Shameless (US) 
TV Show
TV Show
Updated: November 7, 2023
No rape or sexual assault
Rape or sexual assault mentioned, discussed, implied
Sexual harassment e.g non-consensual grabbing, touching, cat-calling)
Sexual relationship between adult and teenager
Child sex abuse
Attempted rape
Rape off-screen or strongly implied
Rape on-screen


An underage teenager has sexual relationships with several older men throughout the show before he turns 18. Throughout the show, there are many episodes in which adults are too drunk to consent and still sleep together. One female character lies to her boyfriend about being on the pill so he will have sex with her and she can baby trap him. S1E2: a woman rapes a man with a dildo. S1E11: a teenage girls rapes a drugged man, unable to fight back, but who verbally objects. She makes a video of it, which she sends to people without consent. Later, the man is victim-blamed by several characters, one of them urinates on him as a sort of punishment. During season 3, a gay character is having sex with his boyfriend when they are interrupted by his boyfriend's abusive father, who immediately resorts to physical violence. The boyfriend is forced to have sex with a female prostitute at gunpoint by his father, while the other man is forced to watch. It i mentioned that a young woman is pregnant as a result of her father raping her. A man has a relationship with sexual overtones with his daughter, during a period when she is not aware that they are related to one another. An adult man masturbates in front of a young teenage girl on a bus. A girl has sex with an older male friend while he is blacked out. S5E6: a character impulsively kisses her ex boyfriend and they start to have sex on the kitchen floor. She realizes that she has made a mistake and tries to get him to stop: he eventually does. Later, a mother meets with a couple who might adopt her baby: the wife goes back into the room with the surrogate mother. While this is happening, the adoptive father stays in the waiting room and the prostitute woman who brought the surrogate mother to the appointment seduces the adoptive father. She touches his body and his penis on the outside of his pants without his consent. Male sexual assault is played for laughs in the later seasons. A teenager lies about having sex with an adult and tries to convict her of statutory rape. The main gay couple begins with a physical fight before realizing they are attracted to one another. They stop fighting, have sex, and end up marrying each other. The same gay male enters prison and says he can handle "rape". A straight male brags about raping men in prison and this is again meant to be laughable. S9E5: a female character takes a 8 year old boy into a custodian closet at school and rapes him. He later tells his siblings that he had sex. S11E6: a character recalls that she married an adult man when she was 15. In the same episode, a man wants to use a condom, and his female partner does not: she puts him inside her and does not let him come. The show then has an actually quite good discussion with the victim saying he got raped. His dad says "he's lucky he got to rawdog her", but his sister is very clear that it was rape because he had an established boundary that she crossed. The victim goes to report it to the police, and the officer assumes it is a female victim. S11E7: the main male character who was raped by his girlfriend forcing him to not use a condom discusses the ethics and efficacy of slipping a morning after pill into her water, so he can avoid paying child support if she gets pregnant. He then takes her the morning after pill and says she needs to take it because she raped him and he is not going to get pregnant: she says that she does not need it because she is on birth control. She adds that she did not rape him because she is allergic to latex. He then tries to ask her out. This felt very dismissive of the seriousness of the action that happened. Later, he says "is it weird that I'm in love with my rapist?' to his family members, and one of them says "yes", while another says "you weren't raped." In this episode, the same character is forced to dress up in a mascot costume to educate kids about child abuse. He is traumatized and yells at the kids about his rape. S11E8: one of the main characters defends a politician who is a pedophile. This is played for laughs.

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