Agnes Moor's Wild Knight, Alyssa Cole 
Updated: November 1, 2020
No rape or sexual assault
Rape or sexual assault mentioned in passing (in discussion and/or implied)
Sexual harassment (e.g. verbal or non-consensual touching/grabbing)
Sexual relationship between adult and teenager
Child sexual abuse
Attempted rape
Rape strongly implied/details surrounding a rape discussed in detail (i.e. the events before/after)
Detailed/vivid description of rape


Worthy of note: the premise of the story is that the king and queen of England have offered up a kiss from the protagonist as a prize in a tourney for noblemen. The protagonist is uncomfortable with the possibility that she would have to kiss someone she’s not attracted to or someone who has a bigoted opinion of her for being African. However, this ends up being a moot point because the person who wins ends up being someone she’s met before and is attracted to. The royal couple’s real-life historical counterparts were a 30-year-old king who married a 14-year-old girl. This was, of course, common at the time. However, you wouldn’t know from reading this because in this novella the two are portrayed as adults.

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