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Updated: August 17, 2023
No rape or sexual assault
Rape or sexual assault mentioned, discussed, implied
Sexual harassment e.g non-consensual grabbing, touching, cat-calling)
Sexual relationship between adult and teenager
Child sex abuse
Attempted rape
Rape off-screen or strongly implied
Rape on-screen


S1E1: because of an urgent situation, a nurse has to inject cocaine into the protagonist (a male doctor)'s penis while he is in distress. S1E2: a female character (a nun) is revealed to perform illegal abortions. One male character shames her for it in the next episode. S1E3: the episode starts with a woman explaining how she contracted syphilis because of her cheating husband, how she lost her nose from it and has to live with it as a social stigma. A main (married) character is revealed to entertain a relationship with a prostitute: we see them together in bed. S1E4: one of the recurring characters, who is a pimp, has two new prostitutes to show their naked body to him, and then forces them to have sex with two of his employees. S1E6: in the opening sequence, the protagonist hires two prostitutes to test medical material and procedures on their reproductive system. They appear naked and not distressed. A woman says that a woman she has just helped abort was raped by her boss. In the last scene, a man enters the room of his (adult) daughter-in-law while she is getting undressed, makes creepy comments to her (suggesting that he is expecting sexual favors from her in the future) and kisses her on the cheek: she is left visibly shocked. S1E7: in the last scene, a nurse engages an intimate relationship with her boss (the protagonist) by inviting him home. S1E9: a man asks a main female character to put her foot in his mouth during a sexual act, in exchange of drugs for her drug-addict lover. It is implied that she accepted to do it off-screen. This is referred to again in S2E9. S1E10: a woman getting an abortion (off-screen) is slut-shamed by the man driving her to the operating room. A pimp enters a room where a client is having sex with a prostitute: one of his henchmen punches his penis. A recurring theme of season 2 is the adoption by one character (a doctor) of eugenics theories: he thus performs vasectomy on dozens of young children deemed "idiots" without their approval. S2E2: a doctor accepts to freely examine prostitutes for obvious unprofessional (i.e. sexual) reasons. S2E3: a man hits on a female colleague despite her clear disinterest. A preacher beats up his adult daughter after she publicly confessed her sins: he ends up spanking her. S2E6: women (some of whom are financially obliged to prostitute themselves) discuss the fact that men, despite agreeing to 'pull out' during sex, do not and impregnate them. One man implies that he is prostituting two Siamese women he is exploiting in a freak show. They later confirm it, visibly distressed. They are then saved by the protagonist. S2E7: the father-in-law figure from S1E6, who had people spy on his daughter-in-law, enters in her room and act threateningly towards her while touching her shoulders. She is paralyzed by fear and then tells her husband that she wants to leave the house (since they are momentarily obliged to live in the father-in-law's house). However, she learns that it is not possible. The women from the previous episode discuss how to protect themselves from men: the discussion is about contraception, but another character enters the room and mentions how they could also physically fight men off. S2E8: a recurring male character tries to kiss a recurring female character after they spent an evening together and expressed their appreciation for each other. She rebuffs him and leaves. This is referred to in the next episode, since they live together as roommates. S2E10: despite the rebuttal from S2E8, the man asks the woman to marry him. She refuses. He later confesses to someone else that he set her up (making her loose everything in her life) in order to be with her. She eventually agrees to marry him.

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