La Venganza De Las Juanas 
The Five Juanas
TV Show
TV Show
Updated: October 24, 2022
No rape or sexual assault
Rape or sexual assault mentioned, discussed, implied
Sexual harassment e.g non-consensual grabbing, touching, cat-calling)
Sexual relationship between adult and teenager
Child sex abuse
Attempted rape
Rape off-screen or strongly implied
Rape on-screen


A woman learns that the man she is dating is her half-brother. The man does not know and persists on seeing her romantically and sexually until she is forced to reveal their relationship. Both parties are disgusted by their romance with one another, but still pursues the relationship to the point of having sexual intercourse. The last remainder of the show reveals that they do not share a father at all, so they get together officially. A lead character is raped on screen. It is implied at least one, if not all of the main characters were conceived via sexual assault of their mothers.

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