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Updated: August 19, 2023
No rape or sexual assault
Rape or sexual assault mentioned, discussed, implied
Sexual harassment e.g non-consensual grabbing, touching, cat-calling)
Sexual relationship between adult and teenager
Child sex abuse
Attempted rape
Rape off-screen or strongly implied
Rape on-screen


The show is notorious for having insensitive jokes scattered throughout and being controversial in general. Most non-consensual scenes are short and played for laugh: however some are pretty graphic. S1E1: aliens anally probe a character. S3E6: the episode focuses on sexual harassment lawsuits. A 3rd grade class is informed of the subject by a man in a panda suit telling them that sexual harassment is not cool. S3E7: a young teenage girl is in a relationship with a young adult man. They make out and the man pressures the girl to have sex with him, but is rejected. S3E17: incest and rape are implied/mentioned. S4E5: a man is gang-raped by paedophiles off-screen after being mistaken for a child. The scene is played for laughs. S4E15: a young boy gives a man a blowjob in return for money off-screen. S4E16: children falsely accuse their parents of molestation. S5E2: a scout leader orders his scout boys to strip for naked photographs off-screen. S5E8: a character is mentioned to be experiencing date rape psychosis (this is an excuse for kids to play video games). S6E1: one character explains that he wants to give children ‘AIDS’. This is taken out of context, as he meant "aides". S6E8: the episode focuses on the Catholic church sexual abuse scandals. A counsellor asks the boys if they were molested. S6E10: several young boys become somewhat oddly obsessed with a young girl’s boobs. A young girl becomes envious to another girl who has developed boobs and decides to get a breast implant surgery. S6E11: a man lures in a child to his van, but nothing happens as the man gets arrested. S6E12: a man interviewed by news media repeatedly makes pedophilic jokes of raping young boys. S7E5: a child gives a handjob to a man and sleeps with him somewhat against the child’s will. S7E14: young girls dress in skimpy outfit and act flirtatious as waitresses in a restaurant. S8E5: a man asks a child in a robot costume if he can give the man sexual service. The child runs out quickly and the man is seen chasing after with his pants off. S8E6: a man sleeps with a couple of young children (without sexual intent). The children’s parents suspect that the man may be a pedophile and warns the children. S8E7: a big pile of men have orgy in public. By the end of the episode, three children join in, but nothing is shown. S8E10: a group of young teenagers ask younger children to take picture of one of the children’s naked mother. However, the younger children come up with other plans. S8E12: the episode revolves around Paris Hilton posing corruptive influence on young girls, in which girls start to objectify themselves and act like ‘whores’. S8E13: a serial killer murders several women but nothing is shown. In his house, there are cut-out pictures of naked women. It is implied that the killer had a sexually abusive mother. S9E7: a doctor asks a child to remove his shirt so they can make out, but his request is rejected. The same child has sex with an adult prostitute off-screen. S10E1: an investigator demonstrates to a fourth-grade class what paedophiles do to children with a featureless doll. A young boy says his uncle did that to him once, indicating that he was sexually abused. S10E10: a kindergarten teacher embarks on a sexual relationship with a student. One character reports it to the police but he is not taken seriously, because the perpetrator is a conventionally attractive woman, setting the episode’s conflict. S10E11: naked children on leash are seen held among a group of clergymen. Jeffrey Dahmer has visceral sex with a dead man’s internal organs. S11E2: a character takes a sordid photo of his so-called friend while he was sleeping to humiliate him. He reverses the positions to trick him into oral, only for his father to catch him and send him to a conversion camp. S11E8: a young boy lures in numerous pedophiles to a building with the promise of sex, but nothing happens as all the pedophiles soon commit suicide once entering the building. S11E10: a young boy loses a bet to another boy, which punishment is to suck the winner’s testicles. The loser is unwilling to do so while the winner continuously pressures the loser until the two next episodes. A child jokes about a stranger raping himself and his friends. S11E11: adult characters are raped off-screen. S11E12: evil wooden critters discuss hunting down people, killing them and sodomizing their corpses. S12E1: a young boy infects another boy with HIV via blood injection while the victim is asleep. People are under the impression that they had unprotected sex, but that is not the case. S12E8: Steven Spielberg and George Lucas rape Indiana Jones, as a jab to purists who claimed that they “raped their childhoods.” The characters who witnessed this are traumatized by it. S13E1: a couple of young girls are called in backstage to see a boys band, and they got the wrong idea that they are called to give the band a blowjob. S13E8: two male judges masturbate when pageant girls are performing on-stage. S13E9: multiple young girls sell themselves for kissing and hug services. A young boy harasses a couple of young girls while offering if he can pimp them out. S13E10: a wrestler places two children in a somewhat compromising position, this is not meant to be taken sexually and the children misunderstood the situation and soon bail out. S14E7: a boy is raped by a shark. S14E9: a rat monster rapes characters, only to be stopped by one of the protagonists. S14E8: a child falsely informs a man that his wife has been raped. S14E10: a teacher threatens to orally rape a young student. In a flashback, the said teacher was molested as a young child. S14E11: a child suggests that another child should pose naked with a man in a photograph so they can blackmail a third party. S15E1: a child ‘falsely portrays his mom as his molester’. This is done because of the child’s spoiled character after his wish is not fulfilled by his mother. S16E1: characters are inspected and surveilled thru CCTV camera when using the bathroom. A TSA agent who is surveilling people is seen masturbating. S16E8: a child sells his semen as bottled drink product. Various consumers drink the product, not knowing what is it. S17E5: a toddler tries to have sex with a woman behind a mascot suit. S17E8: a brother and sister news host team have sex in a Game of Thrones parody. S18E5: few children peep and take a picture of a naked unsuspecting woman via drone camera. The picture later got spread around town. S19E2: a character is pressured into raping a Canadian girl, only to befriend her instead. A man rapes the Canadian president to death. S21E7: the president rapes immigrants. This is viewed as horrifying. S22E2: churchgoers make jokes about the priest being a pedophile (which is false). Throughout the episode, the said priest is seen hanging out with a young boy constantly, leaving people somewhat concerned and confused. S24E1 (Pandemic Special): discussion and visuals of a bat and a pangolin being raped by a lead character. Repeated, graphic discussion of DNA (sperm) inside of these animals. The same character puts his sperm into a joint and forces another character to smoke it, also tricking a number of other characters into smoking/ingesting it unknowingly. S24E2: a man asks a child if he knows what pedophilia is, then offers to demonstrate as an explanation. Nothing happens as the child calls for his mom. S25E6: a young boy is jailed for sexual assault after pinching a young girl (his intention is not sexual). Saint Patrick gropes and caresses several women and men.

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