Yuri!!! On Ice Animation Anime Drama Romance
No rape or sexual assault
Rape or sexual assault mentioned, discussed, implied
Sexual harassment on-screen (e.g. verbal, non-consensual touching/grabbing)
Sexual relationship between adult and teenager
Child sexual abuse
Attempted rape
Rape off-screen or strongly implied
Rape on-screen


S1E2: While asking a personal question about the main character's life, a male character strokes the underside of his chin and the side of his arm before taking his hand. The main character freezes for several seconds before scrambling away (5:39-6:02). S1E3: without warning, a male character runs a thumb over the main character's lips and holds their faces inches apart while urging the main character to explore his sexuality. Once again, the main character responds by freezing (4:28-4:47). Worthy of note: while there are no sexual relationships between adults and teenagers, between 13:48-14:07 a 25-year-old woman gets a nosebleed (used as shorthand for arousal) in response to a 15-year-old. S1E5: although not a sexual scene, a male character snaps at the main character to turn around and then wraps his arms around him from behind. The main character seems to be paralysed and does not know how to react (4:10-4:36). S1E6: a drunk man strips completely naked off-screen while hanging off of the main character. We hear the main character tell him not to do it, and then cry out to a nearby friend for help as the man's trousers and underwear get thrown into the frame. We later see a waist-up photo of the main character, looking surprised, with the naked man wrapped around him (4:47-4:53). S1E6: an as-yet unintroduced character sneaks up behind the main character and places a hand on his rear, inducing the same frozen response seen in earlier scenes (5:11-5:21). S1E7: SPOILERS: a male character launches himself at the main character and kisses him in front of a full audience on live television, with enough force to knock the main character onto his back. The main character's expression clearly indicates that he did not see this coming. The man then states that he did this in order to surprise the main character (the main character responds positively to this event, which occurs at the 20:48-20:59 mark). S1E8: while no overtly sexual relationships occur, one character introduced in this episode has an unhealthy and possessive obsessive with his sister, jealously driving off any man who interacts with her in order to keep her by his side forever. The narrative presents this obsession as a negative thing which he must overcome if he wants to keep his sister in his life. In this episode, the brother's internal monologue is an in-depth exploration of his obsession and sense of entitlement to his sister from his point of view; this occurs between 8:49-10:39. S1E9: the brother's internal monologue as he skates is about his sister. This time, however, it's a personal reflection on his feelings for her and what to do with the knowledge that they're unreciprocated (5:30-8:36). This scene has overtones of romantic heartbreak.

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