Big Love Drama
No rape or sexual assault
Rape or sexual assault mentioned, discussed, implied
Sexual harassment on-screen (e.g. verbal, non-consensual touching/grabbing)
Sexual relationship between adult and teenager
Child sexual abuse
Attempted rape
Rape off-screen or strongly implied
Rape on-screen


The show follows the life of a polygamist family that has close ties to a mormon cult. If all the wives of the main family are married by choice, there are many characters who are forced into marriages by their prophet. While most of the cult members "consent" it is a result of their upbringing in the cult. The main wife struggles with being in the polygamist marriage, and it is often suggested she agreed to it because she could no longer have children. Sex is frequently viewed as a measure of worth in the relationship. During the first few seasons the teenage son is in a relationship with an older teenage girl who pressures him into having sex, and he eventually does cave in. He goes through a period of feeling guilty and impure because of the loss of his virginity. There is a story line through S1-4 which involves sexual and romantic tension between the youngest wife, and the teenage son of another wife. This story line comes to a head in S3E6 when they see each other naked, and in S4E3 when they kiss. There is also a 16 year old girl who is engaged to the elderly prophet, and a scene vaguely impliying that they have sex. The same girl runs away from the cult in S2. There is a scene in S3 where she is hitchhiking with a truck driver who tells her to scoot closer to him. In S2 the 18 years old daughter dates a man who is 28 but it is treated as if it is normal. Because the daughter wont have sex with him, he sees other women. The daughter is given advice from one of the mothers to make herself more desirable around him so he won't leave her. She eventually gives in to having sex with him, but the two break up and she finds out that she is pregnant. The two get back together and eventually get married. In S2E9 a former coworker makes rude sexual comments about the youngest wife. One of the wives who is the daughter of the prophet grapples with her sense of agency, and it is revealed in S3E3 that she was forced into a marriage with a grown man at 16 by her own father. It is revealed that the two had sex and had a child together that the mother had to leave when she left the marriage. In S4 her mother is forced by her son to marry the same man. In S4E7-9 there is a storyline about a sudden abundance of children of incest. It is revealed in S4E9 that a man has been using in vitro fertilization to force women to carry children of incest. In S4E9 the wives are forced to publicly out themselves as part of their husband's plans, though they are all reluctant to. In S3 there is a storyline about the prophet being put on trial for forcing underage girls to get married. The prophet's team actively tries to prevent victims from standing trial. In S3E4 one of the victims is humiliated while standing trial and the prophet is declared not guilty. In S4 a character stalks a man and the two become a couple. In S5E3 it is revealed that one of the wives was only 16 when she married the husband.

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