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Sexual harassment e.g non-consensual grabbing, touching, cat-calling)
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Sexual harassment and misconduct are generally presented in a critical (although lighthearted, given the genre) light throughout the duration of the show. S1E1: a woman's boss comments that 'if you think she's cute now, you should have seen her a couple of years ago.' A man makes a number of crude remarks about a woman over the phone, unaware that he is on speakerphone and that she is in the room listening. S1E2: a (white) man suggests that everybody in the office should say a race which they are sexually attracted to as part of a pro-diversity training session. One man complies with this suggestion, and the woman he is sitting next to (the only woman in the office belonging to one of the ethnicities he named) appears uncomfortable. S1E5: a woman's boss makes derogatory and sexually objectifying remarks about her to her fiancee and a group of men, without her present. He continues to make derogatory remarks regarding the appearances of women who work for him through the duration of the episode, often in their presence. S1E6: the episode revolves around a woman visiting the office who many of the men are attracted to. This results in them (especially the manager) treating her strangely, and some make inappropriate comments about her appearance while not in her presence. S2E1: the manager gives out a 'hottest in the office' award to an obviously uncomfortable employee, slapping his rear as he leaves without his consent. He makes a number of other inappropriate comments over the course of the episode. S2E2: the title of this episode is 'Sexual Harassment.' Its plot revolves around one HR employee administering a seminar on sexual harassment, while the manager and his chauvinistic friend try to 'prove' that such seminars are not necessary (and, in doing so, prove the opposite). S2E6: a man and a woman are play-fighting. It appears that they are both enjoying this until the woman becomes nervous and upset and demands to be let go of; the man complies immediately. S2E7: a man and his boss engage in sexual contact while drunk. The next morning, she is clearly regretful and asks him whether he intentionally got her drunk or 'slipped her something.' This marks the beginning of their on-and-off romantic relationship, which is often highly one-sided. S2E10: a drunken woman spontaneously kisses a man who is not expecting it, and who reacts negatively. Another drunken woman reveals her breasts to another man, who also reacts negatively. S2E13: a woman's manager tells her that she should wear her hair one way rather than another because it's 'sexier.' S2E14: some male characters make a number of objectifying comments about a female coworker. S2E15: a man discovers a sex doll with his own face taped to it in the company warehouse. S2E18: a grown man makes a comment which implies that a middle school-age girl is sexually attractive. The same girl tries to flirt with a different grown man, although he does not reciprocate. S3E1: a man forces a hug and a kiss on a man who he has forcibly outed as gay in order to 'prove' that he is not a homophobe. The man who he is hugging and kissing is visibly distressed and resistant, and is eventually offered a financial settlement from the company to stop him pressing charges over the incident. S3E3: a woman is made to feel uncomfortable by a man openly ogling her at work. S3E6: verbal sexual harassment. S3E9: verbal sexual harassment of a breastfeeding woman. A man says that one of his employees is a 'convicted rapist' - this is untrue. A man alludes to rape in prisons (intended to deter criminal behaviour). S3E11: a revealing photo of a woman is circulated among her employees and coworkers without her permission. S3E13: sexual harassment/impropriety in the workplace. S3E14: a man suggests that he will remove his employee's bra without her permission. When she refuses, he has a male employee wear a bra and pretend to be her. In the run-up to a woman's wedding, a man suggests that he is claiming 'prima nocta,' the right to 'deflower' a bride on her wedding night. A man leers at and makes derogatory comments about a woman. A man orders strippers to perform at bachelor and bachelorette parties, both hosted in an office where a number of people are uncomfortable with the situation. He does this despite acknowledging that doing so could qualify as sexual harassment. Men in the office make a number of derogatory remarks about the female stripper and treat her in ways which, at times, seem to make her feel uncomfortable. A man makes another man come to a sex shop with him, despite the other man's obvious discomfort. A man volunteers to receive a lap dance and swiftly becomes uncomfortable when it happens. S3E16: a man talks about a teacher who 'hooked up' with a number of his students when they were in the eighth grade. Mention of 'sex predators' in passing. S3E17: a man makes repeated inappropriate comments about his partner in a public setting, and she is obviously uncomfortable. A woman makes persistent sexual advances towards a man, despite his repeated statements that he does not want to have sex. S3E19: a man makes a derogatory sexual comment about a woman he works with. S3E20: an adult man realises that his 'girlfriend' is a high school student. He says that they 'didn't do anything illegal,' but it is unclear whether or not this is true. S3E21: a woman asks her boyfriend to come to her house and have sex, offering to pay him money to do so despite his saying that this proposition makes him uncomfortable. A man exposes himself to a woman in the office parking lot (off-screen: this is only discussed). The office manager makes derogatory comments about the woman who was targeted and performs a crude impression of the perpetrator. Another man encourages the women in the office to dress conservatively and stop wearing makeup in order to avoid being targeted. A man mentions how his girlfriend 'pretended she didn't hear' him say their safe word the last time they had sex. S3E23: a woman calls her coworker's haircut 'sexy hot,' which makes him obviously uncomfortable. A man makes inappropriate comments about the physical appearance of two women he works with. S4E1: a woman knocks on a door and the man inside says that she can come in. When she enters, he is partially nude; it seems as though the man was embarassed by this and did not have sexual intentions. A man pulls down another man's trousers. S4E8: an incident in which a revealing photo of a woman was circulated without her permission is referenced and discussed. S4E11: it is mentioned that a website's social media function was 'infiltrated by sexual predators.' This is briefly discussed. S4E12: a man makes inappropriate sexual comments about a woman wearing glasses. Another man makes an inappropriate comment about the same woman, while not in her presence. S5E1: a man makes an inappropriate comment about his employee's appearance. A man tries to kiss a woman without her permission. S5E5: a woman is crying and a man asks her if another man 'touched her.' S5E6: a woman falsely claims to have been raped in an attempt to get out of trouble. S538: mention of child sexual abuse in passing. Discussion of sexual harassment: two characters plan to get one of their coworkers fired for sexual assault when he has committed none. They attempt to trick him into hugging and kissing a woman in the office 'no matter how hard she struggles.' S5E9: a man tricks a woman into marrying him without her knowledge. S5E13: an incident where a revealing photograph of a woman was shared without her permission is mentioned. S5E21: a man makes an inappropriate comment regarding his coworker's physical appearance. S5E26: mention of an incident when a man groped a woman without her permission. S6E1: mention of a 'Monica Lewinski incident,' in which a boss mentioned Monica Lewinski to his interns so often that the intern scheme at the company was shut down. A man makes inappropriate comments about a woman's body in relation to her pregnancy. S6E2: mention/accusations of sexual harassment. S6E6: a man pretends that his employee is his employee's wife and mimes groping his chest. S6E9: a character working in the office shows the receptionist nude photos of their coworker while asking if she has ever been photographed. She is not asked if she wanted to see this type of image. S6E12: a man dresses up as Santa and makes numerous comments with sexual overtones regarding people sitting on his lap. S6E13: replays of numerous scenes from past episodes involving sexual harassment and inappropriate sexual comments in the workplace. S6E15: mention of sexual harassment, in passing. Mention of metaphorical 'molestation.' S6E20: man sexually harasses his coworker (regarding the fact that she has recently given birth). S6E23: mention of rape at the end of the episode. S6E26: mention of paedophilia at the beginning of the episode (before title sequence). S7E2: a man accuses his coworker of wanting to 'molest' him; there is no evidence that this is true. A man talks about being 'probed' by aliens and a puppet. It is strongly implied that this never happened. S7E17: it is mentioned that a character in an amateur movie was a 'convicted animal rapist;' this is not elaborated upon further. S8E7: a man repeatedly gropes another man's crotch without his permission (non-sexual). S8E10: mention of sexual assault in passing. S8E17: multiple mentions of a man being a 'sexual predator,' alongside a suggestion that he should make advances towards teenage girls (this does not happen). S8E22: mention of rape (not graphic or descriptive). S8E24: a man kisses a woman. At first she resists him, but she quickly begins to reciprocate. S9E1: a woman tells one of her coworkers to 'sit on her face.' He is visibly uncomfortable. S9E7: a woman mentions that another woman allegedly had an affair with her 17-year-old assistant. Later, a man tries to use this history in order to get the woman to buy paper from him, bringing a young (22-year-old) sales associate to a meeting in order to seduce her. S9E13: a man makes a sexually suggestive comment to a man in the office and he seems uncomfortable. a woman makes an ambiguous comment which seems as though it could suggest that she ‘dated’ a now-grown man when he was an infant or child. S9E17: a man makes inappropriate comments regarding a woman’s body. S9E18: people in the office become uncomfortable when a woman becomes openly aroused by listening to an erotic audiobook. A woman flashes her breasts at everyone in the office. S9E21: a man mentions hypothetical sexual assault and then attempts to grope the crotch of one of his coworkers.

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