Support & Resources for Survivors

General - Rape Crisis England and Wales - Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network (mainly US focused) - The Survivors Trust is an umbrella organisation for 141 specialist organisations in the UK, provides a great list of contact details for independent sexual violence advisors in every part of the UK - Rape and Sexual Abuse Support Centre - Rape Crisis Scotland - Trauma and Abuse group, provide information, support, training, encouraging & networking with counsellors/therapists and other professional support workers - Rape Crisis Network Ireland


Telephone/Counselling - provide telephone counselling for survivors and their loved ones, as well as face-to-face counselling/art therapy in Sussex - provides counselling over Skype, available in several languages - confidential telephone helpline offering emotional support - rape and sexual abuse helpline - Rape and Sexual Abuse Support Centre - confidential emotional support for children, young adults and adults


Physical health following rape, family planning, contraception, etc. - the NHS provides a guide for forensic medical examination, immediate concerns related to bodily health (STI, pregnancy) and access to sexual assault referral centres - Brook provides free and confidential health care and advice relating to sexual health and has branches all over the UK. They can help with contraception, pregnancy, STIs, gender questions, abuse and general wellbeing - find a Family Planning Association clinic


Child abuse – provide support to adult survivors of child abuse - Association of Child Abuse Lawyers is made up of lawyers and other experts dedicated to obtaining compensation for survivors of child abuse, has members all over the UK - The National Association for People Abused in Childhood - The Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre - information and support for families affected by sexual abuse - National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children - Aurora Foundation for people abused in childhood - support for survivors (aged 16+) of childhood sexual abuse - therapy and support for children affected by child sexual abuse - support for adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse - Scotland-based organisation for survivors of childhood abuse - support for children, youths & families - Wales-based specialised counselling for adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse - free and confidential support for people who have experienced childhood sexual abuse


Stalking and harassment - National Stalking Helpline - Victim Support on stalking and harassment - assistance for high-risk stalking victims in England and Wales - directory of stalking helplines - general advice for victims of stalking - report a stalker


BME (Black and Minority Ethnic) resources - Wales-based support for BME people in at risk from all forms of violence, from Female Genital Mutilation, forced marriage, honour-based violence and human trafficking - Southall Black Sisters, a group of black and minority women providing support to BME women suffering from violence


Resources for survivors with disabilities (or those around them) - information on intellectual disabilities and sexual violence


For women - Asian women resource centre - supports women & girls affected by self-injury or self-harm - support and resources for South Asian women - an umbrella organisation for women’s charities with over 500 members  - the NSPCC on Female Genital Mutilation


Legal resources - on reporting a rape or sexual assault to the police and seeking legal recourse - the Crown Prosecution Service on rape and sexual assault - free legal help and information - legal information and factsheets for women, and a free legal advice line for women staffed by women (020 7251 6577) - Index of Gay Law - Pink Law, free legal advice for the gay community in London


Domestic abuse - information for all survivors of domestic abuse - for female survivors of sexual abuse and rape - national domestic violence helpline - support for women and children who have experienced domestic violence (or for those who are worried that somebody might be in danger) - services to end violence against women and children - support for victims of domestic abuse (definitions, statistics, and ways to seek help) - Citizens’ Advice - for information regarding the link between addiction and domestic violence


For the prevention of child sexual abuse and rape - confidential Freephone hotline for those struggling with inappropriate thoughts/behaviour regarding children, or for parents/carers and other adults worried about the behaviour of other adults - organisation for individuals who work closely in intervention with sexually aggressive individuals - Scotland-based – resources for recognising the signs of childhood sexual abuse and addressing problems, seeking help


Male survivors - Survivors UK focus on providing support for male survivors of rape and sexual abuse, provide web-chats and one-to-one counselling/support groups in the Greater London area - provide one-to-one counselling, therapeutic groups and couple’s counselling to adult men (aged 18+) - Men’s advice line, for men experiencing sexual violence and abuse - support for male survivors of rape, sexual assault and childhood abuse - Plymouth-based support for male survivors - Manchester-based support for male survivors


LGBT+ survivors - LGBT domestic violence hotline - not solely for LGBT people, but do offer an LGBT service - a ‘queer-friendly platform’ offering information & support to address abuse within LGBT+ communities

SOLA – Survivors of Lesbian Partnerships Abuse – call helpline 020 7328 7389 and ask for SOLA

Opendoor Housing Trust – call 020 8743 2165 – providing housing and support for gay men aged 18-65 affected by domestic and homophobic violence - Index of Gay Law - Pink Law, free legal advice for the gay community in London - counselling and psychotherapy for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer communities - therapist directory including only lesbian therapists


For the non-abusive parents/carers of abused children - provide support, advice, information and counselling - information and support for families affected by sexual abuse - provides support for families - helping child victims of incestuous sexual abuse


Incest - provide support for adult women who are survivors of incestuous childhood sexual abuse, organise workshops and conferences - for adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse,172/ - Nottinghamshire-based, Incest & Sexual Abuse Survivors, provides face-to-face, telephone and group counselling services


Message boards and chat rooms - Pandora’s Aquarium survivor message board and chat - forum for survivors of incest

For friends and relatives of survivors - a great list of resources, books and articles for ‘secondary survivors’ (also see the Pandora’s Aquarium forum, which has a special chat room for the loved ones of survivors) - support a friend or family member who has experienced domestic violence - how to support a friend who is recovering from incest - helping child victims of incestuous sexual abuse