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TV Show
Updated: January 22, 2022
No rape or sexual assault
Rape or sexual assault mentioned, discussed, implied
Sexual harassment e.g non-consensual grabbing, touching, cat-calling)
Sexual relationship between adult and teenager
Child sex abuse
Attempted rape
Rape off-screen or strongly implied
Rape on-screen


This series is about a woman trying to free herself and her daughter from her abusive husband. The abuse covered is primarily verbal and emotional, but there are close calls where the protagonist's abuser throws things at her or breaks things around her. S1E6: a man mentions that a woman kept shoving her hand down his pants despite him saying no. S1E7: towards the end of the episode, the protagonist goes into shock after witnessing her mother have a mental health episode. The abuser takes the protagonist to his home, rather than to the place where she has been staying and initiates sex with her, even though she is visibly distraught. Although she kisses him first, and he asks her, "Do you want this?" and she says "Yes," she is very clearly not in a mental state to consent to sex.

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