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Updated: April 14, 2022
No rape or sexual assault
Rape or sexual assault mentioned, discussed, implied
Sexual harassment e.g non-consensual grabbing, touching, cat-calling)
Sexual relationship between adult and teenager
Child sex abuse
Attempted rape
Rape off-screen or strongly implied
Rape on-screen


This show is about prostitution. Sexual encounters between prostitutes and their clients are featured throughout. Abusive relations between prostitutes and their pimp is a central theme in the first two seasons. S1E1: a man assaults a woman who is entering her apartment alone at night, pushes her on her bed and begins to unbuckle his belt: It is implied that he rapes her off-screen (about 30 minutes into the episode). It is later revealed that it was a scripted encounter, with the man paying to be violent with her and 'pretend' to rape her. A college professor has sex with one of his 20 year old students. In the final scene of the episode, a pimp is shown cutting one woman with a razor blade because she did not want to work that night (he also threatens to send her back to her hometown where he says her father would sexually abuse her again): another man (the protagonist) watches him do without intervening. S1E2: in the opening scene, a police officer touches a woman's butt without her consent as he is arresting her. Shortly after, a woman learns that copies of the porn movie she agreed to play in are sold, although it was said to her it was for a man's personal use. This is referred to throughout the episode. About 45 minutes into the episode, two women plays in a porn movie where two men engage sex by pushing them on a bed. In the end of the episode, a policeman mentions the fact that two rapes were committed. S1E3: one character jokingly says that a man has sex with his niece. S1E5: a minor girl is recruted to become a prostitute. A recurring character (who is a prostitute) is beaten up and robbed by a man (a client). At some point, he is on top of her and strangles her. It is mentioned later that this happened several times to her in the past. A man arguing with a woman implies that she had been sexually abused by her father and his friends when she was younger. S1E7: early in the episode, a recurring character suddenly kisses a woman without her consent, shortly after having hinted that he would not assault her. She seems surprised and pushes him off, but then kisses him back. Near the end of the episode, we hear a prostitute (the 17 year old from S1E5) working in a brothel protesting against a client, asking him to stop: two other women intervene. S1E8: a man mentions porn movies involving animals. Someone mentions that the protagonist's wife was beaten up by a man. Near the end of the episode, a client kills a prostitute (a recurring character) by pushing her through the window of a hotel room. S2E1: a porn actress is shown shooting a movie where she is cuffed and about to be presumably raped by a man (the shooting is interrupted before anything happens). S2E2: early in the episode, strip dancers are told that they have to accept getting touched by clients to gain more money. They reluctantly accept, and in a later scene, a man presumably hurts one of them off-screen (we hear her scream and we see her being angry at the manager). A woman explains that she had to give sexual favours to a man for a professional opportunity: she says that she was surprised that he asked her permission first (to practice oral sex on her). An homophobic assault happens off-screen (we see the victim being teased by a group of men who have just hurt him). At some point, a porn movie scene is being shot: in the scenario, the man is forced to have sex with a woman he owes money to (the director insists that he is not in control of the situation). During an interrogation about a murder (from S2E1), it is revealed that a man paid a young boy to have sex with him, but the latter killed him when he tried to made him 'do things he didn't want to do'. S2E3: a character mentions that underage girls are working as prostitutes in a brothel. A main female character is pressured to perform oral sex on a man for a professional opportunity. S2E4: early in the episode, a woman briefly mentions that one of her professors wanted to have sex with her when she was in college. It is revealed that a woman who died because of a fire in a brothel was an underage prostitute. S2E5: a main female character (a prostitute) is shown having sex with her abusive pimp. She is clearly not into it, and shortly after, he beats her up. A woman mentions that prostitutes are sexually abused by their doctors. A woman kisses another woman without her consent: she seems not into it and accepting the 'relation' because the woman is offering her shelter. A man threatens to rape a woman. S2E6: this episode is about the shooting of a porn version of Little Red Riding Hood, with a man playing the wolf (a sexual predator): several scenes show him chasing women. Rape is mentioned early in the episode, and throughout, it is mentioned that the women (the victims) are in control and fantasize about the assault. A cartoon version of the tale shows the grandmother being aroused by a wolf and trapping him to presumably sexually assault him. In the last sequence of the episode, the wolf is trapped by the women he is chasing, and has consensual sex with them (who are in power positions). S2E7: a high-school boy has oral sex with a prostitute. S2E8: a man (a pimp) rapes a woman (a prostitute) on-screen. S3E2: a woman explains that she became a prostitute after a client, supposedly paying for a massage, asked her to go down on him. On the set of a porn film, an actor does something that the actress did not agree to (i.e. put an object in her anus): she stops the scene but eventually gets pressured into accepting it. A man confronts the boss of porn booth to show him that child pornography is display in his establishment without him knowing (the video is played in the background but not shown on-screen). S3E3: a porn actress has to argue with a film director in order to have an actor wearing a condom (the season takes place during the beginning of the AIDS pandemic). A man jokingly says that when women say no, they mean yes. S3E4: rape and violence towards women (including torture and murder) are mentioned and discussed several times throughout the episode. S3E5: throughout the episode, a female pornstar is harassed by men (her 'fans'). Eventually, one man follows her to her motel at night and tries to enter her room: however, it is finally hinted that she was imagining this last encounter from paranoia. S3E6: the episode opens with a scene showing a waitress being harassed by male customers. A female pornstar is pressured to act in a gang bang scene without being notified first, and despite her clear reluctance (she refuses to shot it several times). We only see the set and the actors getting prepared. She is shown leaving the set and being shoked. A woman explains how she was forced to get an abortion by her father when she was 15, and how traumatizing this experience was. S3E7: a woman is forced to prostitute herself for money (we see her having sex with a client). S3E8: a recurring theme of this episode is the shooting of a porn film that addresses issues of consent, including reluctance of the actors to play in it. It includes suggested off-screen rape and on-screen domestic violence. An ex-porn actresses is forced to accept sexual practices she originally did not consent to on the set of a porn film, in order to get money.

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