Behind You is the Sea, Susan Muaddi Darraj 
Updated: May 9, 2024
No rape or sexual assault
Rape or sexual assault mentioned in passing (in discussion and/or implied)
Sexual harassment (e.g. verbal or non-consensual touching/grabbing)
Sexual relationship between adult and teenager
Child sexual abuse
Attempted rape
Rape strongly implied/details surrounding a rape discussed in detail (i.e. the events before/after)
Detailed/vivid description of rape


Chapter 1: a high school girl is pregnant with a college boy. Chapter 2: a story is uncovered where a woman was raped by her Uncle then killed by her family. The assault is not discussed in detail. Chapter 7: this chapter mentions of a man posting sexual pictures of women online without their consent. Chapter 9: this chapter mentions of past instances of women and teenage girls being raped. The assaults are not discussed in detail.

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