent and punches her in the face before trying to choke her to death (35:25-36:50). After this, the female character has a panic attack and cries.
1911 (Movie)
1917 (Movie)
1922 (2017) (Movie)
1984 (Movie)
1BR (2019) (Movie)
A woman is assigned a male partner, who kisses her briefly against her will. However, there is no implication that she is forced or pressured into having sex with him.
Sexual violence against female characters is discussed several times, largely focusing on its emotional impact on the survivors. However, in chapter 5 a female protagonist pressures a man into sex despite his continuous ambivalence about it, and this is handled rather insensitively. Child sexual abuse is explicitly described.
1St Summoning (Movie)
2 Broke Girls (TV Show)
A man is accused of having sex with a 12 year old girl.
Female characters are groped: they smile. Later on, sexual comments are made at other female characters: their reaction is not shown. There are a few jokes about sexual harassment. One character tells another character to "bend over" before ramming the front of her car into the back of another racers. At the end of the film, one character makes a prison rape joke.
2046 (Movie)
A girl talks to a man about how she had sex with an another man and he finished inside her when he said he would not. He laughed and said “sorry”. Worthy of note: before having sex with a man, a woman asks him to do a roleplay in which he grabs her and repeatedly says' I'm sorry'.
21 Days (Movie)
Two of the protagonists sleep in the same bed: the man puts his hand on the woman's rear and she slaps his hand away (0:57:19-0:57:29). Nothing else happens and he is otherwise perfectly respectful towards her.
A character mentions that he is scared of an action that 'rhymes with grape'.
24 (2001) (TV Show)
S1E1: two high-school girls are lured into a private location by adult men for sex and kidnapped. One is drugged. S1E2: the drugged girl is beaten. The other girl is physically and sexually assaulted and forced to call her mom and lie about her safety. S1E5: a boy is accused of killing the person who raped his sister. S1E9: a kidnapper attempts to rape a girl while her mom is held at gunpoint. The mom forfeits her body to save her daughter.
25Th Hour (Movie)
One character in his thirties has a crush on one of his student who is a junior in high school. A big theme in the movie is the threat of the rape that the main character will likely experience in prison.
27 Dress (Movie)
A taxi driver spies on a woman as she is changing in his back seat.
28 Days (Movie)
28 Days Haunted (TV Show)
This show contains discussions of a father having impregnated his 16 year old daughter, as well of a serial rapist assaulting a high school girl. There are also scenes where investigators physically react in shock and report having felt touched by a spiritual force non-consensually.
Two female characters (adult and minor) are threatened with rape and are sexually harassed and groped. The adult woman tries to help the minor by giving her drugs (to help her not care/remember) before they would be assaulted. The adult woman is also grabbed with nonconsensual sexual intent in two instances, one of which includes her having her top removed and touching continues while off. It is said that the relationship between an adult (25 year old) and a teenager (16 year old) characters is child abuse and inappropriate (the age of consent in the UK is 16).
Worthy of note: a woman is stripped naked and hosed down in a medical facility.
2Gether (TV Show)
Throughout the show, male characters get drunk and pass out at several occasions. Every time this happens, the characters mention how they could be assaulted, but it never happens. This is all played for laughs. S1E1: a character attempts to drug another character with the purpose of getting him to leave him alone, but does not succeed. S1E6: one character undresses another character to his underwear while he is drunk and takes a picture of him which is posted on instagram. A male character comes to the main character asking for protection from his violent boyfriend. The two boyfriends make up, but the issue is not resolved.
2LDK (Movie)
3 From Hell (Movie)
The film contains a lot of threats of sexual assault.
3 Generations (Movie)
Worthy of note: a group of boys have a somewhat graphic discussion about a girl.
3 Idiots (Movie)
A student gives a speech which mentions rape. Worthy of note: there is a 'hazing' scene where male students pull down their trousers.
3 Women (Movie)
One character theorizes about the possibility of being raped while she was in a coma. She later enters in a sexual relationship with much older man. Worthy of note: a drunk man breaks into an apartment shared by two women in order to have sex with one of them. Nothing actually happens and they get away.
3:10 to Yuma (Movie)
Rape is mentioned in passing in order to condemn it.
3 (TV Show)
The show contains a lot of implications of rape.
A woman kisses a man while torturing him.
In the film, a ghost sexually harasses and molests another character. It is played for laughs. While in bed, a husband says to his wife: "Since you're unconscious anyway...", and begins to take off his shirt like he is going to have sex with her.
30 Rock (TV Show)
A character says that he has had sex with his wife while she slept. The situation is briefly depicted from his point of view. It is presented and treated comedically. A character says “touched by a priest” when he agrees to tell another character a secret about himself. S5E17: it is discovered that a recurring male character was molested by his teacher when he was 14. His friends/co-workers do not view what happened as abuse since the assailant was an attractive woman. He and the assailant later reunite an decide to be a couple.
300 (Movie)
A woman submits to a corrupt official's advances, but only because she believes that it's the only recourse available to her in order to save her husband.
A flashback of the main character's family being raped and killed, with implications that she was later raped by the same people.
3096 Days (Movie)
The film tells the story of a young girl who has been kidnapped and held in captivity for eight years.
31 (2016) (Movie)
There are multiple remarks towards the female characters of the male antagonist wanting to violently assault them. Multiple dead naked women are shown on screen with strong implications of them being assaulted. There are multiple scenes of characters being sexually harassed and threatened.
35 Rhums (Movie)
The 355 (Movie)
A woman is kidnapped for a year and sexually assaulted by her kidnapper, who tells her that she has one year to fall in love with him. This is marketed as a romantic drama.
37.2 Le Matin (Movie)
Early in the movie, the male protagonist's boss watches him and his girlfriend sleep naked. The woman wakes up and tells her boyfriend to chases him away. Later, during a fight, that same man lifts up her skirt: he is quickly rebuffed. About halfway through the movie, a man makes several rape jokes. In the second part of the movie, a woman pressures the male protagonist into touching her breast. Briefly after, she surprises him while he is sitting down, and puts his face against her crotch. Worthy of note: at some point, the male protagonist tries to calm down the female protagonist (who is having a nervous breakdown) by grabbing her wrists and slapping her. As they are on the streets at night half naked, policemen interrupt them, thinking that the man is assaulting her.
The 39 Steps (Movie)
A man forcibly plants a kiss on a woman and she clearly does not want it.
S3E9: a female character is sexually harassed by her new boss.
3XManon (TV Show)
S1E2: an attempted rape occurs between 3:40 and 4:25.
The two female protagonists are forced to have unconsensual sex to pay for an abortion. The act takes place off screen, but the dialogue slowly leading to it (starting approximately 40 minutes into the film) and its aftermath are depicted. The man who then performs the abortion is the rapist.
A man is raped by his ex-girlfriend and is forced to apologize for it.
A man describes watching a woman have sex with a horse. A man mentions how a dog licked his bottom as he was having sex with a woman and he says that he enjoyed it. A man tells another man that he should go after very drunk women whilst in a club, to the point where they do not where they are. That same man then attempts to go home with a very drunk woman and they kiss, though she initiates and he is very hesitant to kiss her back. A man is locked in a room where porn is playing and he is shown to be visibly distressed at this. A drunk man films his ass and displays it on several screens in the store that he works in, and nearly displays his genitals before his friend stops him. A group of man hire a sex worker for a man without his consent. A woman finds a mento in a man's apartment and asks him if it is a roofie.
The 400 Blows (Movie)
Worthy of note: a fourteen old boy discusses the fact that his friends have been seeing sex workers, and states that he would like to do the same. He mentions that he knows an older man who has tried to assist him in arranging a liaison of this sort because he is aware of a woman who "likes boys his age." However, to our knowledge, this encounter never actually transpires. The same boy also discusses the fact that he is the result of an unwanted pregnancy, mentioning the fact that his mother was pressured not to abort him.
42Nd Street (Movie)
One of the musical numbers ends with the main male and female characters framed between the legs of multiple women dancers with both of the gazing gleefully at them. At another part of the movie, women dancers are asked to show their legs by their choreographer.
The 4400 (TV Show)
There are two relationships in the series with questionable age differences: a non-sexual one between a 17-year-old and a man in his 50s (who were the same age before the woman was sent forward in time) and a relationship between a 20-year-old boy and a girl who is 2 years old, but who aged rapidly to physically be c. 20-years-old. S1E2: an attempted rape is shown, with a character using his powers to step in before anything further happens. The entire scene happens before the credits.
47 Hours (Movie)
A girl describes being raped at a party. Her friend has had graphic pictures both taken and being shared publicly without her consent.
47 Ronin (Movie)
Approximately 30 minutes into the film, a father is bewitched and hallucinates: he sees his daughter being pinned down, raped by another man, and screaming for her father for help. Once the father snaps out of the hallucination, all returns to normal.
4Th Man Out (Movie)
Worthy of note: homophobic remarks are made about the main character (a gay man) near the beginning of the film, with overarching sexual themes which play on the stereotype of gay men being predatory. Worthy of note: a man (not the main character) attempts to have sex with a woman he obviously has no attraction to and she mocks him for his lack of enthusiasm.
51 (2011) (Movie)
While being chased by rednecks, one of the guys “jokingly” says, “They’re gonna rape us and break our arms.” (14:54)
57 Seconds (Movie)
The main character gets spiked and we see the start of him being held down by three women as he tries to fight them off: the man who planned it snaps pictures. He is raped off-screen and we see him wake up hours later, naked and alone in bed.
5Eme Set (Movie)
The 5Th Wave (Movie)
When a girl introduces herself to a team, several young boys stare at her but: she makes a comment about hurting anyone who might touch her. Right after, a teenage boy says something with a sexual overtone.
6:45 (Movie)
A man listens at the door while a couple has sex.
6 Days (Movie)
A man is dating a teenage girl. A possessed man tells another man that his deceased sister is being raped in hell. In a later scene he is shown to be the one who killed her by stabbing her to death while they were having sex. A woman has a dream/vision where a man forcibly tries to kiss her.
6 Underground (Movie)
6 Years (Movie)
65 (2023) (Movie)
6Teen (TV Show)
S1E20: one character films another while she is in a dressing room. S1E27: the same character gets a job at a lingerie store so he can watch women in the changing room. He is shown looking through a peephole while describing what he sees to his friends on the phone. In both instances this is played for laughs. In general, the teenaged characters are shown dressed down, naked, getting their clothes ripped off, etc. in a gratuitous way.
The 6Th Day (Movie)
The main characters killed a man who was about to rape their friend. Rape scenes are scattered throughout the film, and are shown in parts. Rape is discussed by the survivors.
7 Days (Movie)
A man goes into the bathroom with a camera while a woman is showering. Though he does not try to see her showering, he does talk to her and she tells him to leave when she finds out he has a camera. A woman is unconscious while tied to a chair and she is alone with a man who is recording her. In an effort to force her to "stop pretending to be asleep" he taunts her, threatens to take her clothes off, and post pictures of her online. He does not actually do any of it.
'71 (Movie)
7Seeds (TV Show)
S1E10: a man grabs the breast area of a teenager and scolds her for not having 'titties and period yet'. The series contains scenes of child abuse and an attempt of sexual assault. The series consists of ecchi elements such as partial nudity of the characters revealing their breasts, buttocks and groin area.
8 Mile (Movie)
Child rape is mentioned.
8 Seconds (Movie)
8 Women (Movie)
80 for Brady (Movie)
86 (TV Show)
S1E3: three guys go to take a peek at the girls bathing. However, the girls are not bathing and find the guys before anything happens: the guys get punished. S2E20: a guy mentions that when people are depressed, it is easier to take advantage of them. He says this to a girl who is in love with one of the guys. Another girl says only bad girls do that. It is unclear whether the comment had sexual intent. Worthy of note: S1E7+10: two underage girls are taking a shower and are shown semi nude. In the first season, a teenage girl talks about potential marriage partners. Most of them are really old and one of them is a 5 year old child. She is aware that the child was only set up on this date so the parents could get her money. She is also aware that the older men want to marry her for her money. She is not actually planning on getting married to any of them. No marriage happens and none of the dates are shown on screen.
8MM (Movie)
A private investigator is hired to determine the authenticity of a pornographic snuff film. Discussions and depictions of sexual assault occur throughout.
The 8Th Night (Movie)
There is one mention of a case where the detectives needed to track down a rapist.
9 (Movie)
9-1-1 Lone Star (TV Show)
S1E5: an older man makes a joke during a conversation with a young man ("lock up your daughters") to say that he is attractive. S2E5: a woman calls 911 because she is in a domestic abuse hostage situation. When the abuser realizes what she has done, he chokes her: she gets away from him to safety and he is arrested.
9 Songs (Movie)
9 to 5 (Movie)
A man tries to force himself on a woman: she clearly says 'no' but he continues. He is stopped when another character walks in.
90210 (TV Show)
90210 is a long-running series that contains sexual themes throughout. There are some instances where the nature of these plot lines may be distressing to some viewers. Rape or sexual assault mentioned, discussed, implied: a student accuses a teacher of sexual harassment. Sexual harassment on-screen: the slurs s**t and w***e are used throughout the series, sometimes in a joking manner but, on other occasions, maliciously. Other episodes feature characters attempting to manipulate others into sex. A sexual relationship between an adult and teenager/rape on screen: in S2E22 a teacher rapes a student, saying 'who's gonna believe you? You're the girl who cried wolf.'
91 Days (TV Show)
One woman marries a man only to keep her family safe. Later it shows them having sex, then it is shown that she is pregnant with his child. Their relationship seems non consensual and he talks a lot of what would happen to her family if she left him.
911 (TV Show)
S1E2: a man's therapist has sex with him during their first session. This is played for laughs and never addressed as an assault. Season 2: a main character who ran away from her abusive/psychopath husband is introduced. Some of the (non-sexual) abuse is shown on-screen in flashbacks. He later tracks her down, kidnaps her, and attacks her: she kills him in self-defense. S2E9: a main character mentions being sexually harassed at work in the past. S2E11: two children are kidnapped by a man calling himself their dad. The older one had been with him for 7 years and no longer remebered his actual parents. The boy is obviously traumatized, but no details of his times with the man who abducted him are revealed. In S3E12, a recurring character goes on a date and his date physically assaults him. S3E16+17: one of the main characters tracks down a serial rapist. His last victim is found in a shipping container, and he brutally beats the main character. They find him, arrest him, and he is taken to trial S4E7: one of the main characters gets slapped on the bottom without consent. It is played for laughs. S5E1+2+3: the rapist from season 3 is put on trial and manages to escape from the courtroom during a blackout. No rape actually occurs in these episodes, but it is heavily discussed. There is discussion of him possibly going back to assault or kill the women he previously attacked, and a decision is made by the police not to warn them so that they can attempt to use it as a trap to draw him out. The rapist murders a woman and kidnaps and attempts to kill the son of a main character; he is eventually killed in a standoff with police. S6E3: a teenage boy tries to get a young girl (roughly half his age) drunk, makes sexual comments towards her, and touches her in a (not inherently sexual) way that makes her visibly uncomfortable. His intention is very clearly to rape or molest her. She runs away and he chases her. He catches her and the scene ends, but the audience already knows this encounter ended with him killing her. Later in the episode, it is revealed he became a serial offender as an adult and killed at least 6 other children, all girls. It is not stated but is not unreasonable to assume he sexually assaulted all of his victims. S6E8: one character briefly mentions pedophiles.
976-EVIL (Movie)
A high schooler watches his male cousin have sex through the window, then steals her underwear after they both leave. Later, he pins a female teacher against the wall and removes her jacket.
9Th Company (Movie)
In a scene strongly implying rape, a man removes a woman's clothing before the scene cuts away, and there is later a flashback to this scene.
Abandoned (Movie)
The plot revolves around a house and its haunted past, that of a father whose abuse of his daughter resulted in children who were themselves abused. It is discussed throughout the movie, and sounds of a woman giving birth happens multiple times. One creepy scene features the main character's hallucination of the father crouching over the daughter in her bed, both staring at the protagonist.
A principal routinely makes harassing and flirtatious comments to one teacher. This is played for laughs.
Abby (Movie)
There is no direct discussion of rape or sexual assault in the documentary itself, though multiple books they talk about have this content in them, and that served as the reason that some of them were contested or banned.
The short "'L is for Libido'" is about men who are tied to chairs and forced to masturbate to various scenarios. One of these scenarios shows an adult man approaching a bed with a young boy laying in it. Nothing is shown, but there are incredibly disturbing noises off-camera. A few other shorts have mild sexual harassment.
A women is being filmed by a group of misogynistic and abusive filmmakers. The men strip her down, grip her face and breasts, shove their hand into her mouth, and make rude gestures.
The victim describes her sexual assault in explicit detail.
Abhijan (Movie)
Human trafficking is a subject of the plot. One woman is clearly a victim of trafficking as she recalls being abused and isolated and is kidnapped at one point into more trafficking, only to be saved. There is a potential implication that she is a victim of sex trafficking.
Abigail (Movie)
The author discusses how families are the most common site of abuse and sexual violence. She also references the sexual violence perpetrated by colonizers, slave holders, and staff at Indian boarding schools
A news report states that abortions will have a 72 hour waiting period, even in cases of rape and incest.
About Time (Movie)
Worthy of note: one of the characters is in a toxic relationship for some of the movie.
Abracadabra (Movie)
Two characters (a woman and a man) accidentally goes to a couple of swingers' apartment, who think they are their date. The female protagonist leaves when she understands the situation (as she is alone with the man, who does not appear threatening), and takes her male friend with him before quitting the apartment (the man was willingly engaging sex with the swinger woman). A woman is grossly catcalled by a man on a construction site. It is revealed that the antagonist of the movie probably had a sexual relationship with his mother.
About a third of the way into the movie, a man traps a woman in an alleyway and threatens to knock her teeth out unless she gives him what he needs. He pushes her into a wall and leans into her for a few moments before he is stopped.
Absentia (TV Show)
S2E16: attempted rape.
Worthy of note: a female character forces her female prisoner to literally share a bed with her, but it is clearly about security and nothing sexual happens.
Acacia (Movie)
A man sexually assaults his wife.
The author discusses general statistics on sexual violence on college campuses, statistics related to how disabled people in general and disabled women in particular are disproportionately victims of rape and sexual assault; and sexual violence in films.
Acapulco (TV Show)
Throughout the show, women are subjected to sexual harassment. Both seasons 1 and 2 feature sexual relationships between bosses and subordinates. S2E1: one character admits that he got a job because he was sleeping with the boss. This is played for laughs. S2E2: someone threats to cut off a penis.
Acca-13 (TV Show)
A young policeman is in love with a high school girl. Her age is unknown, but if the story is followed she would be around 17 to 18 years old. He is a rookie agent and it is mentioned how he had to take an entrance exam. Depending on how long the police academy is, he would be around 19 to 22 years old. He stalks her in the hope of getting to know more about her. She never finds out about him stalking her and she also does not know he is in love with her. No relationship develops between them.
The Accident (TV Show)
S1E2: a man enters his martial bedroom in a state of drunkenness, and proceeds to describe how he plans to assault his wife. He ends up not going through with this as he passes out drunk. S1E3: a man is ordered by a woman to take off his clothes. He repeatedly states he does not want to, but ends up disrobing. The woman then proceeds to touch the man sexually, with the man stating a number of times he does not want this.
While making out with a man in the back of the car, a woman says she would rather wait until they get to the festival to go any further: she wants him to stop. He continues to kiss her, and when she tries to push him off, he says that "she'll like it". He is stopped before anything further happens.
Accident Man (Movie)
An armed man breaks into a woman's apartment and catch her before she manages to escape. A character threats a man to rape his wife.
A college student harasses and attempts to rape his female professor.
The movie is loosely based on a true story about a gang rape. The protagonist is gang-raped at a bar. The scene lasts for over five minutes. At one point, a waitress enters the room and is told that she'll be next, at which she appears obviously disturbed and quickly leaves. The rest of the film's plot revolves around the protagonist's attempts to get justice through the successful sentencing of her attackers and the people at the bar who watched the attack happen/egged them on.
The author covers in detail the case of Carrie Buck, a woman who was raped and impregnated by her adoptive parents’ nephew. She was then institutionalized and sterilized. In chapters 8 and 9, the author explores the ways in which sex can be consensual but still unwanted, and she argues that the phrase “rape isn’t sex” is often unhelpful for asexual and a romantic people. Throughout the book, there are references to the rape of enslaved women, as well as legal and societal understandings of marital rape.
S1E19: a male character grabs another male character's private parts. This is not done in a sexual way, but to see ‘if he still has balls’ after the other character gets very nervous. S1OVA2: a male character makes a comment about the breasts of a woman in order to embarrass his grandson. The grandson is caught looking at her breasts. The woman is present when the comment is made and laughs it off. S2E39: the guy from S1S19 tries to grab the private parts of the same character again. This time he is stopped before it happens.
Worthy of note: this films contains domestic violence.
A man is transformed into a fly and spies on his friend's having sex. A man pushes a woman down onto a couch in an attempt to get her to have sex with him.
Ackley Bridge (TV Show)
A student and a teacher have a relationship in season 1. Another student and teacher have a sexual relationship in season 3.
One of the protagonist's kisses the other, assuming that it is what the latter wants, and it is not.
The movie takes place during the Vietnam war, and a Vietnamese character says something about "raping and pillaging all the girls who look like me".
The Act (TV Show)
S1E6: a couple has sex, but the girl does not seem to enjoy it. S1E8: on-screen rape (49:45-51:21).
One man recalls his desire to sexually assault women and specifically goes into detail about sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl.
Three women are raped.
Worthy of note: the two romantic leads are a manager and his employee. There are continual discussions about the power dynamic in their relationship, and both parties give enthusiastic consent in each of the described sexual encounters.
The protagonist is unaware of sex or sexuality and watches two secondary characters engage in foreplay (kissing, groping, undressing) without their knowledge or consent. The protagonist enjoys this and wishes to continue watching but does not.
The main character is approached by a 13 year old prostitute. She begs for 'work' and offers that he could do anything to her.
Ad Astra (Movie)
Ad Vitam (TV Show)
During a back and forth conversation between an adult and the child version of himself, another character makes a "joke" about telling a therapist where the bad man touched him (11:46).
Adama (Movie)
Chapter 15: a young female character kisses another female teen after the second character has stated that she is straight. She decides she is into it, but did not actually consent. Chapter 31: a female teen is forced to strip and undergo medical examination against her will (by female doctor with male assistants) Spoilers: a love interest entered a relationship under entirely false pretenses. The teen girl protagonist regrets dating that love interest once her story and motivations are revealed.
Shortly into the film, a man is talking to his brother and tells him someday he'll, "find a nice girl... one who won't press charges!" after which they both laugh. This could be taken as a reference to sexual or other domestic violence. One main character spends most of the movie in a relationship where he is controlled by sex and is frequently verbally berated.
Addicted (TV Show)
Up until the very last sex scene of this show, one half of the show's couple clearly does not consent to any of the sex they are having.
The Addiction (Movie)
In the last scene of the movie, the female protagonist reveals that she got pregnant from her boyfriend (a 20 year old man) when she was 15, and that the man was charged with corruption of a minor but escaped the judgment. A male protagonist mentions that the man thus was a paedophile. Near the end of the movie, it is revealed that a man is stalking a woman (to the point of moving in the same neighborhood as her): this is portrayed as romantic. The woman, who explains that she was worried by the anonymous letters she received, seems pleased to learn who her secret admirer was.
Adieu Poulet (Movie)
A police officer dressed up as a patient in a hospital slaps a nurse's bottom.
The Adjuster (Movie)
A woman on a public train takes the hand of a drunken homeless man and puts it on her crotch. A woman plays strip poker with a group of young boys. A man touches a woman's inner thigh without her consent. She then grabs his hand and pushes it towards her crotch. They both seem put-off afterwards. A woman's job requires her to watch graphic content and rate it. We never see the content but we can hear it including things like women screaming 'no' with sexual sounds.
Adolescentes (Movie)
Adult Material (TV Show)
Adulthood (Movie)
A woman discusses how she was gang raped. Later, a man threatens her by saying it will happen to her again.
This movie depicts various mental illnesses in upsetting and disturbing ways. The main plot involves bestialism, domestic violence and abuse. A man likes dogs so much that he gradually makes his wife behave like one: he starts giving her dog food, he makes her eat outside with the dogs, forces her to get down on all fours permanently until he gets her raped by one of their dogs.
Adventure Time (TV Show)
A recurring theme throughout the series is an antagonist kidnapping women and holding them hostage, threatening them while trying to force them into marrying him. S1E3: the main character (minor) is pressured to be kissed by an older lady but it ends up not happening. S1E6: a big worm inside the house of the main characters hypnotizes them into hugging him. S1E17: another antagonist attempts to force a female character into marriage and he harasses her. In one episode, the main character (a minor) begs for a man to stop touching him and to back off. A few minutes later, he is kidnapped and forced to do stuff like pole dance and is electrocuted. S2E3: the main protagonist forces physically two characters to kiss. In one episode, it is implied that one of the main protagonist's friend sexually assaults him off screen. They stay friends and it is never brought up again.
Early in the movie, a character jokes that he would like to be raped by another character.
Sexual abuse in the film is part of its broader thematic exploration of LGBT+ rights, treatment and culture. For example; the uncertainty, for many people within this community, of whether a place they are visiting is going to be safe for and accepting of them or not. The topic is treated relatively sensitively. Most intense/potentially disturbing scenes occur between 0:30:16-0:31:16 and 1:08:35-1:08:59. In the first one (a flashback), one protagonist recalls an episode where his uncle tried to sexually abuse him when he was a child (portrayed on-screen). He somehow turned the tables and tricked the molester instead. The anecdote ends up being empowering for the character. In the second one, another protagonist is assaulted by a group of homophobic men: they restrain him and spread his legs. He is eventually rescued by the other protagonists.
Aeon Flux (Movie)
There is one brief moment when a hostage/prisoner character is justifiably afraid she will be raped, but no one attempts to hurt her and her safety is guaranteed shortly thereafter.
A young adult male main character frequently sexually harasses the female characters, often magically unhooking or removing their underwear, touching their body, or otherwise toying with them. Another young adult male antagonist during the climax of the final series arc pins down and toys with a terrified young woman and taunts her with death while moving in on her body. This however is averted.
At one point, the trans man main character is being seduced while under the mind control of supernatural beings who clearly intend to kill him. He is rescued before things go very far and the specifics of the seduction are not much detailed.
The Afflicted (Movie)
This film contains several on-screen rape scenes, all involving minor girls and an adult man. There is also heavy domestic abuse between children and parent.
The protagonists, all men, joke about coercing a really drunk woman into having sex with one of them. In the last scene, the protagonist prepares to kill a man who is implied to have harmed a young girl in some way that may or may not have been sexual.
Affliction (Movie)
An alcoholic and abusive man grabs a woman's bottom.
About halfway through the movie, it is revealed that the protagonist (who had been a teacher) sexually abused school children.
After (2019) (Movie)
The relationship between a high school professor and his high school student is romanticized and not seen as an issue, other than the fact that said student has a boyfriend. They also share an on-screen kiss as part of the actual plot as well as a on-screen sex scene (statutory rape) in the thought experiment that they are taking part in.
After Effect (Movie)
After Hours (Movie)
A woman discusses in detail how she was raped by her ex-boyfriend.
After Life (TV) (TV Show)
S3E3: a woman reveals that she has been abused by her brother in her childhood. S3E4+6: two male characters make offensive and disgusting jokes about sex, masturbation, etc.., while mimicking sexual gestures.
After Lucia (Movie)
In the second segmentm a man forcibly kisses a woman and threatens to rape her at knifepoint. He is interrupted before anything can happen.
After Party (TV Show)
S1E5: a teenage boy tries to pressure a drunk girl to have sex with him. He touches her a bit, does stop, but tells the whole party of all of their friends that they had sex. S2E6: an arsonist lies about who he is, in order to have sex with a cop. He puts handcuffs on her and handcuffs her to the bed and sets the house on fire.
After Sex (Movie)
A woman mentions how she was molested by a relative when she was younger.
The main male lead has a nightmare about witnessing a close family member's sexual assault.
After Yang (Movie)
There is passing reference to coyotes raping women they are assisting to cross the border. Worthy of note: a character calls his girlfriend bitch and whore for having a baby with another man.
A group of men capture fleeing women girls, forcing them into a vehicle - the implication here could be of later sexual assault. Rape and sexual assault feature throughout. A woman is raped by a gang of men, who are shown ripping away her clothes.
Necrophilia - a man gropes and rapes the corpse of a woman.
The sister of the protagonist gets kidnapped and her body reappears after several days: it is strongly implied that she has been kept into the basement and raped during that time. A stranger shows up at the door of the protagonist's house and tries to rape her. He believed that she had a rape fantasy after someone posted an ad for it without her knowing. At the end of the movie, a man who was hiding in her house kisses her while she is chained to a wall.
The Afterparty (TV Show)
S1E4: a woman talks about her plan to drug a man and take photos of him naked. She does not go through with the plan. S1E5: a teenage boy tries to kiss a teen girl while they are both drunk; she refuses. He leaves her alone but, along with another boy, lies to their friends about having a threesome with her.
Aftersun (Movie)
Again (Movie)
The plot revolves around a rape scene that occurs early on in the film.
Worthy of note: one of the male characters tells a story about how, when he was 16, his grandfather took him to the red light district and he had sex with an older woman.
A man walks in on a couple having sex with the intent of filming them. He does it for a minute or so before the boyfriend sees him but continues to have sex. When the girlfriend notices, she covers up and tells the man filming to leave and he does.
Agantuk (Movie)
S1E4: a female main character locks a chasity device on her husband with an app without asking his permission. A young employee of a film set get harassed by an actor: he is stopped by another actress. Worthy of note: this entry is relevant only to the first series.
S4E2: a character talks about having been sexually assaulted by her brother (between the 1:16:30-1:17:20 marks). S4E4: discussion of the sexual violence experienced by one character (between the 1:16:40-1:17:15 marks).
A brother and a sister are involved in an incestuous relationship: they discuss their parting. There is a five year old difference between them, with the earlies sexual encounter taking place when he was 12 and she was 7. Nothing is shown on screen and the movie consists only of their dialogue.
The male lead repeatedly abruptly crosses the female lead's boundaries, including grabbing a taxi cab window to stop her from leaving (after she clearly rejected his advances) and finding out the female character's address without her consent or knowledge. The movie treats this as "romantic".
Chappelle tells a joke about a superhero who has to rape women in order to sustain his powers (22:00-24:00). Chappelle makes a series of jokes about transgender people, including one (37:20) about ‘tricking’ people into sleeping with him by posing as a woman. Chappelle jokes about people giving oral sex in exchange for basic resources such as food during World War Two (45:00-47:00). Chappelle mentions the fact that Bill Cosby allegedly raped 54 women during the 70s, joking about the high number of women involved (48:20-49:20). He speaks in general terms about Cosby, the related rape allegations and backlash against jokes Chappelle has previously made on the topic until the 55:00 minute mark. From the 1:00:00-1:02:02 mark, Chappelle mentions Cosby again, saying that ‘[he’s] not defending him,’ but observing that Cosby has ‘a valuable legacy,’ that cannot be ‘thrown away,’ comparing him to the superhero mentioned earlier in the show.
In 'Yes Men' (S01E15), a one-time female character can control men and uses her ability to seduce them. While the male characters act as if the resulting relationship is consensual, it is the product of this mind control. There is a scene where she and one of the lead characters begin to kiss passionately in a hotel room and it is strongly implied that they have sex while he is under her influence. For an entire seven-episode arc (S04E16-S04E22), a recurring female character controls a different lead male character and manipulates him so that he believes he is in love with her. While there is no on-screen sexual relationship, it is implied that one occurs. The male character, when he is no longer controlled, confronts the woman for violating his agency.
Aggretsuko (TV Show)
The main character is picked on by her misogynistic boss multiple times throughout the series. S3E9: a male character meeting the female lead holds her hands and uses sexual language to insult her. S3E10: the same character attempts to stab her with a boxcutter.
Worthy of note: the premise of the story is that the king and queen of England have offered up a kiss from the protagonist as a prize in a tourney for noblemen. The protagonist is uncomfortable with the possibility that she would have to kiss someone she’s not attracted to or someone who has a bigoted opinion of her for being African. However, this ends up being a moot point because the person who wins ends up being someone she’s met before and is attracted to. The royal couple’s real-life historical counterparts were a 30-year-old king who married a 14-year-old girl. This was, of course, common at the time. However, you wouldn’t know from reading this because in this novella the two are portrayed as adults.
Rape is mentioned in passing as one of the terrible things than humans do.
Agora (Movie)
A man forcefully kisses and gropes a woman against her will. He strips her and throws her to the ground (56:30-57:42). He eventually gives in to his conscience and feels bad about it so he sobs and stops. He then leaves himself to the victim's mercy to decide how she wants to handle him. She realizes his pent up aggression came from being a slave to her father, so she frees him and orders him to leave rather than killing him.
Two children go missing and it is assumed through most of the movie that the daughter was raped: this turns out not to be the case, There are two supernatural assault scenes where women have their clothes ripped off and breasts fondled by an unseen entity. A babysitter tells the mother she walked in on the son and daughter having sex: we do not know if this actually happened.
Ahiru No Sora (TV Show)
S1E1: a male character secretly watch girls change in their locker room.
Ahsoka (Movie)
[Rating based on S1E+2].
A.I Rising (Movie)
The book contains conversations about whether it is ethical for the protagonist to have sex with the titular AI character, considering that he might interpret his programming to mean that he has to do whatever a human wants. The AI character dismisses this ethical dilemma and says that he has the ability to choose what he wants.
Incest and child sex abuse are discussed but not depicted.
Many scenes show attempted rape or something that can perceived as rape without seeing it blatantly on camera. All the murders the titular character committs are claimed to be in self defense of sexual assault.
S2E2: a sexual assault is suddenly shown on-screen, the face of the perpetrator being blurred (25:30-26:20). The assault is briefly mentioned in S2E4 and the victim is shown crying after the act (8:10-8:19).
Air (Movie)
Air Doll (Movie)
The main character is a brough-to-life inflatable sex doll. Although there is no violence per se in the film, we do see her dreading her relationship with her "owner" (although she has a life outside the apartment, she pretends to be a doll there and so "has sex" with her "owner" even though she does not want to and stands it stoically. In one of the scenes, she also takes a bath afterwards even though she might be discovered). In another scene, the owner of the DVD rental shop where she works discovers that, although the main character is currently dating another employee, she also has a boyfriend (the "owner"). Then it cuts to a scene of them having sex, the main character completely stoic and unmoving, while her boss tells her that she would have sex with anyone. Her relationship with the other employee also has a strange scene that, although difficult to classify and technically constented, could be upsetting. She tells him that she will do anything that he asked, since that is what she was put on Earth to do, and he says he wants to de-inflate her and inflate her again (although she had previously said that hurt her). Then he proceeds to do that. It is unclear how the main character feels about this. Overall, although the scenes are not particularly violent, the film does tackle issues of sexual agency and male dominance and abuse.
Air Force One (Movie)
Airheads (Movie)
There is an aside joke where a woman despairs at the fact that she had perform oral sex to keep her job.
Airplane! (Movie)
A pilot asks a series of increasingly suggestive questions to a young boy who has asked to see the cockpit. The boy is oblivious to the suggestive nature of these questions. This is played for laughs.
Aiyou De Mishi (TV Show)
S1E6: two men harass a woman. S1E9: a character mentions that the disappearance of a woman could be a raping murder case. S1E13: the main protagonist accidentally touches a woman’s chest in the dark. He apologizes. She later on tells him she cannot get married and he tells her that if she does not let him go, he will make sure she never marries again. He pins her down and starts tickling her. He later on pins another woman down and draws on her face. Although these two instances are not sexual assault it does look like it if we do not finish the entire scene. Everyone is laughing and nothing else happens.
Ajin (TV Show)
S1E2: a girl is kidnapped. Men tell her not to worry as they are going to have fun with her before selling her. The girl escapes a few moments later. S2E6: it is implied that a teenage girl became a prostitute after running away. In the manga, her stepfather tries to rape her, but fails. This is implied at the beginning of the episode. It is not shown on screen. Worthy of note: two female are forced to work with the police. They are threatened with violence if they do not co operate. One of them has been tortured multiple times. This is not shown but it is discussed in the anime.
A woman (a sex worker for the yakuza) propositions a teenage boy and tries to kiss him, laughing when he looks the other way.
Akame Ga Kill! (TV Show)
A boy uses magic to make a girl's clothing tighter across her breasts in front of a group of people.
Akelarre (Movie)
Teenage girls are made to undress into what would historically considered their underwear. It is implied that a teenage girl is raped off screen.
Aki Sora (TV Show)
The main female protagonist is in love with her younger brother. She fondles him even though he tells her to stop, then just lets her have his way. They eventually enter a relationship with lots of consensual sex. At one point, the brother is raped by his twinsister, who threatens to cut his penis of with a pair of scissors.
Akibiyori (Movie)
Akira (1988) (Movie)
A biker holds a girl still as another tears off her shirt, revealing her breasts. She is then punched and drops to the floor.
Volume 4: several girls are given drugs so the protagonist can rape them. The direct sexual assault is not shown, but very plainly discussed.
Akudama Drive (TV Show)
The 17 year old male protagonist nearly gets raped. A 10 year old girl almost gets sold as a sex slave. A doctor tries soliciting sex from multiple people throughout the series.
Al-Ard (Movie)
About 20 minutes into the movie, one woman rapes a young boy off-screen: we see her seducing him, and touching him despite his apparent discomfort, before jumping on him. The scene then cuts, and later, she is shown asking the boy not to tell anybody what happened. The boy is portrayed as being in love with her, but he is shown the morning after apparently shocked. The main man character stalks a woman during the first 30 minutes of the movie, and asks her father to marry her several times during the rest of the film. There is violence towards women throughout the movie, notably when they resist men's attempt to seduce them. At approximately 1:24:00, one man even kills a woman who is bathing.
Al Tercer Dia (Movie)
A 16 years old girl is imprisoned by an older man, whose sexual intentions are heavily implied. The man attempts to force the woman to fall in love with him. At one point, the woman kisses the predatory antagonist man as the only means to distract him from the actions of her rescuers.
The Alamo (Movie)
In the first part of the movie, the main protagonist tries to help a woman he thinks is being harassed by a man. She tells him that she is not in danger. However, it is then mentioned that she will be part of a forced marriage.
There are mentions of rape as a crime. Chapter 4: a captured angel is threatened with rape as a means of torture, this is referenced again in later chapters.
Alba (TV Show)
This show is about a girl who has been raped: it includes images of the rape and also gender violence.
Alex Rider (TV Show)
S1E4: a character is touched on his thigh and gets clearly uncomfortable. He is then kissed despite saying no.
Alexa & Katie (TV Show)
There are two attempted rapes and one on-screen rape in this movie.: all are very violent. The titular character has a sexual relationship with his nineteen year old male servant.
Alias Grace (TV Show)
Rape on-screen: A flashback during S1E1 shows the rape of a patient who is tied down and unable to resist. In S1E4, a character is sexually assaulted in a dream. Incest, child sex abuse: a character recounts having been raped by her father as a child.
Alice (1988) (Movie)
Alice (2009) (TV Show)
Alice (2022) (Movie)
The titular characte's slave owner forces her to submit to sexual touching of her private parts, which are off-screen. It is implied this occurs often.
S1E6: a man rapes a woman several times and then hits her (about 31 minutes into the episode).
S1E2: a character gets intimate with another one. It feels like the character does not fully consent it (no clear yes, being absent). Also while this happens, the character has a flashback to a scene in childhood. In this flashback, it is implied that a priest secretly takes advantage of a woman and the character saw it. S1E6: four people hold down a woman so a man can rape her. He begins to take off her clothes and licks her, when outside events startle and distract them all, allowing her to escape. S2E2: in the final part of the episode, the man who attempted to assault someone else in the previous season returns. He attacks the protagonist's teammate and knocks her unconsious. The episode then ends. S2E3: the episode starts with the angatonist licking the protagonist's teammate and climbing on top of her. He is then caught and beat up by the protagonist. Later on, there are lots of sound and almost voyeuristic view of a rape for about 5 seconds. S2E5: a man implies that he will help a teenage girl with an immediately life-threatening condition if she has sex with him (23:00-24:15). She agrees but this is not shown on screen. A female character climbs on top of the protagonist and attempts to have sex with him, despite the protagonist repeatedly denying her verbally and trying to push her off of him (16:47-17:05).
A man attempts to rape the heroine three times.
This film is about a woman caught in an psychologically abusive relation with a man. Early in the movie, they have a sexual encounter in the shower. Later, flashbacks of it are shown while the woman seems distressed. It can thus be assumed that it was not entirely consensual. Near the end of the film, the couple initiates another sexual relation: the woman is not into it but tries to hide it (she goes to the bathroom and hyperventilates). She then returns to the bedroom, and when the man gets on top of her while kissing, she turns her head and pushes him back, while still "playing along". In order to get the upper hand, she pushes him to the floor and pins him down. She then orgasms on top of him, without any penetration: he laughs while she stays visibly distressed.
Alice Junior (Movie)
A teenage girl has her bikini top ripped off by two teenage boys. She jumps into the pool to shield herself from people looking.
At one point, the protagonist is ends up unconscious at the River Thames. She is then pulled out of the river by two fishermen who planned on raping her. She escapes unharmed. The main antagonist is revealed to be a child sex trafficker. It is also revealed that the main antagonist had a sexual obsession with a girl and made multiple advances towards her. Although she displayed discomfort around the man, he viewed it as her "teasing" him. His obsession escalated and he soon began trying to touch her inappropriately. The girl then told her father about his behavior and to not invite the man over their house anymore. Enraged by this, the man broke into the family's home one night, went to the girl's room, and proceeded to rape and murder her. Afterwards, he left the house and set it on fire.
A subtenant of a family with two little girls makes inappropriate remaks about one of the girls (31:40-34:20) and later tries to rape the other, but she manages to escape (49:35-49:47). The girls is framed as "evil" and at one point before this incident, she makes a suggestive gesture towards the man. A policeman later makes a very inappropriate comment about her breasts and states that he felt like she was silently asking him to touch them. The combination of these incidents creates a very umcomfortable victim-blaming atmosphere throughout the film.
Alien (Movie)
Worthy of note: phallic/yonic imagery is used throughout the movie in ways which often evoke violent symbolism of rape and assault. The movie's screenwriter is quoted as having said “I’m going to attack the audience. I’m going to attack them sexually,” regarding the choices he made regarding this imagery during the film's creation. It has often been described as a “rape movie” which subverts the common horror trope of ‘vulnerable’ women being sexually assaulted and have the ‘ultra masculine’ marines be completely emasculated and having things that are not consensual and full of sexual imagery happen to them.
Worthy of note: a white male character reacts extremely negatively upon finding out that his sister has a boyfriend and that he is Black. He seems protective of his sister in a way that can be read as incestuous jealousy, but this is implied, not spelled out.
A man forces a woman down and kisses her. Worthy of note: near the end of the film, two characters are attacked while having sex. The implicit sexual nature of the attack with the glib tone of the scene may be uncomfortable for some viewers.
Alien Factor (Movie)
A man tries to kiss a woman again after she tells him no. She pushes him away and he leaves after the second rejection.
Alien Hunger (Movie)
Alien 3 (Movie)
The female protagonist crash lands on a planet that functions as a penal colony for men who are explicitly stated to be rapists, murderers and child molesters. A group of men corners her and attempts to rape her (40:30-41:30), but she is saved by another man that has also disclosed to her previously that he is a rapist.
Alien Origin (Movie)
Alien Raiders (Movie)
A male antagonist gets close to the female protagonist, makes a sexually implicit comment and smells her hair (22:40). The same man makes a sexually explicit comment towards another female character ( 1:15:40).
Alien Shark (Movie)
The Alienist (TV Show)
The show features multiple scenes set in child brothels. The main plot revolves around a serial killer who murders children/teenage boys who were forced into prostitution.
Aliens (1986) (Movie)
Aline (Movie)
This is a biopic of Celine Dion, who met her husband/impresario (a middle-age man) when she was a child. They only have (implied) sexual relationships when she is adult.
Alive (Movie)
An older man drugs and zip ties a young man and young woman: he then drags the young woman into a bedroom. However, the intention is not sexual whatsoever and nothing with any sexual tones happens.
All About Eve (Movie)
Throughout the film, several characters are sexually humiliated and raped.
A character gives a very graphic description of her sexual assault by a family member.
S1E9: a character gets drunk at a party and another character attempts to rape her: someone else steps in to save her. S1E10: the same character deals with the aftermath of trauma and it is revealed that the same guy has raped other girls on campus. She and another victim decided to report him to the university.
A girl reveals that she was raped. A brief flashback shows the night it happened, with the assaulter eyeing the girl, putting his arm around her and grabbing her wrist. No actual rape is shown, but this moment is interspersed with the girl's assaulter attacking another girl with a knife.
The two main characters, who have a sexual relationship, are revealed to be brother and sister. The male character, in a conversation with his uncle, reveals that their father abused both of the protagonists as children, including sexually assaulting the girl and forcing the boy to have sex with her. The aforementioned father never appears on screen and has died by the time the movie takes place. There is also a mention of him being inappropriately involved with a 15-year-old before his death.
Worthy of note: throughout the movie, a man peers/stares at a woman and invades her personal space. Though he never touches her, he appears menacing.
S3E23: a woman is almost raped walking home. There is a lot of victim blaming in this episode. S8E4: another woman is almost raped in her home.
In the first segment of the film, a girl is raped by Satan after his followers ripped her clothing off. In the third segment, a woman is sexually mutilated and carved with misogynist writing.
One of the protagonists (a male in his late 20s/early 30s) masturbates with a sex toy that looks like a baby doll. He seems to be in a drug induced psychosis, believing that this baby was alive and his own.
For All Mankind (TV Show)
Worthy of note: S1E7: this episode mentions an obscure navy reference BOHICA, that stands for "bend over, here it comes again". S2E1: this episode briefly mentions Roman Polanski. End of season 2 and season 3 contains a ten year relationship, where a man who genuinely cares about a woman is forced by the KGB to use her for spying. He is hesitant, but then goes ahead with it. He uses their first kiss to ask for more information.
Soldiers catcall women, who only become interested in them once they know the soldiers have food.
All Rise (TV Show)
S1E1: a serial rapist is briefly mentioned. S1E4: a female lawyer is harassed while visiting prison. S1E15: this episode deals with revenge porn. S1E18: this episode deals with sex trafficking (one of the victims is 15). S3E2: a trial involves battery during sex that may or may not have been consensual. S3E9: date rape, sex trafficking and sex workers not being able to report crimes are mentioned. Footage is shown of a person sexually assaulting a stripper while she is unconscious. It happened three times, but the scene is cut before the actual assault is shown (only groping). S3E11: rape is mentioned.
There is one scene where several characters are under a siren spell and are kissed by said siren to break it. They do not consent to this kiss.
A man continually makes advances towards a woman, finally grabbing and kissing her without consent after she turns him down.
All That Jazz (Movie)
A joke about a man flashing women in the subway is made. The protagonist repeatedly touches a nurse's bottom while he is admitted in a hospital: it is played for comedic purposes.
The novel explores a toxic, inappropriate relationship between four teenagers an adult author they idolize. One of the teens defends her behavior and refuses to see she did anything wrong, while two of the others feel used, manipulated, and hurt. One of the character's parents specifically calls the relationship the author had with the teens, and the way the teens would spread her message to others, as being cultlike. The author's behavior is manipulative and has a lot in common with grooming, although nothing physical happens on-page. She is inappropriately familiar and emotionally close with the teens, including having them over to her house and giving one of them a key, and gets one of them to tell her details of her romantic and sexual relationship with one of the other teens. She encourages the teens to share intimate and personal details with her, with the intent of using it as fodder for her writing. It is deliberately murky whether she cared about the teens at all as people. One of the teens admits to having suspected the author was having a romantic or sexual relationship with one of them, but it's never entirely clear if she's right. A major event in the backstory is an instance of sexual assault and hazing that took place at a high school. For much of the novel, one of the characters is assumed to have been the victim of the hazing; however, it is eventually discovered that he was actually a perpetrator. The book-within-a-book that dramatizes the in-universe events (written by the author who has been basing her work off the teenagers she's cultivated a relationship with) portrays the perpetrator as remorseful of his actions and being a good person who did something terrible. The characters all have different opinions on this, and we never see the perpetrator's actual thoughts, or hear from him directly, only seeing him through other's eyes. The victim similarly never makes an appearance.
There is a mention of domestic violence, but no indication that sexual violence was involved
S1E1: assault and implied rape (24:00-27:00), as well as harassment (33:00-35:00). S1E2: there are flashbacks to the previous assault and harassment (13:20 - 13:40).
A Black woman publicly testifies about how she was arrested, beaten, groped and stripped by Southern policemen in a cell.
All We Had (Movie)
About halfway through the film, a transgender character is gang raped: the scene is graphic and unexpected.
Alle Anderen (Movie)
Allegiant (Movie)
Allegoria (Movie)
Allen V. Farrow (TV Show)
Alligator (Movie)
While they are investigating sewers, a cop grabs a detective's bottom as a means to surprise him.
Alligator X (Movie)
A man insinuates that he assaulted a woman before the camera pans over to her tied up with her shirt ripped open. The man grabs at the first woman beneath the camera's view while she struggles and says that he'll "come back for her".
Almost Adults (Movie)
Almost Famous (Movie)
One teenage girls suggest that they had sex with a boy who they believe was a few years older his actual age of fifteen.
Almost Mercy (Movie)
Alone (Movie)
The protagonist is instructed by her captor to get undressed. No assault occurs.
Aloners (Movie)
The movie opens during a police sting operation to catch a serial rapist and murderer. Whilst driving, the rapist unbuckles his belt and tries to force his victim's head into his lap. His attempt is immediately averted. The primary antagonist kidnaps a little girl, but has no sexual interest in her whatsoever.
Alpha (Movie)
The movie follows a serial killer who rapes his victims (all young children). Rape is mentioned and discussed by the police, and two young boys taunt and joke about a young girl being raped and murdered.
The Alpines (Movie)
One of the male protagonists kisses a female protagonist on the neck while she giggles and says 'stop' a few times (12:30). It seems semi-consensual, and does not go further. A couple is having an argument in bed (32:30). The man kisses her forcefully mid-argument, and she pushes him away. He comments that that 'always used to work'.
Alps (Movie)
There is a scene where a woman attempts to grope her father but he immediately rejects her.
S1E5: a girl is alone in a pool and a man approaches her in a very gross way. Nothing bad happens to her but she gets victim-blamed by a teacher. The show makes social commentary about jordanian culture where victims are blamed for bringing things like this onto themselves for not "dressing appropriately".
Altar (Movie)
The protagonist's husband, who is slowly going mad, massages his blood onto her back. When she realizes this, she runs to shower it off (24:00). He follows and takes pictures of her in the shower without her consent, and she is greatly emotionally distressed and tells him to stop - he does not. The protagonist is in a creepy room and is surprised by her husband entering (41:00). He initiates sex, which she initially consents to, but asks they go to another room as she does n't like this one. He does not listen or stop, and she becomes more and more distressed. The scone cuts to outside the door to the room where you can hear her cries, and it is strongly implied he raped her.
Altered (Movie)
Altered Carbon (TV Show)
Many episodes involve nudity, sexual abuse, and rape, but the most graphic assault is in S1E9 (45:46-46:10) and S1E10.
Altitude (Movie)
Alucarda (Movie)
There are two scenes where a woman is stripped naked without her permission. She doesn't protest but in one of the instances, she is tied to a cross and cannot stop it from happening.
Always Shine (Movie)
A woman mentions that her boss sexually harassed her (13:18-13:26).
Always a Witch (TV Show)
S1E2+3: a character is blackmailed by an abusive ex-boyfriend with a sex tape that was filmed without her consent. There is an attempted rape of one of the characters, who successfully fights off but ends up in a coma for several episodes following.
Am Fear Liath (Movie)
A man pins a woman to the ground and licks her face.
S1E9: one of the supporting characters is forced by nobles in the academy to strip and dance in front of them, She is almost naked just only her panty and open chest but her hand is covered, and MC comes to save her before the thing goes too far.
S1E5: a character talks about being abused by a stepparent during their childhood.
Amadeus (Movie)
In the extended cut, a character blackmails a married woman into sex to help her husband. She accepts and begins to strip but the man changes his mind and has her escorted away. The next scene shows her being very emotionally distressed.
In several chapters, the author discusses his experiences of childhood sexual abuse at the hands of his stepfather. There are no on-page descriptions of what those specific instances of abuse entailed. There is also passing mention of the rape allegations against Mike Tyson and Harvey Weinstein.
There is a description of the events immediately before and after a coercive rape committed by a police officer against a gay man. Non-graphic.
Ambulance (Movie)
Amelia 2.0 (Movie)
In the last 20 minutes of the movie, the creator of a female robot that houses a human mind kisses her while she is in a vulnerable state.
Amelie (Movie)
Woman is shown having sex. She is largely disinterested in the encounter but her consent is not violated. The main character enters a house of horrors theme park attraction. She notes that one of the main scare actors has a reputation for touching women (i.e. stroking their hair, making ghost noises in their ears) as they pass through the ride.
Amer (Movie)
In this movie, all sexual assaults and sexual threats are eroticized. In the first segment, the protagonist (a young girl) is tormented by a shadowy, ominous figure in black, who makes her fall down and grabs her feet. In the second segment, an adult man forcibly puts a lollipop in the mouth of the protagonist (now a teenager) while lustfully telling her that she has grown up. Shortly after, a boy tries to kiss her (she rebuffs him) and looks insistantly at her breaast (uncomfortable, she covers her breast). After that, she walks in front of a group of lustful bikers, who stare are her: she is shown feeling uncomfortable. Immediately after that, a suggestive scene mimicks an unconsensual sexual relationship: it is then revealed to depict the protagonist entering a subway wagon. In the third and final segment, the protagonist (now an adult) takes a cab and dreams/fantasizes that the driver (who acts threateningly) tears off her dress and expose her breast: she wakes up. She then goes to her childhood home, where she is assaulted by a killer: he firstly tries to drown her while she is masturbating in her bath, touches her while she is sleeping in her bed, pursues her, fondles her while holding her a knifepoint, and eventually kills her. The final scene shows her naked dead body being prepared for her burial: the process is eroticized.
There are two moments during the film when men pay for the services of prostitutes. The main character is forced to marry a woman because he desperately needs her father's money. Later, it is implied that he is selling his sexual services to an older woman.
A grown man's sexual fixation on a teenager is central to the plot of this film. A middle aged man observes his teenage daughter's friend and has sexual fantasies about her. The same teenage girl implies that this kind of behaviour is a regular occurrence from older men. She implied that she was once sexually exploited by a photographer. Later, the same adult man who has fixated on her throughout the film makes sexual advances towards her, undressing her (with the intention of committing statutory rape), but stops when she discloses that she is a virgin. In other scenes, an adult films the household without their knowledge, the implication that this is a regular occurrence and is done with the intention of capturing intimate and private moments on film without consent. In one scene, an adult man forces a kiss onto another adult man. Worthy of note; virulent and at times violent homophobia is an ongoing theme.
Season 2 - The Assassination of Gianni Versace The scenes in question are featured in episodes 7 and 8. Season 3 - Impeachment This season is about the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal so sexual misconduct is a central theme. S3E1: a woman explains how Bill Clinton sexually harassed her by inviting her to his hotel room, kissing her and asking her to perform oral sex on him. She is visibly distressed while explaining it, and has to do a press conference with male journalists asking details on the scene despite her clearly stating that she would not comment on it (she again appears very distressed). Later, another woman explains that the same man assaulted her (forcingly kissing her). Throughout the episode, it is hinted several times that he is a sexual predator. S3E2: the harassment mentioned in S3E1 is discussed again in this episode, and the victim is shown being instrumentalized about it for political purposes. The relation between Clinton and Lewinsky (featuring a power imbalance) is depicted: the female protagonist is also shown being instrumentalized by another character, who encourages her to pursue this relation. S3E3: the female protagonist dismisses the sexual harassment allegations made by a woman against Bill Clinton (relating to the events in S3E1) several times throughout the episode. S3E4: the nature of the relationship between Clinton and Lewinsky is discussed (the female protagonist denies that it is sexual harassment or power abuse). A man touches a woman's butt as a 'goodbye' without her consent (around 29 minutes in). One of the female protagonist explains that an adult (an authority figure) tried to have sex with her when she was 14 and only stopped when she said 'no'. She also explains that her first romantic and sexual relationship was with a teacher while she was in high school. Incest is briefly mentioned as a joke. S3E7: in the opening scene, a woman who was sexually harrassed by Bill Clinton is in a room where he denies having ever meeting her. She is visibly distressed and leaves the room. This episode demonstrates how Clinton's denial of having a sexual affair with Lewinsky psychologically destroys her. A former high school teacher of Lewinsky, who had an affair with her when she was a teenager publicly slut-shames her. S3E9: in the final scene, someone explains that a woman testified that Clinton raped her. Because she initially said that he did not, this claim is brushed aside and disqualified by all the characters. Throughout this episode, Lewinsky is asked to describe her sexual encounters with Clinton in details twice (the first time in public): she is visibly very distressed. S3E10: during an interview, a woman described how Clinton raped her. A woman who has sexually assaulted by Clinton and instrumentalized politically, is forced to do erotic/nude photos for money: she is shown being visibly distressed by this situation. Descriptions of the sexual encounters between Clinton and Lewinsky are made publicly available: Lewinsky is visibly distressed by that.
American Dad (TV Show)
S8E12: when the main character tackles another character in a living room, the latter says "this is the tallest rape ever." This show occasionally makes rape jokes in other seasons/episodes too.
At 55 minutes, a passing incest joke is made. Rape is mentioned at 01:26:00.
American Gods (TV Show)
S1E2: an omniscient god informs a slave that his relative has been murdered for refusing to submit to a rape. S1E7: a character (early 20s) is forced to accept the sexual exploitation offer of an elder warden to trade favours to escape a death sentence (~30:00-31:23). The bargaining and the act is shown for approximately 10 seconds: she becomes pregnant with the sexual predator's child and raises the kid during her servant sentence. A main character frequently flirts/sleeps with very young women. A female character attempts to coerce a male character into accepting oral sex after he explicitly declines her offer. He eventually manages to rebuff her despite her physical attempts to force herself on him.
One of the main characters gives a fairly graphic description of getting raped in prison (38:08-39:16).
There is one passing mention of rape, metaphorical (i.e. 'rape of our country,' 36:25). A prison guard threatens prisoners, collectively, with sexual violence (01:07:00). A man is gang-raped in prison, scene is relatively graphic (1:21:00-1:23:00). The direct aftermath of this attack (the victim lying in a prison hospital ward) is depicted until the 1:23:49 mark. The attack is alluded to on multiple occasions in later scenes. Between 1:26:50-1:27:16, the victim walks through the prison canteen, obviously injured from the previous attack, while his attackers jeer and mock him.
It is established at the beginning of the movie that the main character's father sexually abuses her, and implies it has been going on for some time. Her father gropes her on screen while she is visibly distressed. A teenage girl of colour is in a relationship with a white adult man who is her boss. Though it is never discussed, there is obviously a strong power imbalance present in the situation. The protagonist is paid money to go on dates and perform sexual acts, though little is shown.
Season 1: a teen couple is making out in bed and the boy tries to unzip the girl’s pants, but she stops him. He tries a couple more times and she stops him again and then tells him she is not ready yet. Later, he and his friends have an uncomfortable conversation about how to get a girl to have sex with them. S2E4: a man pushes a woman against a wall and attempts to rape her, but is stopped by someone else. S2E7: a woman has sex with a man who she thinks is dead, although he is not.
Season one (Murder House): S1E1: a woman is raped by a teenage boy wearing a rubber suit which conceals his identity (she ostensibly consents to have sex but believes him to be her husband). She becomes pregnant as a result of this, and the pregnancy is an ongoing theme throughout the season. Discussions and depictions of miscarriage and abortion also occur throughout. The man in the rubber suit appears frequently and his identity is ambiguous until S1E8. S1E2: a woman is held captive by a home invader and told first to undress and then to put on a nurse's costume. S1E3: a man violently rapes his maid, on the premise that they two had had consensual sex in the past, until he is interrupted. In the same episode, a maid repeatedly makes sexual advances towards a man who expresses that he wants her to stop doing so. He accuses the maid of spiking his coffee with an opiate which causes memory loss. S1E4: near the beginning of the episode, it is implied that a man is raped using a fire poker. This scene is revisited near the beginning of S1E8. S1E8: the woman who was raped and impregnated by the man wearing the rubber suit is institutionalised because her husband and peers do not believe that she was raped. In S1E9, this is resolved when her husband learns she was telling the truth, but she is forced to lie and say that she was not raped in order to leave the hospital. S1E9: near the beginning of the episode, a woman is raped by her doctor while she is under general anaesthesia for a dental procedure. Season two (Asylum): S2E1: one of the characters introduced as an inmate of the asylum is diagnosed as a 'nymphomaniac' and has sex with the orderlies at night - this could be considered an unequal power dynamic and might make some viewers uncomfortable. A woman signs a document committing her partner to the asylum under threat that she and her partner will be outed as lesbians if she does not submit, ruining their careers. Homophobia is a theme throughout the season. A man is diagnosed as a chronic masturbator and is seen masturbating in some scenes; could be interpreted as threatening behaviour. S2E2: a woman is called a 'slut' and a 'whore' by one of the doctors overseeing the asylum. It is revealed that she was committed to the asylum by her husband who punished her for engaging in extramarital sex by accusing her of nymphomania. Shame with regards to sex and 'promiscuity' are recurring themes in this episode and throughout. A doctor hires an escort and attempts to engage in non consensual intercourse with her before she escapes from him (36:40-37:30). S2E3: near the end of the episode, one of the asylum staff attempts to rape a patient and then surgically mutilates her. S2E4: it is revealed that one patient killed her father for sexually abusing her. In the same episode, a lesbian woman is forced to undergo a form of conversion therapy where a doctor attempts to make her feel revolted by images of nude women and then compels her to touch herself sexually while also touching a naked man. S2E6: a woman is kidnapped and made to play a 'motherly' role for her kidnapper; this could be seen to have sexual overtones. In S2E7, her kidnapper rapes her. As a result, she becomes pregnant. When she escapes, she is picked up by a man who begins a misogynistic tirade against women in general and his wife specifically, refusing to take her to the hospital and eventually pulling out a gun. S2E8: in a flashback, it is revealed that one of the patients was raped in jail. At the end of the episode, a man intends to rape a woman in revenge for her treatment of him but before he can do so she kills him. S2E9: near the beginning of the episode, there is a relatively graphic scene in which a woman attempts to abort the pregnancy which began when she was raped. S2E10: a woman rapes a priest. S2E11: a man tells a woman about how he killed her partner and had sex with the corpse. Later in this episode, the woman gives birth to the child of her rapist, despite multiple failed abortion attempts. Season three (Coven): S3E1: it is revealed that a black slave and a white woman have had an affair. He swears that she initiated the sexual contact as he loves somebody else, but is tortured anyway. In another scene during this episode, a young woman is drugged and gang-raped by a group of men at a fraternity party. A friend of the survivor violently rapes and kills one of the frat boys, who is in critical condition and unable to move or consent, as revenge. Discussions of and references to this incident occur periodically throughout the season. S3E3: a woman makes sexual advances towards a minotaur. At another point in the episode, it is revealed that a woman has been sexually abusing her college-aged son. She is shown kissing him whil he stands unmoving. Eventually, he beats her to death when she makes sexual advances towards him. Scenes of this murder continue into S3E4. S3E6: a man lies and tells other characters that he killed a woman whose corpse they discover in order to feed his necrophiliac appetites. At another point in the episode, a young man relives the trauma of sexual abuse by his mother when a woman who is caring for him tries to clean his genitals, lashing out as a result. S3E7: it is revealed that a character has been secretly watching a woman he is obsessed with since she was eight years old. S3E8: near the beginning of the episode, a homeless man is killed because he is accused of being a paedophile. Later in the episode, a man's mother forces him to strip while chastising him. Season four (Freak Show): S4E1: a woman is coerced into remaining silent about her experiences and not going home because she is threatened with the potential release of a sexual video in which she features. S4E3: in a flashback, a woman is made to give birth in front of a crowd of paying spectators as part of a 'freak show.' S4E4: in a flashback, it is revealed that a woman once worked in as a dominatrix catering to extreme and violent fetishes and that she was abducted to be the object of a snuff film. In another flashback in the same episode, a man is accused of sexually abusing young patrons of his show, although this does not seem to be true. S4E5: a reference is made to the fact that an upper-class family is particularly prone to mental health problems due to inbreeding. Season five (Hotel): S5E1: a hotel guest is shown taking heroin and then being violently raped by a faceless demon. As he is on the verge of passing out, a woman appears and tells him that she loves him. The guest's body is hidden and his ordeal continues until S5E3. S5E8: a character is said to have checked in and molested a 10-year-old boy, leaving behind polaroids of this crime. S5E11: a woman is violently raped by a faceless demon in a flashback. Season six (Roanoke): S6E3: a character is found having sex with a witch while local people look on and touch themselves sexually; he claims to have no memory of this incident after the fact. If this is the case then one implication might be that he was magically compelled to take part in this act. S6E4: in an attempt to gain more information, one character offers somebody another character's sexual services. Later, she turns up and demands what was promised to her. S6E7: a woman manipulates a man into participating in sexual activity with her until two other characters intervene. Season seven (Cult): S7E1: a woman wakes up to find a clown in her bed. S7E1-2: several scenes show masked man masturbating while watching the main character (non-consensual). They are shown moving their arms and grunting, without nudity/genitalia. S7E3: a couple's address is posted online by an unknown party, alongside an invitation for strangers to walk into the house and have sex with them. Video footage is posted online of intimate moments between two characters. S7E4: two women handcuff a man in retaliation for him groping one of them during a heated argument. A man's boss degrades him by making him clean up semen on multiple occasions. A man openly masturbates in a communal shower stall. A woman attacks a teenager when her speech is interrupted by bystanders saying 'grab her by the p***y.' S7E7: a woman sleeps with a man for money and he refuses to pay her the agreed amount. S7E8: a man attempts to rape a woman, but she kills him before he can further assault her. A cop blackmails a criminal into sex acts, though this is not shown on screen. Season eight (Apocalypse): S8E2: the man in the rubber suit has sex with a man who thinks he is somebody else. Season nine (1984): S9E2: a man attempts to coerce another male character into starring in homosexual pornography and threatens to end his potential acting career by sending tapes of these movies to various people in Hollywood. Later, one character spies on men and makes sexually suggestive comments and a woman unexpectedly kisses another woman. Worthy of note: one of the main antagonists of the series is a real-life serial killer. At some point, he makes a comment about abusing women. S9E5: a woman's corpse is shown, with the implication that one character raped and disemboweled her (2:50-5:32), before taking pictures of her that he displayed on the wall. He then kills himself. Season ten (Double Feature): S10E3: a man is kidnapped to be the victim in a snuff movie where he would be sexually abused. He is able to escape the situation unharmed. One character forces a group of college-age men into a hazing ritual involving peer-pressured group groping (24:00-24:40). Season eleven (NYC): S11E2: a man is invited to have kinky sex with a stranger and accepts, but is then imprisoned and keeps explaining that he did not agree to the imprisonment. S11E6: two characters are taking turns having sex with another character in a hood, and the character in the hood suffocates (by accident). The characters continue having sex with him after he is dead. Season 12 (Delicate): The main female character is vaginally probed by a physical therapist who she repeatedly tells to stop. Later she tells her husband she was molested and he does not believe her.
American Made (Movie)
American Mary (Movie)
A woman is drugged and raped by her professor; it is very graphic and the emotional impact is reflected in the rest of the film as the woman exacts her retaliation.
The main character learns that his daughter was raped. The rape is not described in detail, but the main character’s feelings toward the event are explored in detail. There is a description of his own imagining of the rape.
There is a brief mention of sexual assault over the phone. The protagonist coerces one of his woman friends to have sex with the sex worker he payed for, despite her saying 'no' multiple times. While she is distracted, he drugs her drink, and the next scene is the women getting taken advantage of by the sex worker while he watches. Worthy of note: there are several scenes in which the main character is having sex with two sex workers. He physically hurts them during these encounters and later pressures one of them to come back and have sex with him again.
A male teacher has a relationship with a high school girl.
A girl on her 18th birthday is very drunk and comes onto one of the men, insisting despite his refusals. She then gets naked and passes out, and another man repeatedly tries to touch and grope her whilst she is unconscious (and only just turned 18 when these men are about double that age). A main character touches a coworker's butt without her consent (around 7:30). Later, he touches some girls' private area underwater (around 24:00). A group of young boys steal girls' bikini tops at the beach (around 27:00). Boys arrive at a high school party and warn one of them that the girls there are half his age: he says that he knows in a smiley-creepy way (around 32:30).
"Battery" : a man drugs a woman's drink at a bar, then he takes her home and rapes her.
American Vandal (TV Show)
S1E7: rape or sexual assault mentioned. The entire season 2 contains lot of talk about fake claims of sexual intercourse. A fake account, leaking nudes and other private conversations, intervenes. Sexual assault is implied too.
The film revolves around a woman trying to get a provocative tape back from a man who films women flashing. There is mention of bestiality. A man receives a handjob from a woman whilst he is asleep. She is unaware of what she is doing and he does not seem to be in distress at the event. The scenario is played for laughs.
The protagonist, desperate for money, answers an ad for a man who wants someone to help him "relax." He claims that he wants her to massage him, but he requests that she come to his house and lie down in his bed with him. He touches her sexually and makes her uncomfortable. She accepts his payment, leaves, and never returns. This experience, in addition to the alienation she had already been feeling, causes her to go into a deep depression.
The Americans (TV Show)
During a flashback in the pilot episode, a woman is pinned down and raped. More generally, nearly every episode has sexual activity that lacks enthusiastic, fully informed consent. In many cases, it can be likened to reluctant sex work for the spies. The people they seduce do not know they are consenting to sex with a Russian agent and are unaware of the spies' underlying reasons for pursuing sex with them. The male and female lead were assigned to play the role of a married couple by the USSR. They were told to have sex and produce children. Early in their time together, they were not at all in love and only had sex because the job demanded it. During the series, their degree of romantic attachment to each other waxes and wanes. As spies, the main characters frequently seduce and have sex with others to gain access. This happens very frequently. The level of deception involved in these sex acts varies. Many sex-spying acts involve seducing a stranger for a one-night stand with few implicit or explicit promises to be broken. However, in a very long-running storyline, the male lead convinces a woman that he is in love with her and marries her, while already married to another woman. The purpose of this is to use her for information and access. She is tricked into betraying her country, losing her job, as well as risking her life and freedom. Sex is the weapon used to cause these harms, rather than being a harm in and of itself. The male lead meets with a young, attractive female informant. She is "assigned" to gather information from a foreign dignitary who chokes her to death during sex. To avoid law enforcement, she is cut unto pieces and carried out in suitcases. There is a threat to out a gay servicemember. To gain access to a computer system, the female lead tricks a married man into believing that he had sex with her and impregnated her. To maintain an information source, the male lead is directed to seduce a 15-year-old girl and maintain a sexual relationship with her. He begins to seduce her, but refuses to have sex with her, though he does maintain a boyfriend-like relationship with her. The spies often do not like having sex with strangers for access. This is their job and they are often resentful. They appear distressed at times. They also get jealous of each other. The male lead attends emotional encounter seminars which involve participants loudly expressing their feelings or sharing very personal information, including sexual fantasies. Some fantasies expressed are violent and/or non-consensual. The female lead is assigned to seduce a sexual sadist who beats her with a belt. The male lead is angry and wants to punish the sadist. The male and female leads role-play consensual sexual sadism with one another. The female lead lies that she was raped by a military servicemember to a low-level navy sailor to manipulate him. The spies frequently use sex as a source of blackmail material or in order to get blackmail material. The spies convince a young (but presumably adult) collaborator to drug and have sex with an aide to congress. There are flashback scenes to the spies learning how to seduce people as part of their spy training. We see the male lead initiating sex with (presumably) undesirable partners, including an elderly woman and a middle-aged man. He is clearly reluctant. In the final season, the spies' daughter (now an adult) has sex with a source to get information. The spies are extremely disturbed by this.
A.M.I. (Movie)
Amici Miei (Movie)
A husband makes a joke about rape when he and his wife are on a dinner date. He tells her to drink and she asks, “Trying to get me drunk?” and he says, “That’s the appeal of marriage; I won’t have to.”
A man possessed by a ghost sleeps with his teenage sister. Consent is dubious as this encounter is a result of the possession, rather than any conscious desire.
Ammonite (Movie)
A character kisses her lover amidst an argument, and because of said argument the kiss is unwarranted so she is quickly pushed away.
Amour (Movie)
Amour Fou (Movie)
Amphibia (TV Show)
Amsterdam (Movie)
Worthy of note: in the final scene of the film, it is revealed that the female protagonist was medicated against her will by her family, who claimed that she was suffering from an imaginary medical condition, in order to control her.
Amulet (Movie)
Rape on-screen: this is shown briefly and from a distance. There is also a brief mention of incest (father marrying his daughter).
Amusement (Movie)
Amy (Movie)
Brief mention of sexual assault when one of Amy's previous partners recalls a conversation they had about whether she had been assaulted when she was younger. She says that she never was.
Amy's Orgasm (Movie)
Of An Age (Movie)
A character tries to pick up a feather that has fallen in someone else’s cleavage. The latter character slaps his hand away.
A female child character is seemingly groomed by an adult male character into being a saloon singer, including having her dressed in a Burlesque dress by other characters.
A nurse says she looked at a patient’s genitals while he was in a coma.
Rape is mentioned numerous times throughout. During a flashback scene, the main character is attacked at knifepoint; rape strongly implied but not shown.
Worthy of note: two little girls spy on a couple having sex in the woods.
An Education (Movie)
The plot follows the relationship between a high school girl and a man twice her age.
The main characters in this romance are a free Black woman and a white Scottish man who are fellow spies for the Union during the American Civil War. When the two first meet, she is worried that he will rape her. She does not know that he is a fellow spy at this point. Later on, the two have real conversations about the power dynamics of a white man being with a Black woman. Nevertheless, their relationship is presented as wholly consensual. The main male character's mother was gang raped prior to the events of the book and bore a child as a result. There is a scene where the main female character is undercover as a man, and when she is found out by slave catchers, the men start touching her body and trying to remove her clothing. They are stopped before they get very far. An antagonist female character accuses the main male character of attempting to rape her. It is very clear in context that she is lying and trying to get him in trouble.
An Idiot Abroad (TV Show)
In several places, this book details how sexual violence was used (and continues to be used) as a tool of warfare by European settlers against Indigenous peoples in North America and around the world. Towards the end of the book, the author includes personal accounts by people who were sexually assaulted as children in the Indian boarding school system. She also discusses the current epidemic of missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls (MMIWG), many of whom are victims of sexual violence.
The male protagonist is forced to watch while another inmate is gang raped by a number of other inmates, and he is threatened that they plan to do the same to him (55:00-57:00).
The main female character is consistently sexually harassed and used by the men around her. This is depicted with the aim of shaming the men who have hurt her or sexually abused her.
This book takes place during the United States Civil War. The couple in the book consists of a Black American man and a dark-skinned biracial Cuban woman. The male protagonist saves a slave girl from being raped by the slave owner. The female protagonist was born from a union between a slaveholder and a slave woman. The protagonist's mother somehow persuaded the slaveholder to free her, marry her, and treat her and her daughter as equal members of the family. There is a suggestion that he may have fathered another child with a different slave woman because the protagonist notices a slave girl who resembles her. The female protagonist's home gets taken over by soldiers who flirt with, attempt to touch, and otherwise harass her and her sisters. At the start of the book, she has a white sweetheart whom she believes she loves, but it becomes clear to her that he is using her, and she describes their sexual encounters as him "taking his pleasure" from her. There are instances where he initiates sex with her when she is visibly upset. Finally, she mentions that people often think that she is her father's mistress. A side character relates how his wife was raped by a slave owner. Two male characters openly contemplate "sharing" the female protagonist, assuming that she does not understand their language, which she secretly does. A group of Confederate soldiers threaten to rape the women present in a group of traveling slaves, but they are stopped.
The book centers around a generation spaceship with a large enslaved population. The genderqueer female main character and her enslaved kin experience systematic physical and sexual abuse from their captors, both heavily implied and simply stated. However, many before-and-after details drive home the horror and intergenerational trauma of this abuse. Child sexual abuse is shown to be widespread through pregnant teenagers, children's play that acts out rape, and brief flashbacks during PTSD episodes.
The protagonist endures repeated rapes, assaults and mutilations while she is being held for ransom over a 13 day period. The second half of the book chronicles what happened after her release, the impact of her traumas and her attempts to reclaim the life she had before she was kidnapped. Everything is described in vivid detail in first-person POV.
Ana E Vitoria (Movie)
The female protagonist is a governess in a house inhabited by three middle age brothers. In one of the first scenes of the film, one of them makes continuous sexual advances despite her clear disinterest. He then develops an obsession with her, sexually harrasses her at multiple occasions, and writes her anonymous obscene letters throughout the movie. The two other brothers also develop a perverse relationship with her, and she progressively decides to deal with it by playing along. In the final sequence of the film, after she rebuffed them all, one brother attempts to rape her, in presence of the rest of the household. After a brief relief (she is fakingly told to leave the estate), she is violently grabbed, pinned down by the three brothers and raped on-screen, before being killed.
Anaconda (Movie)
Analyze This (Movie)
Anastasia (Movie)
Anatomie (Movie)
In the opening, a dead body is caressed in what seems like a sexual manner. A young woman is frequently touched by her professor and is very uncomfortable. She discusses it with another woman later. The same woman is kissed by a classmate and sometimes pushes away/is uncomfortable.
The film is about a murder trial; a large part of the prosecutor's case is depicting a woman as a flirtatious nymphomaniac who deserved to be raped by the murder victim.
The series follows arape accusations from the rapist's perspective. S1E1: the episode opens with an on-screen rape, depicted as if the victim is enjoying it. After that, the accusation of the survivor is framed as insane and not credible S1E2: the rapist is depicted as being 'sucker-punched' by the accusation of his victim (03:30-04:30).
Anchorman 2 (Movie)
In the beginning of the movie, the main character makes light of sexual assault and downplays its seriousness by telling his boss he sexually assaults a starfish every morning. In the middle of the movie, the main character says he thinks he was raped by his boss (in the previous scene his boss pins him to the wall and he is afraid): it is played for laughs.
One of the main storylines is about a woman who becomes the first female news anchor and she is sexually harassed by male coworkers throughout the entire film. These scenes are all supposed to be funny.
The age gap in the romance between the two main characters is ambiguous - a 17 year old and an ancient inhuman entity. It is also unclear whether or not this age/power gap is fully endorsed by the narrative. There are scenes in which the older character becomes posessive and violent towards the younger character. These incidents are taken seriously by the narrative and other characters, but they are forgiven by the younger character. The young female protagonist's story begins when she is bought at a slave auction by a master who intends to marry her.
Andi Mack (TV Show)
S1E11: a new principal says that the titular character's leggins are not up to the dresscode and that the pupils should not "distract each other with [their] body parts". Worthy of note: the first ten episodes of this series have been taken out because an actor who played the protagonist's grandfather tried to meet a 13 year-old and take him to a hotel.
Andor (TV Show)
S1E1: the first scene of the episode takes place in a bar which is supposedly a brothel. We only see a "waitress" asking the male character what he is looking for (which is not sex). S1E11 & S1E12: a mother is obliged to arrange a meeting (and presumably a wedding) between her teenage daughter and the son of someone who makes her a favour.
Andrei Rublev (Movie)
A woman kisses a man who is tied up against his will. A woman has her robe pulled off by people who are pursuing her. We see a woman being dragged away by a group of men who are going to rape her. From a distance, a group of soldiers watches a woman lying with her dress pulled up.
Angel (TV Show)
In the past, the main protagonist had a sexual relationship with the woman who turned him into a vampire. The language used to describe this transformation and her role in it mirrors the language of birth and motherhood. While they are not related, the relationship can easily be read as incestuous. Throughout season 2, an antagonist infiltrates the main protagonist's dreams, and while doing so, assaults him while he sleeps in the real world. He is unaware of what is actually going on. S2E4: the entire plot of this episode centers around the main cast helping a character who has repeatedly been the victim of sexual violence. A major episode revolves around domestic abuse, and a lot of women are abused. A female character is graphically hurt and almost raped by three of the main male characters, who ends up forgiven. A main male vampire threatens to rape a woman "to death", implying he has done this before.
Angel Eyes (Movie)
Sexual harassment occurs between 09:50 and 11:09.
Angel Heart (Movie)
The protagonist rapes his adult daughter while possessed. A woman is found dead and it is revelead that she was shot up the vagina (off-screen).
Angel Legend (TV Show)
S1E5: a boy says to a girl who slept over at his place "You should thank me for doing absolutely nothing." She mentions she noticed him touching her cheeks during her sleeping. He asks: "And you didnt stop to think I might try something?" She didnt think he would and answers: "I might have been pretending just to make sure you wouldnt." His answer: "I guess its okay if it helps you trust me, but you cant do that again. Im stil a guy, you know".
Episode 9: mention of footage showing rapes.
Apart from explicit violence against women during the first half of the movie, there's also a scene where one of the main characters, after burgling a house and keeping its two female occupants under threat, drags them to bed and starts getting on top of them and hitting them with a belt while they squirm and try to defend themselves. The other main character looks on as this happens. Although no nudity is shown, it could be implied that the scene continued further beyond what is shown.
Angela Anaconda (TV Show)
Angelic Layer (TV Show)
A 17 year old guy is in love with a 12 year old girl (her step sister). They are not biologically related but have been step siblings for a long time. There are other instances of sexual harassments in this anime and manga.
Angels of Death (TV Show)
Early on in the show, a 'doctor' character pins down the young female protagonist on a table, whilst licking his lips and looking menacingly.
Angel's Egg (Movie)
In the opening sequence, it is mentioned that a woman in trial for stealing said to the policemen to go after the real criminals like rapists. Near the end of the movie, policemen ask the three main male characters to lift up their kilts. This is played for laughs.
it is implied that a woman is raped after losing a fight: her clothes are ripped off. Multiple women are groped by men.
Angry Inuk (Movie)
Angry Mom (TV Show)
Angst (Movie)
A man rapes a dead woman's corpse (off-screen): we see the man asleep on top of the corpse with his pants down.
The main character's same-aged cousin attempts to kiss her on the lips and later gropes her. This is played for dark comedy. The main character's love interest is 17 years old, while she is 14. The age gap is brought up as an issue.
A teenage boy tries to force a kiss on a girl and they fall over, making it appear that they were lying on top of one another. They are seen and the girl is embarrassed.
Animal Control (TV Show)
Throughout season 1, a veterinarian is called "Hot Vet" by his coworkers: they constantly try and date him. S1E1: a main character puts a beef stick in a fellow officers pants and then tells him to take off the pants and shirt as a joke when ostriches are attacking him. He also asks that same coworker to moon another coworker. S1E3: a coworker catfishes another coworker. S1E4: a coworker continues telling sexual details after another coworker told him to stop.
Animal Farm (Movie)
Animal Jam (Video Game)
Animal Jam is an educational children's game about animals and the environment where players can become animals and interact with the in-game world. The chat filter as of now is strong and has a small chance for inappropriate language to bypass through the filter, although some players can still bypass it to say inappropriate sexual content. The game has implemented safety features to prevent players from "hopping" on another player's sleeping character, which was used to simulate sex before. It is also worth noting an incident where the game's developers unbanned a notorious pedophile from the game, which should be a cause for concern. Inappropriate and sexual "masterpieces" (artwork that you can display in your personal den or on your trade list) has also slipped through moderation at times.
Animal Kingdom (TV Show)
Animal Room (Movie)
SPOILERS: The sexual violence in this title is handled very brutally and violently. There is one scene where a group of boys force another boy into the bathroom and beat him up, one of the boys mounting the boy when he is kneeling and thrusting into his back before shoving his head in a toilet filled with feces. Another scene, the group of boys break into a house and the main antagonist forces a kiss on his girlfriend’s mother before dragging her into another room, his girlfriend being aware and seemingly okay with this. In the private room, he pushes his face into her breasts and licks her while making sexually explicit remarks to the crying woman. He backs off but when he goes to meet up with the group of bullies, one of them says something to him before going back to the woman, grabbing her by her hair and dragging her off to another room as she screams - rape is implied as the antagonist slams the front door shut before leaving so she could not be heard. The scene is violent, brutal, and intensely frightening and can be disturbing to viewers.
Animal World (Movie)
A nurse is sexually harassed by one of her male patients.
Animals (Movie)
Anita & Me (Movie)
Anna (Movie)
Domestic rape and violence early in the movie.
It is strongly implied that the main female protagonist, a 18th century housemaid, has been sexually abused by her master (off-screen). In the beginning of the movie, he unknowingly watches her while she is washing and later tries to kiss her. Worthy of note: a little girl of the family entertains a ambiguous relation with the maid. In one scene, she kisses her on the lips and later asks if she can touch her breast (both times without any negative reaction from the adult).
Anna Karenina (Movie)
Anna Lucasta (Movie)
Annabelle (Movie)
S1E1: an inappropriate relationship is implied between a teenager and a grown man. The main character's mother is seen drinking at a party where she then dances with a boy her uncle is trying to set her up with. She is drugged and falls pregnant after the one night stand in which we can visibly see her unable to consent to anything. It is later revealed she fell asleep and that her uncle killed her date: he then raped her. Towards the end, a woman tries to seduce a man with her magical powers to get her way: it does not work. S1E2: a mother has sex, and is magically linked to her daughter, who randomly has a sleep orgasm on the plane. S1E4 mentions at 8 year old being possibly propositioned by a adult demon ghost thing. S1E8 mentions the previous rape.
Anne With An E (TV Show)
S1E2: a man approaches the protagonist in a train station while she is unaccompanied and tries to deceive her into leaving with him - it is unclear what his intentions are. When she realises that he is lying and escapes he is seen approaching two young boys with the same lie. S1E3: the protagonist discovers that one of her 16-year-old schoolmates is engaged in an illicit relationship with their schoolteacher. The protagonist describes overhearing a rape, although she describes this in coded/euphemistic terms. S1E5: the schoolteacher is seen to continue his advances towards the 16-year-old girl he has been engaged in an illicit relationship with. S2E5: a group of boys assault girls by lifting their skirts behind their back (5:50). A girl has a flashback where another girl corners her, pulls her hair, licks and kisses her face. We then see the effect on the girl, and it is insinuated that it happened often. S3E6: a boy tries to pressure a girl into having sex with him. She pushes him off after he touched her breast. Later, the boy spreads rumors about sleeping with her, causing people to look down on her.
Annette (Movie)
Six women come forward with allegations of sexual violence towards one of the main characters. There are no details given and the women are treated with respect. Worthy of note (spoiler): this man later describes and acts out murdering his wife, and accidentally murders a woman.
Annie Hall (Movie)
Worthy of note: a humanoid creature presses a woman up against a wall, and while this is not a sexual attack, it may resemble one.
In versions that include the section “Castes in India: Their Mechanism, Genesis, and Development,” the author discusses how child marriage often arises out of endogamy requirements within castes.
An adult man sexually harasses a teenager and attempts to coerce her into having sex with him. Her classmates spread rumours that she is a prostitute following this incident.
Anomalisa (Movie)
Worthy of note: there is a graphic sex scene in which one character, who is psychologically vulnerable, has been drinking a bit beforehand, but she is happy and does not regret it afterwards.
The main character unknowingly sleeps with his mother, resulting in the conception of a child.
Another Body (Movie)
A college student searches for justice after she discovers deepfake pornography of herself circulating online. This is discussed throughout. We are also shown the harassing comments she receives from strangers after the fact.
Another Life (TV Show)
Season 1: the main character orders an AI that appears to be sentient to change into her husband. This AI believes they are in love with the main character. The main character then has sex with this character. The impact of this scene is that a white female who is the superior officer of a male subordinate played by an actor of color is raping him. The male AI character is traumatized by this experience.
Another Period (TV Show)
Another Round (Movie)
Ant-Man (Movie)
Antebellum (Movie)
The Black women in the film are presented to a group of white men as being able to "fulfill all their desires." The protagonist (a slave woman) is shown being raped by a civil war soldier. Later on in the film, a character keeps touching and flirting with an Uber driver. The driver seems visibly annoyed and tense.
The Antenna (Movie)
Anthracite (TV Show)
It is repeatedly implied that a cult leader has sexual relationships with very young women, some of them probably minors. A man is raped on screen by a woman: the scene is long. In guise of a plot twist, it is revealed that a character was, in fact, killed by her brother because she was beginning to remember that he had abused her for years when she was young.
Antichrist (Movie)
There are a few scenes between the dysfunctional husband and wife in which they perform sexual acts on each other while the other is unconscious or having a panic attack. The woman masturbates the unconscious man.
Antidote (Movie)
This movie contains multiple instances of attempted assault. In one instance, a male character gropes a female character with the intent to rape her, but she escapes.
The author references fascist fearmongering that immigrants are rapists, Donald Trump's declaration that Mexicans are rapists, Milo Yiannopoulos's support for pedophilia, and rape culture as a concept. None of these references are graphic.
Antiporno (Movie)
In this movie, the line between imaginary and real is blurred, making any existing consent very dubious.
Antisocial (Movie)
Antisocial 2 (Movie)
A woman aggressively forces her help upon a woman delivering a baby. She removes the woman's pants even though she is asking her to stop and steals the baby after it is born. Later, a man pins her down as she struggles to get out from under him but he stops before anything further happens.
Antlers (Movie)
There is a brief mention of child sex abuse during a teacher’s flashback. A boy take a doll in the class and keep moving in a sexual way like he is having intercourse with it to tease and harrass another boy. The next scene shows the boy who was harrassed found the same doll in his bag. He turns around and see a the first boy who was mentioned doing a sexual gesture to him (09:12-10:04). It is discussed how two of the main characters were siblings who were abused (the girl sexually but the brother is implied to be as well) by their father for years. In one (non explicitly graphic) scene (PTSD flashback), the daughter says things like: "Stop that, dad” or “You’re hurting me”.
Antonia (Movie)
The father of a developmentally disabled woman tries to get local men to marry her by showing her off at a bar, slapping her on the behind and fondling her breasts for others to see. Later on, there is a scene of her being raped by her brother. One of the protagonists intervenes on the victim's behalf, and the rapist is shamed into leaving the community. The rapist later returns and rapes a teenage girl.
Antonio Gaudi (Movie)
A man is shown having sex with a dead deer. A man forcibly tries to remove a young girl's clothing.
Antz (1998) (Movie)
Aoashi (TV Show)
Worthy of note: S1E19: the male protagonist thinks the female protagonist is touching his butt but that is not the case. She was trying to put a picture in his pocket.
There are flashbacks of a young boy (about 10) being sexually abused by three women.
Aoki Hono (Movie)
A.P. Bio (TV Show)
S2E1: a cat-calling situation is briefly described (12:30).
Aparajito (Movie)
A man slaps a female co-worker on the butt. Much of the movie's plot involves an upper level employee abusing his power to have trysts with multiple women who he employs. This is all portrayed negatively with his womanizing abuse of his power shown to have negative effects on male and female subordinates of his alike. SPOILERS: the man fires a woman whom he had an affair with after she mentions his womanizing to another woman he has an affair. After being told of his womanizing, this woman later attempts suicide upon finding out that she is seen by him as disposable and one of many women he has gone through in his life. He later threatens to fire a male co-worker whom he just promoted because he refuses to let him continue using his apartment for his sexual trysts as a result of the aforementioned suicide attempt.
Adultery is a theme. Worth noting: in one scene a man responds unenthusiastically to the sexual advances of a woman.
A man forcefully gropes a woman's breast, but is interrupted. A man is implied to have been physically and mentally abusive to his ex-wife.
Apartment 407 (Movie)
The whole film is about a woman who is kidnapped and used as a sex slave. It is based on a true story.
Three women entertain soldiers by dancing. The men storm on to the stage and attempt to grab the women. The women are rescued and taken away by other soldiers.
Apocalypto (Movie)
In the beginning of the movie, a long scene shows a tribe attacking a village, with implied rapes and uses of prisoners as sex slaves.
Apokawixa (Movie)
Apollo 13 (Movie)
Apollo 18 (Movie)
The Apology (Movie)
The plot revolves around an uncle raping and murdering his niece and graphically describing it. No assault is ever shown visually.
Apostle (Movie)
A male character ties up two girls and threatens them with rape, but is killed before he can go through with it.
The show is set in ancient China and a large exploration of it is the treatment and expectations of being female set in the era. This includes trafficking, kidnapping, concubines (including those that are underage), and the exploration of the likelihood at being assaulted. That said the show does not romanticize or fetishize this instead seems set to explore just how women suffered. S1E1: the main character is kidnapped by men and sold to work for forced labor at a palace. S1E3: a concubine escapes a marriage she did not want. There is a brief discussion between female characters about how trapped they feel in the situations they live in as women. S1E5: Aafemale character explains to a male character that she uses cosmetics to hide her appearance because she is afraid and aware of the likelihood of being sexually assaulted . This scene is done very respectfully with the male character being visibility distraught, asking her gently about her experience, and being angry that those that treated her to feel this way were not punished. S1E6: there is a discussion about women and girls becoming concubines and having children when they were underage. One character in particular is discussed to have been sexually abused by the emperor and had a child around the age of 9: the main character is disturbed by learning this. S1E15: a man describing a woman he was once infatuated with casually mentions that he seriously considered sexually assaulting her on multiple occasions.
Appare-Ranman! (TV Show)
S1E8: a man touches the belly of a woman. She kicks him away. S1E11: after kidnapping a woman, the male antagonist tells her that she is his property. S1E12: one of the antagonists says that the men have probably had their way with the kidnapped woman. This is not true and is said to annoy the protagonists.
Apparition (Movie)
The beginning of the movie features physical abuse of children, but nothing sexual.
Apple Tree Yard (TV Show)
This show contains a long and intense on-screen rape scene, as well as flashbacks to the assault throughout the following episodes. The rape is discussed repeatedly and in court. When it is recounted, the camera often focuses on portraying the survivor's distress and horror, both during the rape as well as when recounting the assault. In one court scene, the survivor is subjected to victim blaming (for being familiar with the rapist and being intoxicated at the time of the assault), and other cruel interrogation tactics are used against her, forcing her to supply extensive details of the attack. Other social interactions are understanding and the survivor's acquaintances treat the matter very sensitively.
Apprentice (Movie)
Early in the movie, the male protagonist's sister enters in the bathroom while he is using the toilets, despite his protest. She briefly looks at his genitals and he tells her to stop. About 20 minutes into the movie, there is an abrupt cut to a scene with an attempted rape scene playing on a television set. We see a man assaulting a woman who screams 'rape': he eventually stops.
Some female friends do a magazine quiz together, and one of the answers to "how was your first time?" is "painful and degrading". Later, a man jokes that a couple is returning from having "nonviolent sex".
Apt Pupil (Movie)
At the end of the film, a teenager blackmails a teacher with a false sexual abuse accusation. There is no real abuse or relationship between the teenager and adult.
Apur Sansar (Movie)
The premise of the movie is that a man has to marry a 14 year old girl because her presumed husband is mentally ill. They eventually grow fond of each other and have a child together.
S1E12: a man mentions that he is obligated to tell the people on the boat he is working that he is a registered sex offender. S4E5: the whole episode is based on a man getting repeatedly raped by a dog. It is discussed throughout and no one helps him to stop it, instead just watching it happen.
The main character's mother was blackmailed with the death of her son and partner into a marriage (and a child).
Aquamarine (Movie)
Aquarela (Movie)
Arachnoquake (Movie)
A male student takes a picture of a female student while she is bent over.
Arbitrage (Movie)
Arbor Demon (Movie)
The Arbors (Movie)
Arcane (TV Show)
S1E5: one character is in an implied brothel and is set up without her consent to pretend to be a worker in that environment. Nothing bad sexually happens to this character on or off screen. S1E8: a woman goes to a place ressembling a brothel, where a man presumably gives her sexual services (off-screen). At some point, she gets out of a pool naked to confront a man, who expresses some discomfort. S1E9: a man suddenly (but non sexually) licks another man's head, causing him great discomfort.
Archer (TV Show)
In several episodes, it is implied that male characters have been sexually assaulted or raped while unconscious.
Archipelago (Movie)
Archive 81 (TV Show)
A protagonist non-consensually films two other characters having sex (nothing explicit shown). The video is later viewed by another protagonist in the future. Because the protagonist filming went on a date previously with one of the people having sex, her best friend confronts him and accuses him of cheating on her. The scene frames her as sympathetic, and the man apologizes. Both people in the video later turn out to be evil, and the protagonist who filmed them is not called out on doing so. Surveillance is a major plot point, and there are several other non-sexual instances of filming without consent that could be upsetting.
Archons (Movie)
Arctic (Movie)
There are references throughout the book of women knowing that they are in unsafe situations because of men, and there are discussions of times when they were harassed in the present or past. All discussions are non-graphic. A female servant discusses how men in the household would harass her and some of them slept with her.
Arctic Void (Movie)
A character runs away as she processes her trauma of being raped by her cousin. This graphic novel handles this with care: no rape scenes are showed/drawn directly just her feelings throughout, which can be triggering to some.
Area 407 (Movie)
Area 51 (Movie)
There is a brief mention of “probing” in relationship to aliens. The protagonists sneak cameras into a strip club and film the dancers nude in the private dance room without their consent and it can be assumed that they are going to share the videos too.
The plot revolves around a trial regarding torture being covered up by the government, including discussion and testimony from rape victims.
Argo (Movie)
Argylle (Movie)
Ariel (Movie)
Arjun Reddy (Movie)
The Ark (TV Show)
S1E3 mentions a biker "not taking no for an answer". S1E4 reveals that someone slept with someone just to recruit him. S1E9 contains attempted coercion and someone misleading someone to kiss them. S1E11 contains threats of sexual violence and a woman coercing a man to be with her.
A serial killer who rapes and tortures his victims is a major player in the story, and he mentions how his father sexually abused him as a child. He later rapes and murders another character's wife and young daughter and tries to claim that the child made sexual advances. Another character implies a sexual attraction to young girls. Allusions to the movie Psycho and insinuations of incestuous mother-son relationships are included throughout, though nothing of the sort is directly discussed or depicted.
Worthy of note: a father beats his son with a belt.
Sexual assault and rape is mentioned a few times.
Towards the end of the film, all the women of a village get captured by an army of skeletons. Several of them are shown with their trops ripped off: their kidnappers forcefully kiss them. It is implied that they are raped and transformed into demons.
A character is restrained, and it is stated that he is a serial rapist to the women he guards in quarantine. A man harasses a woman, asking if she wants his 'rectal thermometer'. He is later sacrified to the zombies for being a rapist.
Army Wives (TV Show)
S2E13: the episode features a stalker.
A major theme and recurring joke is one character's crush on his cousin and cousins who do not know they are cousins flirting with one another. S2E11: a woman that the protagonist believed was blind when they slept together tells him she is pregnant. When he asks her why they did not use protection, she says “You thought I was blind, remember?” implying that he stealthed her / only pretended to use protection. It turns out she was faking the pregnancy so it is possible she was lying about this. S3E1: while in jail, one male character implies to a man that he has been sexually assaulted every night by inmates. S3E2: one character says that in prison, you just have to "shut up and take it" (referring to sex) but with a wife, you just have to "shut up and give it". S3E3: one character says that he is a mix between an analyst and a therapist: an "analrapist". This shocks several people when they see his business card. S3E3: one character renames a film titled "The Sexual Assault of Abigail F." as "Losing it". It is played for laughs. In season 4, the community becomes inhabited entirely by sex offenders. Also in season 4, a woman has sex with a teenage boy, thinking he's an adult, while pretending to be a teenager herself in an attempt to frame him for statutory rape.
Arrow (TV Show)
A lesbian character is forced to marry a man despite violent protests, though she and the main character joke about the marriage in later seasons.
A woman is taken by force in a cellar by a killer, but finally escapes. After that, she seems very distressed, but her husband does not take her seriously. Later, when she discovers bodies buried in that cellar, she tries to warn the police: her husband shuts her up by forcefully kissing her. Both scenes are played for laughs.
A man rips his girlfriend's shirt whilst trying to get her to take it off. She storms out of the room. A woman makes inappropriate comments about her teenage step-daughter. A demon goat holds down a woman whilst another man is about to perform oral sex on her. It is implied that she is raped off-screen.
The adult/child relationship concerns a 14 year old with a 18 year old.
A woman mentions that she has been attacked by a man when she was undressing after her karate lesson and that she killed him. She explains that her misogynist master told her that it was her fault. At some point, all the karate students undress to stretch. The new recruit (main character) is led to a small room apart and told that he has to do something special to be part of the group. The master then opens the door and the only woman of the dojo is standing there waiting. They only stretch together but the undertone is quite heavy. More generally, the film sets an atmosphere recalling sects and it contains several shots hinting at the fact that the master exerts a sexual domination over the main character.
A "Comfortbot" or "Sexbot" is a peripheral character in this novella. They indicate to the main character that they do not like or want to serve their owner. Only through the robot's designation as a Comfortbot can one infer that nonconsentual sexual activity may have occurred.
The author references instances of rape and sexual harassment that went unaddressed at Uber, as well as rape during slavery in the United States. These mentions are in passing and do not go into detail.
The Artist (Movie)
As Bestas (Movie)
The relationship in the film is between cousins (it is implied they have sex).
A teenage boy is sexually abused by an older woman, and forced to have sex with her. An elementary school aged girl (secondary character) has already arranged to be a nobleman's concubine when she comes of age. She is unhappily resigned to this. Society is structured such that this arrangement is the only way she can access the medical care she needs to survive. Season 2: a young girl is a concubine of the high priest, and when she starts to serve him, she thinks that her job is to seduce men. Child sex abuse is mentioned. The head priest asks an adult man if a young girl is his lover (which is not the case). S2E7: it is mentioned that a female gray robe priestess was raped by a blue robe priest and that is why she is afraid of men. S3E5: a young girl is asked if she has ever received a gift from a man when she did not know how to receive a necklace. She later blushes after an adult man says that he will saver her. Another young girl is told that someone who will visit her will "like young children". She asks herself if she can become his mistress in order to leave the cathedral.
The Ascent (Movie)
A Nazi soldier hits a woman's bottom. It is implied that a child was abused during an interogation.
In the first half of the movie, the protagonist persistantly hits on a female bartender despite her apparent disinterest. She later falls in love with him.
A female love interest gropes a male protagonist's genitals whilst they are hiding, and whilst he clearly is upset by the occurrence at the time, it is never discussed again.
The titular school girls are drugged and gang-raped on screen: this leads to one of them committing suicide. The other three are later forced into sex slavery, but manage to escape. A man also asks the girls to kill the man who is implied to have raped and killed his young daughter.
The film centers around a princess who is kidnapped by a troll. According to a legend, if she does not marry a real prince by her 18th birthday, she is supposed to marry the troll. So her consent about any marriage is not asked until the end of the film.
Ass Backwards (Movie)
Assassination (Movie)
S1E4: a group of men harass and threaten a woman. An alien stops them and locks them in their car. A female teacher kisses a middle school boy. Later, the same teacher is harassed. A woman is harassed on the street. The implied rape of a teacher is treated as a joke. Repeated child sex abuse in the form of kissing and touching by a teacher. Thugs plan and kidnap young female students and discuss plans to have a 'photoshoot' with them.
Attempted rape between ~ 1:19:00 and 1:24:00.
Assassin's Creed (Video Game)
Worthy of note: after the third assassination mission, a female character can be approached in the present day. If spoken to twice, she explains that in the past, three men broke into her apartment with guns. It is unclear what happened, but she does say that they planned to kill her.
Assassin's Creed II (Video Game)
Sequence 1 (memory 10): a woman is heavily implied to have been raped by guards. Much of the conversation around her character for the remainder of the game is about her fragile mental state due to trauma from the event.
A female side character is raped off-screen. Later, the male protagonist's uncle steals his body to go and sleep with his wife. This is treated quite confusingly by the narrative.
When one female character is in an ambulance, two men joke about raping her and one gets on top of her and tries to strangle her. The driver also asks when its his turn. She beats them all up and escapes.
Assholes (Movie)
Assimilate (Movie)
The Assistant (Movie)
It is implied that sexual favors requested by an authoritative figure to young women are happening, although never seen on screen.
The premise of the movie is that a man stages a coup in order to force a princess to marry him. Most male characters are very pushy towards women throughout the film, including one man pretending that he is in a relationship with a woman who does know about it.
Asteroid City (Movie)
There is a passing comment of “…but I love you like a sister, other than that one time in the bathroom the day we met, which has never been repeated, as we both know” (01:09:00).
Asylum (1972) (Movie)
A small sub-plot in the film involves a tribal tradition of women being forced to "mate" with whoever wins in combat. The main female character is fleeing her village to avoid a man who is certain of winning the fight for her. At one point, another man who wishes to "win" her, tries to grab her, but is restrained.
In the second part of the movie, the protagonist approaches a young woman to ask if he can paint her (a scene which is also the first of the movie, as a flash forward). He firstly touches her to show her how to pose and she protests. It is then implied (off-screen) that he raped her: when detained, a priest later asks him if he ever molested children before (which he answers negatively). A side character (a former soldier) says that all officers are murderers and rapists.
A boy walks in on his older brother having sex with his girlfriend, and the older brother smiles at him and keeps going until the girl screams and jumps up. Worthy of note: before intercourse, a woman starts kissing down on a man's chest and he keeps telling her to stop and wait but she keeps going. She does ultimately stop before getting below his stomach because he told her to, but it was not a quick halt.
The main character, while walking his best friends fiancé home, pushes her against the wall and kisses her against her will (12:13): she bites his lip and he releases her.
Aterrados (Movie)
Athlete A (Movie)
This documentary discusses the abuse USA Gymnastic tried to cover up regarding doctor Larry Nassar. There are discussions of grooming, sexual harassment and sexual assault throughout.
Atiye (TV Show)
S1E5, 31:21-33:11: the protagonist has flashbacks to her boyfriend raping her while she was drunk in college (while she kept begging him top stop).
Atlanta (TV Show)
Atlantic City (Movie)
The main male character first encounters the main female character by spying on her while naked when she appears naked through her window.
Atlantics (Movie)
The protagonist (a young woman) has to marry a man that she does not love. At some point, he briefly grabs her by the wrist to get her to follow him: she leaves.
Atomic Blonde (Movie)
Atonement (Movie)
A 15-year-old girl is raped by an adult who is never caught or punished for his crime (42:00-42:45).
Atroz (Movie)
This book contains passing mentions of men liking to check out women other than their partners. It is not explicitly stated whether the women the men are checking out are aware they are being watched. Worthy of note: in chapter 10, the authors describe a relationship that is clearly emotionally and verbally abusive but do not name it as such.
Attachment (Movie)
A teenage boy attempts to flirt with an adult woman, commenting on her body and asking if she has a boyfriend. She is visibly annoyed with this line of questioning, but does not appear threatened by it. Prior to this interaction, she was fearful of this boy and his friends because they surrounded and mugged her early in the movie.
Three men harass the female employee at the donut shot. There is a mention of a man arrested for masturbating outside a sorority house.
One hour into the movie, a voiceover describes that the tomatoes are "pillaging and raping" and we hear a woman scream.
Attack On Titan (TV Show)
The series contains a child sex trafficking and several scenes of sexual harassement. One of the main characters gets molested in season 3 and season 4 features a young child being forced to marry and procreate for the king of her village.
Atypical (TV Show)
Worth of mention: the main character's friend often makes sexual comments about women. In season 1, the main character has a crush on his therapist. He proceeds to break into her home to leave her a present. However, he does not have ill intentions, just a hard time understanding social situations.
In the beginning of the movie, the main female protagonist is followed and harassed by a gang of young criminals. Some of them go to her farm at night and touch her without her consent. She flees. Later, she accepts to be groped by the leader of the gang in order to retrieve her donkey. She cries and tries to flee, but he catches her again and rapes her off-screen. She then engages in an abusive relationship with him. Later on, the girl runs away from her abusive boyfriend to an old man and asks for shelter against sex: he accepts (we see him hugging her and then it cuts to her, dressing up the morning after). Near the end of the film, the girl breaks up with her boyfriend. He and his gang strip and beat her, leaving her traumatised.
A teenage boy gives an unrequested kiss on the cheek to a female piano player while she is playing. A young boy is forced to pull down his pants in front of a Gestapo officer to prove that he is not Jewish.
The series is a pastiche of 1960s French secret service and often depicts women as objects (e.g. some scenes take place in a strip club) or as victims of misogynist behaviors. S1E8: a young agent (male) is lead to think that his mission is to have sex with a female colleague. It is in fact a trap set up by his boss, who is secretly filming the action, to drive him away of his own daughter. The man also feels forced to stay in bed with a man and is visibly distressed by the situation.
In a flashback, we see a ballet teacher inappropriately touching his very young female student and burning the inside of her thigh with a stick of incense. Due to the 'unreliable narrator' nature of the film, the reality of the victim's trauma is reapeatdely questioned. It is also noteworthy that the premise of the film is a group of casting directors holding a fake auditions for a nonexistent role that serves the purpose of one of the men choosing his future bride. A ballet teacher masturbates in the same room as his practising seven year old pupil.
The documentary is about a teenage girl being sexually assaulted, so sexual themes are discussed heavily.
Augure (Movie)
A boy pretends that a dressed up stick is a girl he is having sex with in a condescending way.
A home-movie-style pseudo snuff movie, following three people torturing, murdering, raping and sexually assaulting people. Two of the main protagonists (siblings) are in a relationship.
A home-movie-style pseudo snuff movie, following three people torturing, mudering, raping and sexually assaulting people. It also includes sexual self mutilation, necrophilia and pedophilia.
A home-movie-style pseudo snuff movie, following three people torturing, mudering, raping and sexually assaulting people.
Augustine (Movie)
Aurora (2018) (Movie)
After sharing a few drinks, a man and a woman goes to the latter's hotel room. After the woman goes to the bathroom, she returned to the man almost naked and asking her to "punish" him with a whip. She tries to flee but he grabs her several times. After a brief relief (during which he is crying on the floor), he beats her unconscious and presumably rapes her. However, in one of the last scenes of the film, it is revealed that he did not, because other men intervened and killed him.
Ausente (Movie)
The movie is about a relationship between a swim teacher and his underage student. The student slips his hand up his teacher's shorts while he is sleeping, then the teacher begins waking up so the student removes his hand and quickly leaves (31:00).
Austenland (Movie)
It is mentioned in a joking tone that the villain was raised by an adult man and his "15 year old love slave".
At one point, the protagonist is subjected to a gas by robots who resemble women (Fem-bots) in order to distract him. This gas causes him to become disoriented and susceptible. The following scene shows him being caressed by the fem-bots as he attempts to mentally overcome their advances.
Australiens (Movie)
The book does not have any rape or sexual assault though the main relationship is between a high schooler and a college student, but the college student is 19 and the high schooler is 18.
An autopsy is performed, revealing evidence of violent sexual trauma (as well as the potential implication of sexual assault via the autopsy itself).
Autumn Sonata (Movie)
It is mentioned that a mother's boyfriend has sex with her daughter.
Ava (2017) (Movie)
A 13-year-old girl engages in a romantic relationship with a man over 18.
Ava (2020) (Movie)
Avalanche (Movie)
A man kisses his ex-wife several times and makes it clear that he wants them to get back together. Though she does not seem particularly upset when he kisses her, the situation could be uncomfortable for some.
Avatar (Movie)
In the opening scene (within the first five minutes of the movie), a woman is struck across the face by a man she is talking to in a bar. She is then bodily forced to sit on a bar stool which her assailant has positioned between his legs. The male protagonist intervenes with force.
S1E15: a young man and woman are paralyzed and the woman falls on top of the man's uncle, who asks if his uncle was also paralyzed. He jokingly command him to be quiet. S2E12: one character kisses a female character without her consent in order to stop her from talking. This is presented as romantic. S3E10+17: there are two separate scenes of the main character kissing a woman without her consent. In the second, she is visibly angry/upset and leaves soon after. The show does not make a joke of it, but it is never fully addressed as a problem.
Near the end of the movie, an adult character calls a child character "buttercup": she calls him a "perve" in response. About halfway through the film, a brief scene shows people boarding submarines: a man (captain) slaps a woman's behind (she is a subordinate naval officer) during this process. This is not acknowledged or addressed.
Avenged (Movie)
A woman is raped: this is not shown in graphic detail but the man's behind is shown. The rapist talks at length about the assault.
Avengement (Movie)
A male character makes a comment saying that if he completes a certain feat, he will re-institute prima nocta, a tradition where members of aristocracy are permitted to rape women on their wedding night.
Awaara (Movie)
One character mentions that he was falsely charged with rape. A woman is treated as having been "dishonored" by people who believe she was raped when she was not.
Awake (TV Show)
A man violently attacks a woman, attempting to rape her. She struggles during this, and is eventually knocked unconscious. He begins to attempt to rape her again but is stopped (1:19:04-1:20:48).
Worthy of note: towards the end of the movie, the main female protagonist drunkenly dances with an intoxicated man in a bar. When he tries to go further, she rebuffs him. A small tension arises after that, but nothing bad happens.
There are non-consensual acts constantly, emotionally, physically, and sexually.
Away We Go (Movie)
The opening sequence shows a man giving oral sex to his partner: she firstly asks him not to, but then agrees to it. The protagonists (a couple) visit a female friend who repeatedly speaks inappropriately in front of (and about) her children. Another female character the protagonist encounter explains that she breastfed another woman's baby without her consent. She later explains that she and her husband have sex together despite sleeping in the same bed as their children.
It is implied via flashbacks that a man raped his sister-in-law: there is a very brief scene early in the movie, and a more long one just before the end of the film. In this latter scene, the victim also tries to have sex with her future husband (her cousin) just before their wedding, against his will. There are several non-consensual grabbing, touching, etc., throughout the movie.
S2E4: one male character goes to get acupuncture and the female professional sexually harrasses him. The whole experience is used as joke fodder.
Awkward. (TV Show)
In multiple scenes throughout the series, jokes about pedophilia and relationships with younger women are shown.
A woman tells a story about how she was giving a statement to the police and one officer harassed her so she punched him.
Throughout the film, men are constantly verbally, and sometimes physically, harassing women.
Ayakashi (TV Show)
There is an attempted rape scene on screen. A pair of siblings are in love with each other.
Ayatsuri Sakon (TV Show)
S1E2: a college student comments how she wants the male protagonist to be her boyfriend. His age is unknown but he is referred to as 'kid' throughout the series. S1E4: an older man puts his arms around a 19 year old girl and asks her wether she is gonna go into the entertainment industry. He then winks at her while looking at chest. S1E5: the older man is seen in the room of the 19 year old girl. They are about to kiss when a sound stops them. They seem to have a romantic/sexual relationship. S1E7: a man makes a comment about comforting a girl in his bed. S1E10: two women flirt with the male protagonist. They touch his face and compliment him. He is very flustered.
Ayesha is hit on by a "veil chaser" (someone who fetishizes Muslim women) and reflects on other instances where this has happened to her in the past. Two female characters mention being married at the age of 17, including a character who was forced to get married by her parents. There are mentions of characters getting married to second cousins or more distant relations. Characters frequently discuss their feelings on the differences between arranged marriages and forced marriages. Several male characters comment on having lost their virginity at ages 16, 12, and even 9. We don't hear how old their partners were.
Aztec Rex (Movie)
A woman is told that she has to marry a man she does not love, so she runs away from the village. He runs after her and pins her down when he catches her, but does not attempt anything further. There is also a mention of conquistadors raping women.
Azumanga Daioh (TV Show)
There is a running joke throughout the show where a male teacher hits on underage protagonists.
B: the Beginning (TV Show)
Relevant scene occurs in episode 1.
B4 (2012) (Movie)
This movie is about how a woman was coerced into having sex with someone else, because her boyfriend wanted to have sex with another woman
Bab El Hadid (Movie)
This movie is about a sexually frustrated man who develops an obsession with a woman: he eventually tries to kill her but kills another woman instead. Early in the film, the man hides in the woman's room and tries to sexually assault her: she screams and the man escapes when other people are alarmed. He later tries to convince her to marry him. The woman is depicted as making fun of him and arousing him: she is beaten by her fiance. Throughout the film, women are catcalled, followed, spied on, etc.
Baba Yaga (Movie)
A woman is coerced into being chained up and whipped by another woman.
The Babadook (Movie)
Babe (Movie)
A woman is courted by a man who teaches her to sing: she does not seem interested and thus asks for the lessons to stop.
Baburu (Movie)
A teenage boy makes romantic advances on an adult woman despite her repeatedly telling him no. When the woman is kidnapped, the teenager states "They better not be doing anything pervy to her." Worthy of note: the main (nonsexual) romance occurs between a teenage boy and a girl made of bubbles. The girl's age is unspecified but in the beginning, she acts very childlike. She kisses the unconscious, drowning main character to give him air.
Baby (TV Show)
The protagonists are two teenage girls engaged in prostitution, and there are multiple sex scenes between them and adult men.
The titular character, a physically an adult man perceived as a baby, attempts to breastfeed on a babysitter. The babysitter resists at first, but then appears to be aroused. One of the protagonist's sisters comes into his room when he is sleeping and enters his crib naked. There is a cutaway. A man is pushy to a woman at a party. Someone drink is swapped/spiked for non-sexual reasons.
Baby Blood (Movie)
Baby Boy (Movie)
Baby Driver (Movie)
Baby Face (Movie)
The lead character speaks of her childhood abuse, strongly implying incest at the hands of her father, who then forced her into prostitution as a teenager. There are also scenes of sexual harassment.
Early on in the film, it is implied a woman is sold into sexual slavery. There are scenes in which characters exploit a child perceived to have supernatural gifts for relics, that while not sexually abusive may still be upsetting. There is a gang-rape sequence towards the end which results in the victim's death. While only the early moments of the rape are depicted, and the rest takes place both in shadows behind a curtain and off-screen, the scene may have potential to cause severe distress.
Baby Raindeer (TV Show)
The premise is about a male protagonist being stalked by a female stalker, who sexually assaults him in S1E2. The show also goes into his past trauma of extreme sexual abuse throughout his life. S1E4: this episode has rape and sexual assault scenes and and off screen throughout.
Baby Reindeer (TV Show)
The show is about an adult female stalker stalking a male protagonist. She gets sexually aggressive for the first time in S1E2 (24:56): she makes unwanted sexual advances to him and touches him without consent. It is very blatantly non-consensual, but is played seriously. A scene features grooming by a mentor and a large age gap between mentor (55) and victim (mid 20s): inappropriate touching and sexual assault. S1E4: this episode explains the main character’s hesitation in reporting his stalker by explaining how he was raped in the past. A man he idolized grooms him by promising him success in his career and giving him drugs. There are several scenes in this episode of the main character being fingered, groped, kissed, unclothed, and penetrated non-consensually while subdued by drugs. The episode also shows the aftermath/trauma of the rape—including sexually risky behaviour in which the main character puts himself at risk of being raped a second time.
The Baby (TV) (TV Show)
S1E5: a woman is forced into sex by her husband. A woman is kidnapped so she cannot have an abortion and is forced to have her husband's child.
Throughout 3/4 of the movie, sexual harassment (verbal and physical) is almost constant. Various characters (men and women) kiss, fondle, cat-call or grab other characters (men and women) without their consent, often for laughs. The first 30 minutes of the film depicts a party/orgy, where it is said that female teenagers are at the disposal of men. We see one of them performing sexual acts with a naked older man (peeing on him and then sitting on him): we see her later having overdosed in the arms of the man. The men responsible for the party manage to have her escorted out without anyone seeing, and brought to an hospital. During the party, many intoxicated characters have sex in public: one brief shot shows a man having an object introduced rather brutally in his anus. Later, during a reception, the main female character mentions that the hosts have sex between cousins. Earlier, she explains that a whole sport team lost a bet and has to be her 'slaves' for the night. In the last part of the film, characters go to an underground "party" in the sewer, where people are held (presumably sexual) slaves: BDSM practices and rapes are shown on-screen.
Babylon Berlin (TV Show)
A woman if frequently cat-called throughout the series. The show contains a gang-rape scene. S2E4: a man forces another man to perform oral sex on him after beating him with a metal rod.
Babylon 5 (TV Show)
The show includes slavery and sexual harassment. S2E8 discusses rape and forced impregnation. S2E9 features men threatening to sexually assaulted a woman, and touching her without consent. S3E6: telepathic rape is mentioned.
In one scene, some teenagers are playing spin the bottle and one girl is dared to kiss everybody present. She has no problem doing so, but one boy in the group is visibly uncomfortable with the prospect of being involved. Although she comforts him and he seems placated, this may be uncomfortable for some.
An adult man grabs a teenage girl and tries to silence her, implying that he plans to assault her. He stops her from being able to escape by holding her on a bench. He is stopped by the main male character, then he attempts to attack them saying he will "gut them like a fish". He is interrupted by Sonia, who subsequently says "Silence, rapist".
Babyteeth (Movie)
A relationship between a 16-year old and a 23-year old takes place as a part of the 16-year old last wish, being permitted by the parents. At some point, they are shown having sex.
Bac Nord (Movie)
Baccano! (TV Show)
Different women are verbally harassed by men throughout the show. This includes one child, and workers at a club who are told to get undressed (it is not shown and no one complies).
Back to 1942 (Movie)
Marty's young mother is attracted to her own future son without realising they are related. Off-screen, she removes his trousers while he is unconscious and makes an open sexual advance. She later kisses him. Marty's father is shown to have spied on his future wife undressing without her knowledge. In another scene, a teenage boy attempts to force sex on a teenage girl in a car before she is rescued.
Worthy of note: in an alternate timeline, the antagonist uses his financial and political power to force a woman into marrying him, as well as killing her husband and forcing her to get breast enlargement surgery. While no clear sexual advances are made, the same antagonist is shown to sexually harass the woman when they were teenagers in the first movie; it is implied he may have further sexually harassed/assaulted her in this alternate timeline.
Back to Life (TV Show)
S1E1+2: it is revealed that a police officer was having sex with a 17 year old. The police officer then tries to gaslight the victim and is threatening. He is also abusive to his wife. It is mentioned that he made the wife take valium.
This book addresses emotional/psychological abuse from a mother and grandmother to the other members of their family, including the main character's childhood recollections.
Backflip!! (TV Show)
Bacurau (Movie)
A sex worker is forced to do a job without her consent, despite the opposition of other characters. She comes back really disturbed and beaten. Worthy of note: one antagonist mentions that after his divorce, he went to kill his ex-wife, but she moved out of town.
The Bad Batch (Movie)
A young girl is groomed to be one of the wives of a cult leader. She is saved before the cult leader does anything to her. Worthy of note: there is a scene where a character frantically and tearfully pleas that she "can't do it again" as a man slowly approaches her. The "it" that she is referring to is not rape, but the framing of this scene could still be triggering as it mimics how someone would react if they were trying to prevent themselves from being raped.
The villain of the story intends to marry a 14-year-old girl to obtain her family's fortune. In discussing this, he makes some sexually charged remarks. One of his henchmen does the same.
Bad Behaviour (Movie)
Bad Ben (Movie)
The premise of this book is that a high-powered partner of an advertising firm and one of his employees begin a sexual relationship. The power dynamics between the two of them come up a lot, not only in the disparity between their positions but also because he is older than she is. The female romantic lead gets sexually harassed by a fellow employee repeatedly. This employee is eventually fired. There is a stalking/kidnapping subplot, but there is no sexual assault or rape involved in that.
Bad Boy Bubby (Movie)
The main character and his mother have sex on screen multiple times. There is also a lot of animal abuse.
Bad Candy (Movie)
A woman in the morgue lifts the sheet to look at the naked body of a dead man. She climbs on top of his body, kissing and touching him, and pretends to have sex with him. A man breaks into a woman's house to rob her, when she gets home he pins her down and threatens her but she is able to get away
Bad CGI Gator (Movie)
Bad Education (Movie)
Bad Genius (Movie)
Bad Girls (Movie)
Outlaws take turns raping a female hostage. A man forces a woman to change clothes in fron of him. A man beats a woman with a whip off-screen.
Bad Grandpa (Movie)
The Bad Guys (Movie)
Bad Hair (Movie)
The protagonist's landlord attempts to rape her. She is able to fight him off. The next day, another tenant in her building comments that the landlord is a rapist.
The rape scene and aftermath are gratuitous, though parts of them are cut from the R rated version.
Bad Moms (Movie)
One of the protagonists is coerced into having sex with a man in exchange for his help to get her and her father passage to the United States. He then uses the fact that she had sex with him to control her in other ways, including forcing her to become engaged to him. Another character describes his experience of being tortured. One of the torture methods was anal rape with an object. Worthy of note: there are many detailed scenes of domestic violence of a daughter at the hands of her father throughout the book.
Bad Samaritan (Movie)
A nude picture of a woman gets shared online against her will. Women are physically, but not sexually, assaulted on screen throughout the film.
Bad Santa 2 (Movie)
It is implied that one of the men playing Santa is a pedophile. There is also discussion of date-rape.
Bad Seeds (Movie)
This film contains major amounts of physical child abuse, animal abuse, sexual harassment against teenagers by adult men, self harm, and teenage drug abuse.
Bad Sisters (TV Show)
S1E11: it is revealed that one of the sisters was raped 10 years prior by a main character.
Bad Taste (Movie)
Bad Teacher (Movie)
Worthy ot note: a teacher gives one of her students her bra, so he has proof that he did something sexual with another girl his age. There is no sexual relationship between this woman and teenage boy beyond this.
A character is the leader of a pedophilic cult. Nothing is explicitly shown, but rather heavily implied.
Bad Trip (Movie)
The main character is shown having on screen sex with a gorilla in an enclosure: the rape is graphic. It is staged and part of a hidden camera prank and played for laughs.
Bad Witch (Movie)
One of the two main male characters does magic on a girl to get her to like him but when he realizes that she has come over to have sex with him, he immediately realizes he did it wrong, sends her away, and undoes the spell. He later tells her about the whole thing and she asks him if he put a "rape spell" on her. After the two main characters kill a man, one says that he "was probably going to be a murderer or a rapist or something" to justify it: there is no evidence of it.
Bad Words (Movie)
The main character jokes to another (underaged) character that he will be raped if he speaks a certain way.
Badhaai Do (Movie)
Near the beginning of the film, a minor male character catfishes the female lead on a dating app, posing as a woman, and threatens to out her as a lesbian unless she has sex with him. She refuses and eventually gets the police involved after which he no longer bothers her. Spoiler: gay man and a lesbian (in a lavender marriage) eventually consider having sex with each other (something that repulses both of them) due to the pressure from their families to conceive a baby, however they do not end up going through with it.
Badlands (Movie)
A 25 year old man and a 15 year old girl are shown kissing (about 20 minutes into the movie): it is implied that he rapes her.
Bag of Bones (TV Show)
A woman is assaulted on screen (about 50 minutes into the movie).
Baise Moi (Movie)
Bait (2012) (Movie)
Bait (2019) (Movie)
The series follows excessively-tested high schoolers and features different kinds of harassment. One character is a stalker-voyeur who constantly tries to see sexualized parts of the body and often takes pictures. He regularly invades privacy to collect creep-shots of womens, which he sells to shy, unattractive, and single guys. At some point, he indexes every girl in the school in a database based on breast size. One woman and one man are obsessed with the two main characters and harass them. An effeminate male is often heavily sexualized and fetishized by other students, and forced into crossdressing. A female character is sexually and romantically interested in her younger brother, whom she often attempts to kiss. Another female character frequently abuses a man. A gay character often does creepy things that comes off as stalkerish.
A female character is captured, bound and forcibly impregnated. This is a major plot point in the series, and there is later discussion regarding the child. In another episode, women are kidnapped with the intention of impregnating them but are saved before this can happen.
Bakuten! (Movie)
A woman is in an abusive relationship where her boyfriend will beat her up and then they will make up later by having aggressive sex.
Baldur's Gate III (Video Game)
One of the romance options in the game discusses being sexually abused for 200 years. One of the main companions in the game reveals through his romance storyline with the protagonist that he was sexually assaulted and forced to have intercourse with strangers. Later on he talks about the feelings of violation and disgust that came from that experience.
Ball of Fire (Movie)
Ballerina (Movie)
The rape scene shows a man groping a woman and unziping her jeans. The rest is implied through a piece of clothing left behind, bruises, etc.
Balthazar (TV Show)
The above-mentioned scenes occur in episodes 2 and 5 of season 1.
Balto (Movie)
While there is not any explicit sexuality, the antagonist tries on multiple occasions to get physically affectionate with the female lead, despite her making it clear she is not interested and is already taken to the protagonist. He later tries to manipulate her into getting into a relationship with him, falsely claiming that the protagonist died in an accident and made him promise to take care of her. However, she immediately calls his bluff and refuses to get involved with him.
Bambi (Movie)
Bamboozled (Movie)
This film uses deliberately racist caricatures and footage from racist films and cartoons. This includes sections of the film 'Birth of a Nation', with a significant clip being used of a man in black face attempting to sexually assault a white woman.
Banana Fish (TV Show)
One of the main characters has extensive sexual trauma and it is a part of the storyline. Two huge plot points of the show are a child sex trafficking ring and rape which are both brought up in most episodes. Videos and pictures of child abuse are shown (not graphically) or discussed. There are other things that may be distressing to viewers such as frequent sexual harassment and forced prostitution, as well as incestuous flirting/suggestive hinting between siblings. S1E2: a video is played during a police interrogation of an adult man raping a young boy. A 17 year old boy receives sexual comments from other men in prison. S1E3: a man finds a 17 year old boy naked and tied up after being raped. S1E6: it is discussed that the main character was raped as a young boy (flashback is shown, but no rape occurs on-screen). S1E7: one of the teenaged male main characters briefly catcalls a woman in the street. The woman does not engage/respond. S1E8: a woman is raped off-screen. This is mentioned later. The rapist also briefly caresses a teenage boy's crotch. A man flirts with his 16 year old half-brother. S1E9: a 16 year old boy is sold by his half-brothers to an older man. A scene shows them and another boy tied to a bed half naked. The man soon leaves the room out of urgency. S1E11: a 17 year old boy vents to another teenage boy about his past sexual abuse as a young boy and breaks down crying, the other teen comforts him. S1E16: an 18 year old boy disguises as a woman and and gets sexually harassed by a man. The scene is brief and is played for laugh. S1E17: an 18 year old pretends to be 15 so he can prostitute himself and get information from a pedophilic man. They are seen in a bed together but the boy stops the man before anything happens. S1E19: an 18 year old boy gets a mental breakdown after his abuser announced that he is legally adopting him as his son and tells him of how much he suffers in the hand of many men. S1E21: this episode is about an investigation of a child sex ring. Two characters converse about being sexually harassed in a gay bar. A brief flashback shows a young boy sexually abused. S1E22: a man beats up and rape an 18 year old boy off-screen. The boy visibly struggles after the experience. A woman briefly speak up about her rape to the boy later. S1E23: in a flashback, a 10 year old girl is made a concubine to an older man, said that she gave birth at 15. Years later, she is raped and killed by her half-sons off-screen.
Bananya (TV Show)
Band of Brothers (TV Show)
Bande a Part (Movie)
Towards the end of the movie, a woman is slapped, grabbed and tied and against her will.
A woman is sold by her father to a husband against her will.
00:00:37-00:02:07: A priest rapes a woman. This is first heard by the viewer and then shown on-screen.
Bank Robber (Movie)
Banshee (TV Show)
S1E1: sexual harassment by a teacher of a child is mentioned. An incest joke is made. S1E3: the episode depicts a very violent rape scene. The scene starts off with consensual sex that escalates. S1E5: a woman is catcalled by a group of men. Later, she is assaulted and is nearly raped before the man is stopped. S1E6: a prisoner keeps other men as his sex slaves. He forces a character to give him head and 'ask for it' but a fight ensues and prevents it from occuring. S4E6: a female character is raped on her own bed on-screen.
At different points, it is implied and discussed that a local policeman molests his son: none of the abuse is depicted. The son (an adult) makes inappropriate comments to a woman on two occasions, but he does not appear threatening.
B.A.P.S (Movie)
Worthy of note: there is a scene where a man leads a woman into an isolated space, saying he just wants to talk. He starts kissing her, and at first she acts uncomfortable and surprised with this, but after he explains more about his intentions, she seems to be fine (33:42-35:27). Prior to the events of the movie, a white man from a wealthy family had an affair with a Black maid who worked for his family. This affaire would have taken place during legal segregation, with a power dynamics making it difficult to know if the relationship was truly consensual.
Barabbas (Movie)
During one of the first scenes of the movie, the main protagonist rapes his ex-wife/girlfriend off-screen after she repeatedly rebuffed him. Around 45 minutes into the movie, rapes committed by Roman soldiers are mentioned.
Baraka (Movie)
Barbara (Movie)
The titular character, a woman under police surveillance, is subjected twice to a body search (naked), the first time off-screen, and the second time on-screen (after pleading a police agent not to be). A side character (an underage girl doing forced labour) is said to be pregnant: it is implied that she was raped. This is confirmed in the final sequence of the movie, when the protagonist sees blood between the girl's thighs.
The Barbarian (Movie)
The female lead is kidnapped, tortured, and raped off-screen.
The movie is about two strangers (man and woman) stuck at an Airbnb: the woman is wary of the man but he does not assault her. The film's antagonist is a feral woman who is a product of incest. Her father was a serial rapist who taped his crimes. We see the labels of many (1:25:17-1:25:39) with names and some descriptions of the victims, such as "Wouldn't Stop Crying' or "Puker". It is also told that he would force his victims to carry pregnancies to term and do the same to those children. There is a reaction shot of the protagonist watching one of the rape tapes and the vocal ending of one tape is heard (a woman screaming and crying), with rhythmic sounds of penetration (1:26:13-1:26:16). A main protagonist is accused of rape by an actor on one of his projects. This is discussed repeatedly. When asked what happened by a friend, he admits to coercing her into sex after she refused his advances but tries to wave it off. He later calls this woman and drunkenly apologizes. This same protagonist is forcibly breastfed by the antagonist. Another protagonist is made out to be a potential predator at first, but is later revealed not to be. He at one point mentions waiting for a woman to get out of the shower to pour her a drink because he did not want her thinking he had drugged it. A woman forcibly breastfeeds people she took as hostages. A hidden room is found that contains a mattress, a video camera, and a bucket. There is a bloody handprint on the wall.
An evil king gives women he captured to his people: the women are seen screaming and being pushed into a hut by a bunch of men (16:10-16:20). The queen of a peaceful group of wanderers is captured by an evil king who forces her to be part of his harem. She is kept in a cage and while no sex is shown, it can be assumed that he probably assaulted her over the years. One of the two protagonists gets a bit handsy with a sleeping woman in the evil king's harem: his brother pulls him away and they put a blanket over her (50:25). Later in the scene, the harem women awaken and excitedly jump on the barbarians to have sex. One of the two men says "no" at first because they are on a mission, but then changes to "yes" after all the women pile onto him.
Barbarians (TV Show)
A man attempts to sexually assault the female main character, who then attacks him and fights him off.
The first few pages of the book are a nightmare of the female character about a past rape. She wakes up just before clothes come off, and it begins in earnest. However, before she wakes, she is dragged by her hair to a bed and the implication is strong.
Barbie (Movie)
The protagonist is spanked by a stranger and breaks the man’s nose. When entering the real world, she gets catcalled, ogled and objectified by several male characters (including police officers): this scene contains the majority of the sexualized content. Objectification and sexualization of women as well as gender inequality is a big topic in the film. Though it is comedic, the subject is handled in a relatively sensitive way. Worthy of note: at some point, the protagonist is about to be zip tied into a life size doll box, with a bunch of men watching like hawks. She escapes at the last second but their motivations are unclear.
While he has a woman tied up, a man caresses her face and implies that he i's going to assault her.
The Barrens (Movie)
Barricade (Movie)
Barry (TV Show)
S1E4: an agent propositions an actor who turns him down, and the agent then claims he was only joking. His intent was clearly to intimidate the actor. S2E4: a woman is manipulated into visiting an abusive ex alone in his hotel room. The man's demeanor becomes incresingly threatening as he tries to intimidate the woman into acting in his interests. S4E3: a female student is sexually harassed by her female acting teacher.
Barry Lyndon (Movie)
The title character starts off in a romantic relationship with his cousin.
Bartender (2006) (TV Show)
This film contains vivid verbal depictions of child sexual abuse and threats of rape towards the main character throughout.
Basic Bitch (TV Show)
S3E4: implied sexual assault.
The male protagonist forced himself on a woman while she clearly says "no". The movie seems to dismiss it as "rough sex".
Basket Case (Movie)
Basket Case 2 (Movie)
Basket Case 3 (Movie)
A sport coach tries to pay his student for sex: the student rejects and hits him (00:45:10-00:47:07). A teenage drug addict gets paid by a much older man for sex (01:23:19-01:25:08). Prison rapes are briefly mentioned in a dialogue at the end of the movie.
Baskin (Movie)
Throughout the film, women are kept in cages and used as sex slaves by a cult/paranormal beings. They are shown in glimpses, as well as in drawings, and are referenced on multiple occasions. In one scene, a man is forced to have sex with one of these slaves against his own will, and under threat of death. He is clearly in emotional distress.
Basquiat (Movie)
The film features two sequences during which men are very pushy towards women. In the first one, a character even "steals a kiss" from one of them.
A man molests his 9- or 10-year-old stepdaughter in the car. It is implied that he does this repeatedly throughout the course of the film, culminating in a violent and graphic rape scene.
S1E1: a witch takes over the body of a 16 year old's grandma and then climbs on top of him and kisses him. S1E2: a witch transforms into another girl and shows everyone her body, so people will know what the other girl's body looks like. She then turns into her boyfriend and shames the size of his penis. Then she turns into her dad and talks about having sex with the girl. A girl's ex-boyfriend tries to put his hand up her skirt.
Bastarden (Movie)
The main antagonist has a history of sexually assaulting his servants. This is discussed by one of the victims in the movie.
A man stumbles on two people who are having sex in the cornfield and masturbates while watching them. A man makes comment about being afraid of being raped by the person they think is the killer. After chasing a woman, a man pins her down a kisses her.
Bates Motel (TV Show)
S1E1: a character is graphically raped on-screen after being handcuffed by an angry man (22:30-25:28). S1E2: two characters discuss how four women were kept/sold as sex slaves (32:33-33:32). Two teenagers searching for one of their graves is a plot point for the rest of the episode. This sub-plot continues throughout the season. S1E3: from this episode onwards, a character is tacitly blackmailed/coerced into a sexual relationship. S1E10: a character discusses being raped by her older brother when she was a child. In the same episode, a teenage boy is coerced into sex with his high school teacher. References to sexual assault, incest, sex slavery and violence against women occur throughout the series.
The first chapter features a scene where a character is trying to murder one of the protagonists (protagonist 1) while both are naked and in a private bath house room in a way that reads reminiscent of rape, even though there is not any. In protagonist 1's backstory, we find out that he was once in an abusive relationship where his partner at the time attempted to rape him. Protagonist 1 escaped the same night as the attempt. He hitchhiked, and the driver who took him where he wanted to go demanded that protagonist 1 show him his genitals. Protagonist 1's abuser kept trying to contact him for years, eventually showing up in the town where the former lives and inviting him out for coffee. In the climax of the book, the abuser shows up in the protagonists' social circle with a different name, and only Protagonist 1 knows who the abuser really is. It's a very tense set of scenes. Protagonist 1 often experiences other queer men leering at him and touching him without his consent. Protagonist 2, Protagonist 1's partner, is very controlling. We find out over the course of the book that he monitors Protagonist 1's finances, location, and phone activity. Towards the end of the book, he wakes up Protagonist 1 in the middle of the night for sex. Protagonist 2's internal monologue indicates that he wasn't going to give Protagonist 1 a chance to say no and that he was using Protagonist 1's body to masturbate. An antagonist of the book reveals that he was sexually assaulted by adult men while a child, and that his foster mother facilitated these assaults.
The Batman (Movie)
Many scenes are set in a club where young women work and are objectified, with it being somewhat unclear whether they are paid to have sex with clients or simply to flirt with them. There are frequent scenes of men menacing or hurting women in a very sexually-charged environment, including one scene where a man holds a woman down in a way that is meant to be reminiscent of a sexual position. Domestic violence and client-on-sex-worker violence clearly occur with some frequency, and some of the women are shown to have bruises and black eyes at work. At least one woman seems to be the victim of explicit human trafficking tactics, with powerful men who employ her stealing her passport and hiding it. She is heard being interrogeated and strangled. A man observes a woman dressing and undressing without her knowledge, but not for any sexual reasons on his part. On two occasions a woman kisses a man without his explicit consent, including on one occasion where the man is delirious. These scenes are framed as romantic. The main villain uses duct tape with his victims to cover their mouths and place them into torture contraptions.
Batman (1989) (Movie)
S1E27: the whole episode revolves around the antagonist (a mad scientist) fantasizing about controlling his young female colleague, whom he secretly loves as part of his fantasies about Alice in Wonderland. Firstly, he "mind controls" other people with an electronic device to set her up during a date after she broke up with her boyfriend. After she reconciled with her boyfriend, he "mind controls" her, making her a kind of zombie and kidnapping her. He is eventually defeated by the titular character. S1E42: a woman is drugged (with a tranquilizer gun) and kidnapped by a mad scientist who holds her captive and restrained in order to turn her into a cat. On the villain's island, a half-man/half-cat creature threatingly hints that he wants the woman (turned into an humanoid cat) as his mate. He eventually understands and accepts her refusal and lets her leave the island. S1E45: the episode opens with the antagonist sneaking into a dojo where a woman is practising martial arts alone at night. He beats her and kidnaps her, in order to attract the titular character into a trap.
Batman Begins (Movie)
A police officers states that a group of escaped prisoners include "serial killers and rapists" (01:48:18).
There is a scene towards the end of the film where a father is forced to look at picture of his paralyzed assaulted daughter.
Batman Ninja (Movie)
A man grabs a woman on the street and forces her into an alleyway: he pins her to a wall and puts his hand over her mouth. As he reaches down to undo clothing, he is stopped by another character (43:20-43:40).
Near the end of the movie (1:09:30), a man being mind controlled by an alien infect attempts to infect a woman. The scene is forceful and similar to sexual assault, which may trigger some individuals.
It is heavily implied that the titular character is the product of the rape of Batman by a woman. An antagonist (who kidnaps children and keeps them in cages) hints that he was abused as a child.
Non spoiler version: character A has sex offscreen with character B who, it is later revealed, was character C in disguise and was specifically seeking to blackmail character A. There is, unrelatedly, a political betrothal in which one party is extremely reluctant. Both of these occurrences are discussed toward the end of the book, with major plot implications. Spoiler version: in the first incident listed, character C has been spiritually possessing character B and deliberately conceived a child with character A. C then revealed themselves and coerced character A into acting on their behalf in order to protect character B and their unborn child. (The political betrothal is unrelated. The reluctant party is Dresden himself, the male perspective character. His relationship with his fiancee is very complicated and the timing is very bad.)
The female characters endure (and have endured) lots of implicit, attempted sexual violence, though they all swiftly retaliate against their abusers.
Not long after the start of the film, a group of American soldiers gang-rapes a Japanese woman.
Battleship (Movie)
S1E3: a male prisoner attempts to rape a female officer. She bites his ear off. S2E5: female humans are captured by Cylons and forcibly impregnated in a 'baby farm.' S2E10: rape is used in the interrogation of a female Cylon prisoner by a group of human men. Assault is off-screen but the aftermath is on-screen and references are made to the attack. The sexual assault and attempted rape of another female Cylon are also shown on-screen. [This scene was cut out in the TV editing process, but the DVD edition has it restored]. S4E17: a male character is manipulated into sex with someone who appears to be his partner but is not. His partner is tied up and forced to watch this happened as a form of torture. Incest in the series is between Cylons, not humans.
A character's backstory is about her relationship with a Cylon prisoner: sexual abuse is strongly suggested and talked about.
There are fairly frequent sexual remarks between characters which are played as jokes.
Be Afraid (Movie)
A major character's backstory involves being indoctrinated into a cult; after being love-bombed, he is forced into a ritual that involves a forced orgy. This is shown in graphic detail both in a flashback scene and as a major part of the character's development.
Be More Chill (Movie)
A teenage boy is forcibly held down by a separate and sentient computer program in his brain, in order to allow a girl to attempt to touch him sexually.
A woman's clothes are changed and she is tied up and unconscious (27:00-30:00). The attacker makes comments that could imply he is going to do something worse than just that.
This book takes place during the U.S. Revolutionary War. The romantic leads are a Black woman who escaped from slavery and a Black man who is still enslaved but expects to be freed after the war. Towards the beginning of the book she fights off and kills a white man who chases and attempts to rape her. She makes several allusions to having been raped or sexually assaulted in the past by numerous men, including her former slave master.
Worthy of note: a woman is frequently put in a situation where she is forced to act "seduced" by men in an effort to trap them.
The Beach Bum (Movie)
The main-character Moondog gives oral to his wife while her domestic worker is present. Moondog talks to his friend about the time the friend walked in on Moondog's daughter "accidentally" while she was changing and stayed watching. Moondog grabs his daughter's groom's crotch in front of everyone during the wedding (non-consensual touching). All of the instances are short and played for laughs.
The protagonist mentions in passing that she was sexually harassed constantly at her job when she worked at a car wash as a teenager.
Beaches (Movie)
Beans (Movie)
A girl is forced to engage in oral sex but fights and runs away before any actual act occurs. It is also implied that another underage girl is being molested by her father.
The Bear (TV Show)
S1E5: while a repairman is bent over working on a toilet, an employee dry humps him from behind, continuing to do so even after the repairman tells him to stop. This functions as a portrayal of workplace sexual harassment in line with the characters' established personality traits.
Chapter 8: a woman's ex breaks into her house and pins her against the wall. He kisses her neck and begins to tear her clothes off when he is stopped by her new boyfriend
The story follows the events leading up to the rape of a 15-year-old girl by a star junior hockey player, and the consequences for the victim, the players, their families, friends, and the community which has a long-standing reputation as a hockey town.
Beast (Movie)
Worthy of note: the movie contains a lot of violence against women (with numerous images of dead young women).
Worthy of note: The female lead has to trick another woman into selling her virginity. The male leads hate eachother at the start, even when having sex with the woman, while not forced to do it, both see the woman as a prize.
A woman running through the woods is knocked unconscious. The creature finds her, rips off her clothes and rapes her. The same thing happens again to another woman later in the movie.
Beastars (TV Show)
S1E2-3: a female character misinterprets a male character’s awkwardness as a desire for sex; she strips and begins stripping him, too, oblivious to his shock and fear. He panics and leaves, and nothing further happens. S1E8: a female character jumps and pins down a male character in a very suggestive way, but it is then revealed that her intent is not sexual. S1E9: a group of adult men kidnap a teenage girl. One of the men pins the girl down in a suggestive way and lifts up her skirt, but is stopped before he can do anything more. A different adult man later forces the same girl to strip naked and bathe in front of him; this is because he plans to eat her, but it is evocative of a sexual assault. S1E10: as her attacker prepares to eat said teenage girl, he grabs and pins her down in ways that resemble a rape scene. This is not what is occurring, but the visual similarities may be disturbing for some. S2E3: A group of teenage boys corner their classmate and ask him invasive questions about his sex life, including questions that violate another person's privacy. They then shame him for his lack of sexual experience. S2E4: an exotic dancer is attacked on stage by a patron who intends to kill and eat her. He is stopped before he can succeed, and the dancer is saved. S2E8: a man volunteers to have an organ harvested in exchange for money, but his money-lenders cut off his penis instead. Nothing is shown on-screen, but his screaming can be heard.
Beastmaster (Movie)
The main character gropes a nude woman coming out of a lake and then tries to have sex with her by talking her into it with strong suggestions of rape. The woman though playfully shrugs it off.
Rape is mentioned several times, and a quick flash shows a woman being raped before a young boy shoots her in the head. A young boy is forced to please the an adult. It is strongly implied that others boy have to do it too.
The protagonist, a child, is forced to become a child soldier. The commander rapes him multiple times, and it is implied that he also rapes other boys in the group. There is a scene where the protagonist helps force a woman's legs open so that other soldiers can rape her. In another scene, the soldiers visit a brothel and make harassing comments and gestures towards the women there.
The main character recalls a dare from childhood: kids in his neighborhood used to dare each other to knock on the door of a house of a known pedophile and then run away. He explains that he did mot really know what it meant to be a pedophile, and that in reality, no one lived in the house, but that he was scared. Nothing else is mentioned or described.
During the second sequence of the film, two teenage girls threaten to falsely accuse a vulnerable adult man of having sexually abused them in order to force him to smoke drugs. Near the end of the film, during a consensual sexual encounter, the main character starts frantically asking the other person to stop out of fear that he will die if he orgasms. She does not listen and keeps going. He is happy and relieved when the expected death does not come to pass.
Beau (Short) (Movie)
Beau Travail (Movie)
Beautiful Boy (Movie)
The cousin of the protagonist has three scenes where she has sexual encounters with teenagers. In the first one, she hits on the male protagonist ; in the second one, she seduces his friend and makes out with him outside the cinema (01:07:18-01:07:50). The last one is a sex scene between her and the male protagonist friend (01:40:40-01:40:50).
In the beginning of the movie, a man asks (as he already did before) a woman to marry him. She refused and is visibly not interested. He insists and tries to kiss her, and is only stopped by her brother. The woman is later held captive and stalked by a beast in a castle: she grows fond of him and finally falls in love with him. At the end of the movie, the beast turned into a prince with the face of the man who tried to kiss her in the opening of the movie. She confesses that she loved him.
A male character is very persistent in his advances towards a woman. After the woman who he is targeting politely rejects him, he continues to invade her space and touch her. At one point, he corners her against a door and it is implied that he is going to kiss her, but the scene is disrupted before this can transpire.
Worthy of note: the antagonist follows the heroine home even when she attempts to politely turn him down and frequently invades her personal space, even grabbing at her skirt at one point. His behaviour throughout the movie toes the line of being considered stalking, especially when it becomes clear that she loves someone else.
A beast keeps a woman imprisoned in his home with the intention of convincing her to marry him. She refuses daily for three years. This is not acknowledged as sexual harassment in the story.
On multiple occasions throughout the show, a friend of the protagonist gets sexually harassed by her male colleagues because rumors has it that she is sexually active and does not like to wear a bra. They "accidently" spill something on her to see her chest, just plain stare at her chest multiple times and try to make advances. S1E2: a landlord abuses his power and lets himself in the house of the female protagonist at night. After brief conversation (as he is her secret crush) he suddenly jumps on her and tries to rape her. She manages to escape.
Becky (Movie)
The protagonist tries to kiss and initiate sex with his love interest, who then literally "screams rape." A police officer character says that women bring rape on themselves by wearing skimpy clothing.
In one scene near the end of the movie, the female protagonist (the Devil) transforms into a cop and makes the male protagonist "spread 'em". She then proceeds to caress his face and says "I've always liked you".
Several graphic scenes of on-screen rape. Implied child molestation.
During the first part of the movie, an ex-husband acts threateningly towards his (soon-to-be) ex-wife: he comes to his son's birthday unannounced (and uninvited), he enters her house while she is away and waits for her, etc., and becomes increasingly violent towards her current boyfriend.
Bee Movie (Movie)
There are a few jokes throughout the movie about relationships between bees being incestuous, as it is offhandedly mentioned that all bees are cousins. At the start of the movie, the tritagonist expresses attraction to a girl not knowing she is his cousin, and the protagonist also flirts with his cousins (when the tritagonist comments on this, the protagonist brushes him off by saying they are distant cousins). During a court scene, a lawyer makes snide comments to the protagonist, asking him if he is "[the deuteragonist's] little bed bug"; the joke may go over some children's heads, but the implication is that the lawyer is asking about the protagonist's sex life as a leverage against him.
Bee and Puppycat (TV Show)
Beef (TV Show)
Numerous prison rape jokes are made. S1E2: it is implied that a male character intends to sleep with two drunk girls, however, he is prevented. Multiple times a man is depicted attempting to masturbate/masturbating to a woman's photo without her knowledge or consent. S1E3: a male character kisses a female character without warning. S1E5: a female character tells a male character that "absolutely nothing physical can happen" between them, and then cuts to the two of them having sex, although it is shown to be consensual. S1E8: a female character is shown hooking up with an older man in a motel that she met on Yahoo; she remains hidden under a blanket so all he can see is her privates.
The Beekeeper (Movie)
A woman has sex with a man in a room where another man, clearly uncomfortable, is also staying (she looks him in the eyes). The protagonist, an elder man, tries to engage sex with his wife when she is crying. He seems to completely ignore her distress, but eventually stops. Later, the male protagonist sexually assaults a much younger woman (the female protagonist), despite her protests (she keeps saying 'Not like this'): she escapes but immediately comes back to embrace him. Later, when drunk, she starts a sexual relationship with him but stops, as he is unresponsive. A few moments later, he engages sex while she repeatedly asks him to let her go: he presumably rapes her off-screen.
One of the female teenagers in the film is cornered in a room and nearly raped.
Beetlejuice (Movie)
The title character forcefully kisses one woman and repeatedly touches her. Worthy of note: an adult man attempts to force a teenage girl to marry him. The marriage is stopped and the girl is saved.
At some point, a man tells his brother that he risks being imprisoned for life and getting raped in jail.
The movie contains some flashbacks of a violent rape.
Before I Wake (Movie)
The possibility of being raped is mentioned in passing during an argument.
In the beginning of the movie, the 14 year-old protagonist goes to a brothel. He is shown receiving oral sex from an adult woman. The protagonist enters the car of a man who has proposed to drive him. Quickly, the driver puts his hand on his thigh: he rebuffs him and leaves the vehicle. However, the protagonist later returns to that man, who abruptly jumps on him again. This time, the protagonist consents and they engage in a relationship. At some point, the protagonist gets robbed on the beach by children. When he goes to the police, the children accuse him of trying to molest them (because he is gay). This false accusation is reffered to several times after that, and it leads the protagonist to prison, where he mentions being surrounded by real rapists.
Romantic relationship between an aunt an her nephew (both adults).
Before Sunset (Movie)
This book takes place during the Rafael Trujillo dictatorship in the Dominican Republic. In this book, Trujillo is described as having a penchant for "courting" and then raping young women. Adults warn the protagonist, her sister, and other young girls not to be too pretty in public. Still, the protagonist's older sister receives a bouquet of flowers from Trujillo, which prompts her family to organize to help her flee the country. There is a scene towards the end of the book where a shopkeeper frisks the protagonist to see if she stole anything and touches her breasts in the process.
Beforeigners (TV Show)
S1E1: the lead character tracks down the man who raped her as a girl in the distant past. He ends up acknowledging, in a very creepy way, that it happened, and she beats the crap out of him.
Beginning (Movie)
About 40 minutes into the movie, a man visits a woman who is alone at home, presumably to interrogate her. He progressively asks inappropriate sexual questions and ends up sexually assaulting her by forcing her hand into his pants. She seems visibly distressed during the whole long scene. There is a violent on-screen rape and attempted murder (1:07:30-1:13:55), followed by a scene where the survivor cleans herself (blood is seen between her legs). Later, he husband (ignoring the assault took place) begins touching her, but stops when she seems not to like it. Both assaults are discussed at 1:30:00 (with an audio recording of the first encounter being played), and the husband blames her wife for being raped. She seems very distressed (1:36:00).
This film is about a psychologically abusive relationship between a male star musician and a much younger man (involving an evident power imbalance). The latter, who lacked a father figure in his youth, is shown engaging in increasingly destructive behaviour as a result of this situation. Early in the film, as their relationship begins, the younger man is visibly uncomfortable (flinching when the older one comes next to him) and the older man does not care about this: after promising to stay away while sleeping in the same bed, he unpredictably engages in oral sex with the other man when he wakes up. After this, the younger man agrees to move in with the older one. The two men have a sexual relationship but the older one begins a legal process to adopt the younger one (with his consent): however, this does not come to fruition. The older man pushes his young lover into practices that he disapproves of (having multiple partners, going to a peep show, etc.)
Behind Her Eyes (TV Show)
The main character is a survivor of domestic violence and often has vivid hallucinations of her abuser in which he sexually harasses, threatens, and grabs her.
Behind You (Movie)
Chapter 1: a high school girl is pregnant with a college boy. Chapter 2: a story is uncovered where a woman was raped by her Uncle then killed by her family. The assault is not discussed in detail. Chapter 7: this chapter mentions of a man posting sexual pictures of women online without their consent. Chapter 9: this chapter mentions of past instances of women and teenage girls being raped. The assaults are not discussed in detail.
A character reveals that she was conceived when a stranger raped her mother. The courts would not allow the mother to get an abortion, and the mother resents and abuses this character for looking like her rapist.
Being Frank (Movie)
At several points in the film, people use John Malkovich's body without his permission to have sex with people. At one point, one of the main characters pretends to be another while in Malkovich in order to have sex with someone without their knowledge. Worthy of note: in a fit of jealousy, the protagonist tackles his wife, threatens her with a handgun, and forces her to make a phone call. He then locks her in a cage, ties her hands, and puts tape over her mouth. Though the actions themselves are upsetting, they are presented as ridiculous and inappropriate, and the protagonist later faces consequences for his actions.
Being There (Movie)
Bel Canto (Movie)
The first scene entails a piano accompanist forcing a kiss on an opera singer. We later find out that the accompanist declared his love to her in a rather obnoxious way multiple times, but the opera singer just tried to ignore him.
Belfast (Movie)
The main theme of the movie is the kidnapping of a seventeen-year-old girl, who is raped by her captor on-screen and off-screen. We also learn that she is sexually abused by her grandfather. All instances of sexual assault in this movie are quite graphic and are shown mulitple times via flashbacks, etc.
A male character verbally harasses a female character.
Worthy of note: a man takes a woman to bed who describes herself as being very drunk. It is unclear how drunk he is so it can be read as an unbalanced power dynamic.
While recording, a man makes a joke to a few women about them being on a porn website later and films them from behind as they walk away, The man hides in his sister's closet while filming to scare her. He also films his mom while she is in a towel. Several people are uncomfortable/annoyed with his constant filming over the course of the movie.
There are several rape scenes, which, while cartoony, are graphic and violent.
There are mentions in the book about how the main character can use his powers over Lust to make people want to have sex with him/other people. There is a point in the book when he uses his power as a distraction but it is non-graphic.
The Bellboy (Movie)
Immediatley after a group of women enters a hotel, all the bellboys rushed to grope them. They are stopped by their boss. This is mentioned later on, when the chief of the employees complains for not having a woman to grope himself. Both scenes are played for laughs.
Belle (2013) (Movie)
A man grabs a woman's chin and mouth, then below frame, grabs her crotch area as she grimaces tearfully and gasps and then frees herself and walks away.
Belle (2021) (Movie)
Worthy of note: there is a brief discussion about a teenage girl having an unrequited crush on her teacher, who is several years older than her, and she even keeps an image of him as her phone's lock screen. This is only briefly referenced for a couple of throwaway jokes. Later, an older woman reminisces on a romance from her teenhood; when she was a high school senior, she had a romantic interest in an eighth grader (who seems t